To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño Season 2-Episode 6 (KKB)(SuhaniSEL)(KRPKAB))

Loc:Tibet’s border..Apu’s home..
Dev takes Jono,the puppy in his hands n walks towards Apulay.. Apu n Malay goes to tensed..Dev introduces himself to Malay”I’m Major Dev..n U”
Malay guessed abt him correctly by his looks n his walking style before introducing..Malay introduces himself”I’m Malay..I’m ..”
Apu continues tat suddenly”My frnd..”
Dev see the faces of something n guessed something..
Dev said”Come on.. Malay..Welcome to Our home..”
Apu n Malay walks behind Dev..
They still in tension..Dev strts revolving Malay’s pistol on his fingers in front..”Leylelo..(Rhythm in “Mohenjo”-Mohenjodaro)” plays in bg..

Few mins before..
While Dev reach towards Apulay,he saw the pistol and took it in his hands..Apu n Malay saw tiz n tensed..
The three enters the home n Dev said”Darling..I hope Pa n Ma sleep earlier..Get some foods for Malay..I’ll eat later”..
Apu enters the kitchen..Dev take the pistol n asked Malay”Who r u really?What do U want from my sister?”
Malay said”Nothing Sir..I m Malay n I’m not belong to tiz place even not this time..Just before few hours,I’m new to Apu”
Dev sees Malay n asked”Then,What about tiz?”
Malay said”Itz mine.. ”
Dev again see Malay n said”I know the age of tiz pistol..Dont trying to make me fool”
Apu comes towards them n holds Dev hands n said”Bhai..What he said is true about him..”..Dev said”I’ll come back after a few minutes..First,he’ll eat”..
Dev takes the pistol n put on his pants n going to see childrens in main room..without believg..
Apu said to Malay”I’ll believe U,Jono’s frnd..Becoz I’ll see U n Jono came from Unknown place again..Bhaiyaa also help U soon” n serve the food..
Malay see Apu’s eyes..n said
“Tanq Miss..?”

Apu smiles n said”Miss Apu”n calls Jono..Jono comes from where Dev left it..n Apu gives the food to Jono..In the entrance room,Dev thinks”His dresses seems like belongings of before 1960s.Apu also said.about him.. .”n confused while playing with childrens..
Suddenly,Something comes in Dev’s mind..He calls Apu n said tat we r going to see ur another ma..
Loc:Mohan’s home..
Mohan said”I m going out..I m coming back later..”
Megha stops Mohan by holding his fingers by her fingers”Where r U going,little boy?U r also in tiz game..Bt don’t use powers for making foods like Yuv n Abhi didn’t.Tats the rule”
Mohan tries to run bt Megha stops him by her veilcloth..Suhani n Pragya smiles while seeing tiz..Megha sees them n said”U 2 stop ur smile..Little boy,U r going to help Yuv n Abhi to make food spcly spicy potato.. for us”
Mohan thinks”Malay..U r Safe now”n enters the kitchen..
Yuv n Abhi welcomes Mohan”Welcome Captain..”with laugh..
Mohan said”I’ll kill U 2..Dont laugh”
Yuv said”We ‘ll make tat hold..Before tat,U r going to make food espcly spl potato”
Abhi said to Yuv in ears”I think after making food,We ‘ll tease Bhai..”Yuv turns back n said”Done..”
Mohan asked”What..!?!”n get the pans from their hands n trying to catch them..

Hope U like tiz frndzz.. Write ur cute(including -ve)..valuable comments after reading..


  1. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Good episode harshan…. So include AR song as a bg… Good…? Enjoyed mohan abhi n yuv part a lot…?? It’s so funny…. n apus trust on Malay… ?? apulay n Dev scene were well portrait…. Overall enjoyed the plot harshan… Usually pets play a major part to unite pairs… What part jono gonna play here…? i have a imagination on jono n he is so cute in it… Excited for the next episode … Hope Dev will trust Malay… As his sister does…

  2. Shai

    |Registered Member

    dev sounds like dev aka devendra bahangru of bahu hamari rajnikant to me…and seeing him as major makes me go ROFL!!!
    very good link between the past and the present..loving it!!!

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..