To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 13(KKB)(SuhaniSEL))

Loc:A highway,a car…
“Arimugam aan(v)en un pirandanaal parisaaga”(Introducing as Ur B’day Gift (Teejay-Bommei))
flows in Mohan’s ears without earphones..His hands collided with drawing a image of a girl,actually Megha whom he had see in dream..
Abhi hugs Yug after hearing Yug’s mindvoice”Her name,Pragya..She ‘ll meet U after a small break”
Accidentally seeing Pragya’s face in her veil n her hair rolls,Abhi mesmerize (“Mulumathy avaladu”(Her face,a full moon)(JodhaAkbar) plays in backgr…
Yug sees Abhi n Pragya n sees Suhani..Suhani smiles n thinks”Ur crazyness is out of control.It catches Abhi’s heart,now”
Yug smiles by hearing tiz..
Malay sees tiz n thinks”How tiz color attcks them?Tiz luv is more powerful than me”
“Maybe I’ll play a game..”n waves his fingers towards Pragya..
Abhi thinks I want to meet her again n turns the Side where Pragya is..
While seeing,he was surprised bcoz Pragya also sees her..
Pragya turns conscious in mind n turns back..
N thinking”Why I see him without moving my eyelids?”
Malay sees tiz n smiles..
Mohan’s car enters into place where the concert takes place..
Hope U like tiz, ur cute comments (incl -ve also) after reading..

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  1. Shai

    good episode harshan!!!!! but why a small one????

    1. writing while watching Conjuring2..tatsy

      1. Shai

        how was the film???

      2. HarSHaN

        A thick mold of Insidious n Conjuring..Shai..A best film by Wan..

  2. Shai

    it is a humble request….can u add some hindi and english songs next time….’coz i am not able to relate to the tollywood songs……….

    1. Sure Shai..I’ll add like in the 1st episds..

      1. Shai


    2. Kathy

      Shai… Mulumadi avalathu.. Jodha Akbar song is Tamil version of same film’s Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
      Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan Hai… Song.. Hope u remember that song where hrithik lost himself seeing Aishwarya with pigeons…? Even he forgets that he was talking to maham anga… One my favourite song n scene …

      1. Shai

        yeah di…i remember it very well…as i have learned its tune for playing on synthesizer and also choreographed for dance performance

      2. HarSHaN

        Tanq Kathy..for describing..I’ll rectify tat understandbl errors in the nxt

      3. Kathy

        Wow so u to play Synthesizer…. Happy to hear…

      4. Kathy


      5. HarSHaN

        Shai..U play Synthesizer n make choreography parts??Itz gud n wow to hear..Keep rocking..

      6. Shai

        yes di… i play synthesizer and guitar

      7. Shai

        yes harshan….i love music,dance and acting!!!!!!

      8. Shai

        it works as stressbusters and makes me happy!!!! as u said music has power!!!

      9. Kathy

        Good to hear.. Shai… Keep rocking…

      10. HarSHaN

        S Shai..Music has powers!!

  3. Nice yaar. …but very short

    1. Tanq Durga..I’ll make it long in the next..

  4. Kathy

    Y small episode harshan… As always good episode harshan… Enjoyed abhigya moments …loved the line where pragya think.. That..” Ur craziness out of control now. Catches abhi’ heart..??” y Malay thinks this love is powerful then me…??

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..Sure..I’ll make it long in the next..The next Malay waves his colors towards Abhi n Pragya..Malay overcomez Luv in tiz..☺☺Kathy

      1. Kathy

        Really… Waiting for the episode ..

      2. Shai

        waiting for it!!!!!

  5. Kathy

    Waiting for the next episode … Make it a long one harshan…

    1. Kathy

      Waiting for the Mohan’s arrival…

    2. HarSHaN

      Sure Kathy..I’ll make it in the next..

  6. Its really nice harshan…..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Jenny..

  7. Kathy

    Harshan ur DP… Is a sketch … Right… Is that done by u…

    1. HarSHaN

      S kathy.I did tat

      1. Shai

        wow so u are an artist!!!!!!! multi talented guy u are!!!!!!

      2. HarSHaN

        Maybe as like as U think,Shai..☺☺..

    2. Kathy

      lovely’s beautiful….

      1. HarSHaN

        Tanq Kathy..☺Did in rest time of working hrs

      2. Kathy

        Ur a good artist…??

    3. HarSHaN


  8. Siddhi

    Good episode

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Siddhi..

  9. HarSHaN

    Frndzz..Sorry frndzz..Unable to post ystrd for 2day epi..Update the next epi today bt it comes tom..Sorry…..

    1. Kathy

      It’s ok harshan… We understand ur problem…

      1. HarSHaN

        Tanq..Kathy ..

    2. Shai

      its ok harshan……we are a family!!!!

      1. HarSHaN

        Tanq Shai..

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