Captive- Shivika ff

A/N : This fiction is dark and gore, there are triggering scenes so if you’re uncomfortable you can skip it or avoid this whole fiction altogether. I will just put up a note before the scenes. Thank you.. now you can read… xx

When I flicked my eyes open all I could see was over bright lights numbing my vision with it’s harshness. The sedative in me was taking a toll on me. I was just falling back into the unknown darkness but the low hum right next door jolted me back to consciousness. It was the same honey tone of my kidnapper.
I was kidnapped and held captive.
And whose fault it was .. Mine… It was own damn fault.
So I am Anika and this is my story.

A/N : Italicized sentences/phrases indicates ‘past’ of the characters and the other non emphasis sentences/phrases indicates ‘present’ of the characters.. until I’ve mentioned the otherwise… enjoy.. xx
It was a beautiful morning in Delhi. People strolling the streets in auto-rickshaws, you know the usual chariot rickshaws where people are fanning themselves despite of the roofs hovering over them, such is the heat here. And the fun fact is people here crave more for deep-fried snacks not even paying attention to the scorching heat, and all the credit goes to those street vendors who in my opinion are no less than Master Chefs. It takes time to prepare those damn difficult recipes and these people do it in click of your hand, and they should be rewarded for that. Currently, I was making my way to Ishaana’s café. Ishaana was my cousin, who I practically grew up with. She owned a café not that far from our college, just fifteen minutes walk would suffice. Ishaana was more of those naïve, innocent girls who wouldn’t even harm the fly. She was goofy and charming and by the current record she have had received so many of love proposals right from her first day of high school to her last day of her diploma. There was this boy called- Manjesh—umm no wait Mahesh, yeah Mahesh, so this Mahesh dude was so smitten by her that he would offer her everything, even though she had rejected his offers so many times, he would always be you know bouncing back with this tiny hope that someday she would accept his proposal and they would live happily ever after, he even went to the extent of naming their non-existent future children I had laughed my ass off when Ishaana told his pathetic story, but all hell broke lose when he was being rejected in the open ground where their college’s graduation ceremony was going, it was pin drop silence. All the on-going lookers were waiting for his reaction, the boys who were hovering above each other were now leaning forward for something to happen, it was of those moment where you would be on the edge of your sofa, watching the India-Pakistan match, India on the verge of winning just needing 6 runs of one damn last ball. Everyone were waiting for him to lose his shit and flip everything off but what they didn’t expect him was to clench his eyes shut and sob hard, I feel so bad for him to even this day.
‘Hey Anika’ Ishaana greeted as I walked right into her café. Her café was filled with people of all ages mostly old couples, college students, lovers and few writers too. It would be buzzing all day except for Mondays and Wednesdays. ‘Hi di’ I wished her right back. ‘Your usual?’ she asked. ‘You know me so well’ I let out with a cheesy smile, she just pinched my cheeks and walked into her café kitchen. This café’s specialty was it served right from your local chai to cappuccino and lattes. And it also served as a restaurant for a quick snack. As I sat on my usual seat right by the window, I sifted through my carry on sack and retrieved ‘The Notebook’, although I have seen the movie version, there’s so much emotions detailed and scripted in book, and nothing can compete that, God! I was such a sucker for romance. Someone cleared their throat and I just peeked my eyes lowering my book just to the level of my chin. ‘Your usual’ Ishaana slid the plate full of papdi-chatni and a mug of my favorite chai latte (your usual masala chai just with right and precisely added ingredients) the aroma of clove and cinnamon wafted in the air and it just made my all senses go damned. ‘You can wake up now’ Ishaana nudged me. ‘Mhmm you never seize to surprise me, how well your chai is’ I moaned dreamily at the sweet and spicy taste of the beverage. ‘Your are the best’ I added stuffing papdi in my mouth. ‘Alright don’t butter me too much’ she giggled I was going to protest how really good of a cook she was but someone had already beat me to it, calling her for attention, she excused mumbling a sorry and waltzed back to her chores.
I am warning y’all, there’s a triggering scene ahead if you aren’t comfortable, I request you to skip, your end of the chapter would be above.. just a heads-up.. Now enjoy xx
The man before me was moaning softly behind his gagged mouth, he stirred slowly on the table, his hands and legs were tied with standard nylon, not your usual ropes, this shit would not only torn easily, would also cut your blood circulation off if you try or writhe more or if tied too tightly. I retrieved a syringe filled with hypodermic and injected him in the base of his neck. This would bring him back from the anesthesia I had given him few hours ago. It was too easy to kill them when they were unconscious, and it would be no fun, I liked to torture my victims righteously, they would be honored as they very well reserved before they would bid their adios to the world. This victim was in his forties, although he looked like a happy go luck man, he had a cheap f**king mind, who always fantasized woman, although fantasizing women was not that bad but he had misused his position to force himself on the young girls in his college, he as a college principal had raped and destroyed so many girls’ lives just to satisfy his needs, he was a cheap f**ker, and today those girls would get Justice for all the filth they went through.
He screamed, his voice muffled by the gag in his mouth, his cheeks were turned crimson red from the rage and fear he was feeling. The pain in other’s eyes was so amusing, I loved it, I loved to live on other’s pain. As the stainless steeled scalpel in my hand neared his heart, which by the way just exposed in the right way. As his fear increased my temptation to kill him right there and then increased. I removed his gag from his mouth and he let out blood curling scream right at my ear and I jerked forward making a light cut and his breath hitched. I put the gag back. ‘If you writhe or scream more this scalpel will penetrate just right in, understand?’ he nodded frantically. ‘Right, now I am going to open the gag, you’ll answer all my questions, no beating around the bush okay?’ he nodded once again. As I retrieved gag, he started to threaten me, cursing me and I slit the second skin just right back. ‘Now, how did you get away?’. ‘I scared the girls saying, they would be threatened by the goons even at their houses and kidnapped just to be sold’ he let out quickly through screams as blood trickled profusely. I just lulled my head. ‘How do you want me to kill you?’ ‘No, No… please I’ll give you everything and anything and even confess everything right from the beginning, please don’t kill me’ this made me laugh so hard that I got tears prickling from my eye lid. ‘You think I’ll let you escape? You thought wrong, now I’ve so much work to do, we’ll finish this quickly, okay? It doesn’t hurt if you cooperate’. I peeled his skin one by one, cutting his tendons and fat as if I was dissecting the dead specie and being a good surgeon made it easy for me. And just like that the light flicked off from his eyes leaving them bare and exposed. He was dead and world was free of another filthy dirt.
I cleaned my scalpel, and just was scrubbing my floor clean I heard thud from the outside, the orange hue of dim street light seeped in that stark darkness, when I looked out I saw fear. Fear, in those chestnut irises which were staring right back at me.
A/N : feel free to express your thoughts and leave back your comments, will try to update soon, when though don’t know… I was reading a psycho-thriller novel the other day and it was the inspiration behind this fiction, I had even adopted few ideas just molding it rightly, anyways… thank you so much for reading this through… Have a good day…. See you soon xx.

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