To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño Season 2-Episode 8 (KKB)(SuhaniSEL)(KRPKAB))


Megha asked “Abhi..R U not interested for making food?I think U interested in eating now”with a smile..
Abhi said”Bhabhii..Not like tat..Im telling Bhaiyaa about food preparations..Bt Bhaiyaa said tat he made Omelette for me n also said he helped me to escape..One by One,..”n seeing Mohan n Yuv..
Megha goes near towards Mohan..”We’r escaping.. “Abhi n Yuv thinks n tried to escape..Suhani n Pragya block the kitchen door..

Abhi n Yuv made a click by their fingers..Pragya n Suhani goes to statue form..Yuv n Abhi make Omelettes to appearing in empty plates n made cheers b4 Suhani n Pragya..n said”Bye..Bye..Captain”to Mohan..
N disappears frm tat place n they enters the place where Apulay now..
Suhani n Pragya comes conscious n realised the events with a smile…n turns back to see Mohan n Megha..

Loc:Tibet’s Border..
In invisible mode,Yuv n Abhi r sitting in mountain’s stone bed ..where Apulay n Devshi dances..with Omelettes..
Yuv n Abhi started eating Omelettes with watching their dances..
Yuv said”Abhi ,Tiz music makes me mesmerizing..U ‘ll make an album like tat..”
Abhi said”Sure Bhaiyaa..S..It makes me also mesmerize”
Yuv strts whistling out of control..It sounds loudly n cute..
The couples’ n their frndzz n the olds r surprised n mesmerized to hear the whistle n thinks where it came from?The best whistle tone which we hadn’t heard b4..

Abhi said”Now I’ll make an album like Ur whistle”..Abhi n Yuv smiles..
Dev thinks the 1st meeting of him with Sona after hearing whistle..
A whistle…n thinks about his sister..n “I’ll find soon who he is really”
N sees Malay n sees Sona..Malay n Apu dancing face to face ..
Sona smiles n said”U remember the whistle again”..
Hope U like tiz frndzz

Tanq for reading n write ur cute(incl -ve n silent) valuable comments after reading..

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  1. Sugan


  2. HarSHaN

    Tanq Sugan

  3. Kathy

    Good episode harshan.. Enjoyed abhi n yuv part…. Specially when they were in invisible mode n eating omelette….?? … Good thought… ? But y they were here … I mean y they came to Tibet….???… Good going … Hope could see some apulay moment in coming episodes….??… Keep writing…

  4. HarSHaN

    Tanq Kathy..They r going to meet their bro.n taking Omelette parts also invisible.?..n making the story of Apulay ??..S..Apulay strts travel very soon..

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