To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño 3)

Malay said”Megha..My team is just 1km away frm here..I insist to be alone..Plz call them frm my mob..The 1st no..”
Megha calls..
The team come n medical processes r done..The bullets r removed..
The head of the team is calling Malay’s brother from his phone to inform tat news…
In a stone bed,he is lying on it..n listening his very 1 st album frm his all blockbuster songs with seeing sky..
Escorts stands in surround..
Phone rings..

Attending the call…
The head says”Abi Sir..Malay Sir is wounded..Bt Now he is safe”
Abhi angrily asked”No one dare to touch tiz ,Abhi,TheRockstar n my brother..Who is he?”
Head says with fear”I don’t know Sir”..
Abhi cuts the call n thinks I ‘ll be Sure who he is..n Angrily kicks the football which is in his hands..
Mohan asked Apu to forgive him..Apu forgives him n tells she is waiting for a bus to go to a concert..He lightly close his eyes n think..After a few sec he realised his dreamz cause Danger to Malay..

Apu asked”What happen?”
Mohan said” Nothing..Can I come with U for a concert?”
Apu said”S..Ofcourse..”
Malay asked Megha to accompany with him for Abi’s concert..Megha accepts n said”I m actually going to Arunachal Pradesh to meet someone..”
Malay thinks about Mohan n said”Tats k..I ll make U safe to reach AP”..

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n post ur cute comments

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  1. Drama has begun… Very well portrait…..eager to read the next episode … Keep writing… Take care

  2. Tanq kathy..I think it is nxt will be changed.bcoz the story of 3 will be just begun

  3. wow loved it…so all the people in you fiction are connected in one way or another

    1. S..maybe in the nxt ff story it will be different

    2. 3 frm one bt different ways

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