To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 11(KKB))


Loc:1st Inside Step of a bus..frm ArunachalPradesh…
Mohan in his clown masked face sits…
1st Outside Step of the same ..
Abhi stands in tat by entering…
Still thinking,Abhi sees him with guitar hearing music,Abhi jerked n moves back..His mind finds n says”Mohan..”
While moving back,he realized itz a moving bus..
Mohan slowly remov his clown ..His hair blows …
Abhi hold the side rods on the ends for grip,While seeing Mohan’s face…
Mohan heard tiz…
Abhi still covered with fear like his teen years…covered with chlidrens out..Bt
His luk doesn’t reveal anything out..
His 25 yrs is trying to awakening for afr 5 frm 20..Overcomed by
Guitar String Sounds of Mohan..
The bus also stopped …..bcoz of Abhi
“Abhi,just enjoy the Joy”Mohan mind voice linked with Abhi’s mind..Abhi shocked at seeing the future while seeing Mohan….
N thinking about the past,his 25 awakens…
His hands searched inside in pant n try to take his gun …Mohan realized tiz n make Abhi’s hands just stick in tat…
Abhi tensed n tring to take his gun..
Again Mohan voice:Here there r many children’s n people..Just keep away our fight out..(in mind)
Abhi gets tense more while hearing..
The people gathered in motel for food…
Apu n Shafaq comes near Abhi..Apu said”I m Apu n She,Shafaq..Finally see U..Abhiii…Can we take a photo with U?..
Apu,Shafaq takes photo with Abhi..Mohan asked Apu Can U 2 eat n sends to motel..
Aftr all leaving,Mohan sings”Kannodu Kaanbedhalaam Thalaivaa Kangalukku Sondamillai (Jeans)(The things which Eye sees is not tat’z)with seeing Abhi..
Abhi sees Mohan n thinks The Devil is awakening again without knowing Mohan destroys tat in him already…n not a devil anymore…
The two brothers stands Opposite…
Loc:To AP,a car…
Megha sees Kurinji flower n decided to ask Malay about tat..
Megha comes near Malay n ask abt tat..
Malay said”Ur frnd,Mohan comes n it’s his gift to U”
Megha:”Don’t think smart,Malay”
Malay:””He is my brother,Megha”n give the photos of the trios to see..
Megha surprised”I saw him second time specly now”
Malay makes his hands in back n makes sure abt Megha didn’t see…
Waving his fingers,Mohan’s heart beats melorom ..because of facing Abhi opp,Mohan didnt see it..
Malay smiles n thinks”All ur Out of Control is limited to me..”
Megha memories strts attacking Mohan’s heart.n just closed his eyes a sec….Abhi confused n thinks “Itz the right time..”..Taking his gun,shoots Mohan..
Malay feels tat n shocked..
Mohan intake the bullet…by catching it..Changing bullet into bubblegum slowly,enters into Romeo’s world…
Hope U like tiz,frndzz..Tanq for reading n post ur cute comments (incl cute -ve also)..

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Wonderful episode… Face off round was great… Enjoyed the episode a lot specially … Where Malay change the bullet into bubblegum…?? n the song kannodu kanbadellam… It’s one my favourite song those days… Tnx for adding…it reminds me of it visual…. ? Keep writing…

  2. Tanq Kathy..I surpris U get tat Malay part..S…tats was done by Malay…

  3. Hey there is no yuvraj suhani character in this???

    1. Sorry Jenny..They r not..Bt I m adding them surely in the next..

    2. I am happy to hear that harshan…

  4. wonderful episode harshan!!!!! loved it….
    and also thanks for your valuable words for the xam fear……i need it..
    i want to ask you one thing harshan…what are malay,mohan and abhi?? they are not humans right???

    1. Tanq Shai..haha..They r the secret is power..

      1. so they are superhumans or parahumans?????

    2. Superb Shai..Both r think U checkmated in Chess (story)..?..Just b4..thinking of tat..

  5. SuperHumans..It may be perfect ..bcoz paraH may be taken to be alien in MIB..The trios r SuperHumans

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