To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 10 (KKB))


Loc:Frm AP,in a bus…

Sound of a dove comes..Apu lightly awakes n removes her veil n sees through window..
The Orange flavour Sun comes little..A dove was already sitting in the rods of the bus window..
At seeing her awaking,it enters inside to see her like it’s frnd before..n stands in her hands….
Apu also sees the girl near to her sees the Dove..Apu asked”Is this Cutena?”
“S..”the girl smiles..
Apu:”I’m Apu..U?”
Girl said”I’m Shafaq”(*already present in bus Mohan takes her diary n blessed her)..While saying,children’s sound attracted them..
Apu n Shafaq seeing the steps ..At seeing,Mohan has wearing a clown mask in his face..n it shines like a star..1 sec it appears..1 sec it disappears..
Mohan performs some magic for children..The childrens r filled with joy n asked gifts for them….
Mohan gives chocolates n gifts to childrens..n finally played guitar.. n plays his bro Abhi’s song..The childrens r filled with xcite”Abhi Song..”
At finishing “Do U want to see Abhi?”
The chidrens r surrounding nearer to closed n asked”Really?”..
Mohan:”S..I’m tiz clown will”saying by turns roundly..

Loc:Abhi’s house
Time:6hrs before..
Abhi:”We strts our travelling Tom mrng to meet Malay”..
Let’s strt dance,nene”
Abhi n Pragya dance for romantics..While playing”Kannodu kaanbedhellam Thalaivaa kangalukku sondamillai.. (All U see with ur eyes is not ur eyes’one (Jeans))”..,Abhi’s eyes tears spontaneously…
Pragya see tiz n asked abt tat..Abhi”I still didn’t accept Ur absence..”
Pragya said”Hey..Bhoot..I’m always with U..Though I m not here” n hugs Abhi…
“Kanne Kanne kan kaanaa kanne (Uyire (DilSe))changes in track..
Pragya asked”Can we sleep?”..
Abhi n Pragya strts sleeping…
Abhi goes to bathroom for brushing…
At opening the door,he enters the Bus steps..Abhi see tiz n confused..The childrens r jumping with joy..
Mohan is still in his clown mask..
Loc:To AP,a car..
Megha awakes n see the car stopping..”Mam,Ur brush..”A lady gives her a brush..with paste..
Aftr brushing,strts washing the face..While washing the face,Megha was puzzled by seeing Kurinji flower on her left hair end..Megha sees Malay n thinks whether She will ask abt tat or not..

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Post ur cute comments aftr reading..Tanq for reading..

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Wonderful episode harshan… Enjoyed mohan part… N …the sound of dove n orange colour sun.too….?? songs selections are beautiful… N pragya’s dialogue to abhi…. “I’m always with u..though am not here”… It really touched my heart…❤️❤️ Excited for the next episode… Keep writing…

  2. Tanq kathy..Sure..On nxt,maybe a fight comes or it will be not..

    1. Suspense ….

    1. Tanq Siddhi

  3. beautifully expressed the scene harshan!!!! next give more part of malay…….mohan is awesome!!!!

  4. Tanq Shai..Sure..Malay also comes more frm nxt

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