To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 14(KKB)(SuhaniSEL))

Mohan’s car enters the place where the concert takes place..Opening the door by One,Mohan enters into concert..”Neruppuda.. (Fire)(inspired by Kabali Tune)” in backg..
While Mohan entering,Yug feels tat..Yug rushes to front door n sees Mohan..
Yug said”Bhaiyaa..What a Surprise..?U come finally..Come”..
Mohan:”U go..I’ll …”
Abhi again sees Pragya’s place..Now She was not there..becoz of crowd..In crowd,Pragya misses her painting(Abhi’s face)..Mohan sees tiz n the painting comes to his hand..No one sees tiz…
Mohan goes towards Abhi..Abhi n the crowd surprised while seeing Mohan..Reporters clicked the duos..The new reporters asked the seniors”Is he Mohan?!!”
Old ones:”S..The legend in Reporters”

Mohan gives the painting to Abhi…
Abhi surprised n shows it to press”Spl gift frm My br..”n Again sees the painting..In tiz,he sees Pragya’s sign..n again her while drawing tat..Pragya sees him n Abhi singing with seeing her..While seeing his in her drawing,Abhi tries to see her n said to press again”Tiz my Spl gift frm Someone Spl”
Pragya hears n see that..

Thinks” How I give tat to Sys?”
Abhi enters the Van..Pragya follows him to Van..
Mohan plays”This must be luv…Keh Do Zara(JaaneKahanSeAayiHai)” tune in whistle…
The duos enters the Van..Pragya was stopped by Escorts..Mohan calls them..Malay sees tiz n feels” I need to make Real pyaar in Pragya’s mind towards Abhi bhaiyaa..”
Waving his fingers,Pragya strts to think memors of Abhi again..Escorts allow Pragya to inside aftr getting Mohan’s call..
Malay makes the wave stronger n the colors mixed with Pragya’s pinkie…Pragya enters the Van..Mohan takes his bubble gum n strts chewing..Abhi sees the painting n thinks “How she draw by touching my image..I m Abhi,the Rockstar in 1st song..Surely,She ‘ll luv me..”
n sees Pragya..

“Guzarish (Ghajini) ” in bg..Abhi suddenly again see Pragya..n hearing “Abhi..”in her voice..Abhi found his blood strts pinkie through his also n her heart..n thinks “Maybe I feel..How She??It is tiz Mohan bhaiyaa’s work..”n see Mohan..Mohan nods “No”in his head..Malay smiles in out..n thinks”I want to play more..”n thinks”Where is tiz Yug bhaiyaa?”
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Sorry frndzz for late Updates..It seems little bt in the next epi it ll comes as luvly rain..Tanq frndzz n post ur cute(incl -ve also) comments..

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode harshan… Finally Mohan’s entry…wow .bg song for mohan.. Like a hero entry… Malay playing with hearts..??… Over all luv the episode harshan… Hindi sing this time… Good going keep writing..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..a big late for tiz epi..

  2. HarSHaN

    An error..Not Yug in epi..Yuv

  3. great episode!!!.today’s theme was colout i guess…thanks for adding hindi songs too!!!
    nerruppa was awesome……

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shai..S..Itz color..In the next,Pragya meets her Stoler..n Hindi songs ‘ll be going more in nxt n as well as Tamil

      1. Shai

        yes that’s colour….sorry typo problem!!!!!
        when will apulay meet?? waiting for it….also need meghan(mohan-megha) scenes…

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