To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 12(KKB, SSEL, VISHKANYA))


Changed bullet into bubblegum,entering into Romeo’s world…Travels in mouth’s darkness…
Colour lights twinkles as stars frm darkness…8yrs before..

Frndzz,a small back on ff
(Mohan,Yug,Abhi n Malay r bros..have Supernatural powers..They are separated for a unknown cause..Abhi n Malay(FrmThar),Mohan (FromArunachalP) travel coincidentally meets..A crash between brothers ended in Abhi shooting Mohan..It changed into Bubble gum while entering.. ..Now..a real flashback……)..

“Avalai kanda mudhal naal..”(The first Day of seeing her) in Abhi’s backvoice…
Head1Team:”Gud morning.Sir..Abhi Sir isn’t coming till now..”
..:”Ya..I called Abhi”
Head1Team:Thank U Sir..
Hearing Royal Enfield’s sound Yug turns back n see tats’ Malay..
Yug said”Malay..U again taken my Enfield..U didn’t drive safe always..”
Malay comes ..n asked him”CrazyBhaiyaa..I m Ur brother..No one dare to touch me…I m here n take maintenanc..U go n meet Suhani…”
Yuv:”Kda Chotta.I’ll..”
Yuv goes to Suhani’s place..with taking Color papers…
Seeing her with her frndzz,Yuv blow color papers on her head..
Suhani turns back n yelled with joy in her mind”Yuv….”n catch her shirt n touched his face by her colored hands..

n hugged him..
Abhi comes there n with joy..”Bhaiyaa…Oh..o..o..Suhani..I m waiting to accompany with U all..”
In stage,..
Abhi enters n asked”Can we strt ?”
The audience whistles n claps with joy..
Abhi said”Tiz spl one is 2nd of my track..for my Bhaiyaa n his Caramel Suhani”with seeing Yuv n Suhani..
They smiles by seeing Abhi…
Abhi strings his Song..While the female singer sings
“O..o..luv attack..mudhal mudhal paartha Luv attack(FirstLuvAttack while seeing her)(Ratchagan),Abhi’s lips didn’t move ..LuvPhobia strts while seeing a girl drawing him by seeing him in stage..
“Abhi..Abhi..”sounds makes him conscious..n singing without changing his eyes..
The girl takes her hair roll n make it back on her ear..Abhi’s pons(msg centre of brain) sends msg to heart…with Caution..
“His heartbeat sounds romantic bt decrease it now”..

Abhi’s voic didn’t hear by himself..”Naan thanniril mella mella nadanden oru ilaiyaai..”(I m walking in water like a leaf)(Boys) only hears for him..
Aftr finishing Concert,Abhi jumps frm Stage n try to goes near her (Kaatraai parakudu maname(Luv is flying like my O2?)(Boys)in his mind..
Abhi hears tat Yug’s mindvoice to Abhi says”She ‘ll come to meet U..afer a short break..Her name,Pragya”..

By hearing this,Abhi filled with joy n hugged Yug”Bhaiyaa..U r amazing”
Yug smiles with thinking of coming next…

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n post ur cute comments (incl -ve also)..

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Good episode harshan..avalai kanda mudal naal…. Is that a film song??? So real flashback started… ?? I think yug reads mind… Waiting for the next episode … Keep writing….

    1. Tanq Kathy..tatz not a song line..S..Yug ‘ll read the minds..I think U watch tat..There is no Mohan story today.. ..Frm next,he’ll come..

      1. Kathy

        Waiting for the next episode harshan…

  2. great episode harshan…the supernatural brothers!!!!!

    1. Tanq Shai..1st Supernatural comes frm next

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