To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño Season 2-Episode 5 (KKB) (SuhaniSEL) (KRPKAB))

FB:Mohan,Yuv,Abhi,Malay r supernatural bros..
The three elder bros make Apu n Malay exist in different time period separately..
Loc:Border of Tibet..
Aftr seeing Jono (puppy),Apu hold it in her hands n spins roundly..The childrens’ lips entering into joy..
While seeing Malay again,Apu stops her spin n said herself in out”Hey Darling..Dont dream..Plz awake..Itz not real..”Malay comes near towards Apu n hears her..
The childrens hide behind her..
Malay takes Jono in his hands n touched Apu face lightly (by touching her veil)by Jono’ s fingers n said”Tanq Miss..?..U changed my mind..Tanq”

Apu still believe tat she is in dreamy mode..
She realised tat is real while hearing the sound of her bro’s RoyalEnfield..
The childrens r running towards her bro..with a huge sound”Bhaiyaa is coming..”
Malay see the man n thinks”Who is he for tiz girl?”
Apu’s bro uncovering his helmet n the childrens come towards him n asked”Dev bhaiyaa..Where is chocolate?” in chorus..
Dev smiles n take his bag n gives the chocolates to all cuties..
While seeing Malay,Dev ask”Darling,Who is he?”
Apu said”Bhaiyaa..He is my college friend”suddenly with thinking of “Bro ‘ll be stressed if he know tiz all..I ‘ll find who he is n solve tiz pblm”
While Apu saying,Malay see her face..
Jono runs towards Dev frm his hands while seeing Dev..
Loc:Mohan’s house..
Yuv said”Bhaiyaa..I think itz not good..I’ll get them back n make them some time to get their minds each other”
Abhi said”I think too”

Mohan said”Before a Long time,Malay like tiz..n asked me to create a song with tiz concept..Now I tried with ur help”
Abhi n Yuv leave the room..
Aftr few minutes,Mohan hear some noise of plates..
Mohan leaves the room for seeing tat..
“What r U doing Chotas?”Mohan asked the two while seeing..
Yuv n Abhi r in chef style of dressing n holding pans on their hands..fighting each other..
While the bros seeing Mohan,the two hide their pans back..

Megha said (frm his back)”Mohan..Come here..We’ll tell what r they doing”
Mohan goes towards Megha n asked again..
Suhani said”Bhaiyaa..We r planning something morning..They r entering into tat voluntarily without knowing..”with smiling..
Mohan asked”I’ll not get tat till now dear.. What r they doing?”
Megha said”Morning we r discussing about who is making food for the whole day..Yuv n Abhi enters while discussing..They asked about tat..Bt without telling we make them to accept tat..Aftr hearing,They jerked..Bt we ‘ll not make them to escape ..”
While hearing tiz,Mohan jerked back n said”Tiz might be by tiz Pragya”..
Pragya said”Bhaiyaaa..I’m not”

Mohan said”I’m warning U all..Though me n Yuv make foods little correctly,tiz Abhi collapsed all..Malay didn’t know How to cook..So,don’t entering into daring game” n closed his ears after hearing noises of pans in kitchen again..
Hope U like tiz frndzz

Tanq for reading n writing ur cute(incl -ve) valuable comments after reading..


  1. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Good episode Harshan… Sorry for the late comment … Wel enjoyed yuv n abhi part a lot… So Dev is apus bro… Is he a military person…. N Apulay scenes were Wel portrait… Luv where he touches apus veil.. By jono’ finger..??? … N the name jono… Sounds good…. … Keep writing…

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