To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño 2)

To my luvable frndzz:
Sorry Naren for making short epis n Sorry frnd Ayesha for not making a long epi till now..
Tanq Kathy,Shai,Athya,Sharaya,Sarayu,Fatarajo,Naren,Ayesha,Sriranjani n all my luvable frndzz of our family for supporting..Sorry for non-indicating others..

Loc:ArunachalPradesh,the doorend of a wooden house..

He takes his gun n aims her,the Angelito who is waiting for him.
N he triggers the gun towards her n ..also himself…..

1min before..the bullets meets the Luv..’s..

Loc:TharDesert,the same transportal way..

He feels like Mozart n controlled by Abheri Raag.. in her eyes…
His lips strts his 1st beat to her..
“Ur singing is romantic..Can U let me to record tat?”
She smiles n said”As U wish..I think our gud hearted is God’s Gift..
It is the best tune of all”..
He smiles n thinks she is truly gud..

1sec remaining for bullet reaching the Luv’ Loc:AP
At turning 0.01millisec ..
He feels something danger..
The bullets shot him..”Why r u doing tat,Mohan?”he thinks n He fall unconsc in her legs..
“What happen?”Her eyes tear..
She torn her veil n dressing in injured area..
Malay’s mind see this with pain…

Mohan opened his eyes n see Angelito still drawn his image stunned”Where is tat bullet gone?”
Mohan thinks”Is this same like as dream?
I want to see her face”
He touches her n makes her turn..
N confused tat she is not the same girl…
She asked angrily”Who r u?”
Mohan said”Sorry Néné..I’m Mohan..U?”
She said”I m simply Apu..not Ur Néné”
Mohan asked to forgive him..

Malay comes to conscious n lightly opens his eyes…
She says”Thank God..He is conscious now..plz save him..Frm Where the bullets r coming frm?”
Malay sees tat n asks her name..
She answered”Megha”..

Lock n Keys are opened..Let the luvable thread between the Two Luv’s.. is joining in Tom….
Maybe U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n post ur cute comments aftr reading..

Credit to: HarSHaN


  1. Kathy

    Waiting for the next episode…. Keep on writing… Take care…. May almighty bless u…

  2. shai

    whoa!!!! another great episode…so this is malay-megha story….lock and keys finally opened!!!!
    eagerly waiting for your next episo

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