She rose up on the bed, clutching the bedsheet on her chest. She saw scratches on his back who was sleeping next to her n shivered reminiscing the night of hell. A pool of tear trailed down her cheeks n sobs escaped the bar of her tightly sealed lips. The beast’s posture moved a little n her breath hacked up. She stepped out of the bed n went to the washroom without making a noise.

He rose up n noticed she wasn’t there on her side. some lines creased on his forehead n his desperate eyes rolled around. He stepped out of the bed n without wasting a second more, reached the washroom door.

“R u there?” He banged on the door.

She was lost looking at the marks all over her body, marked by him n startled hearing a loud bang on the door.

“R u there?” This time the tone was very harsh n rude with a strong bang on the door n her body trembled in fear.

“Yeah…” She replied using all her strength.

“Open the door.” He shot in the same stilly tone.

She froze on her place.

‘Now, what is he upto?’ Her mind numbed with the flashback of the night.

“I said, open the ******* door.” He roared on the top of his lungs.

Her reluctant steps moved towards the door, wrapping herself in the bedsheet n took a hold of the doorknob. A chilly shiver ran down her spine. As soon as she clicked the doorknob the door opened n his frame stormed in, looming over her vulnerable, trembling posture. He locked the door behind n took the hold of her hands which has a hold of bedsheet around her n the life sucked out of her.

“What were u doing inside here, hmm? Thinking about ur lover? Or, planning something to get rid of me? Abduction? Must be murder plan, right?” He, in a mock, holding her hands bit harshly.

She was reluctant to leave the hold of the clothe piece but he made it impossible for her to do so.

“What r u hiding from me, now? Everything is mine, there is no point to do this all now, I’ve already marked u as mine. Now, move on from the past n concentrate on ur present, thats me.” He pulled her towards him n in the process clothe piece fell off her body n a fire ignites in his eyes raising the tremor from the deep inside of her.

“U r beautiful.” He said something like in a lusty tone, “had he seen u like this, ever?”

Her face dipped down in a red shade, with disgust for the man, her so called husband, Laksh Kashyap, in front of her, throwing crap after crap on her.

“I’m asking u something, Sugar?” He, seriously.

She nodded in negative in tears.

“I’m not convinced. He must had seen u like this otherwise he wouldn’t have done that stupidity, still after marrying my sister.” He, tightening his hold.

N the last thread of her might broke out, she burst into cry.

“Ow..Sugar, please don’t give me this kind of morning treat, keep this for the night. Now, shh..hhh, we need to freshen up.” He pulling her towards the bath tub.

“Please leave me. I’ll go away from here. I’ll never come back in ur life ever but please leave me.” She in a pleading tone.

Something poked inside of him, very unpleasant n his mind spun a full round.


“Enough. I’m not in a mood to get into such nonsense, got that?” He, gravely.

Her posture straightened up with that n she nod in positive.

“Now, stop this all.” He rubbing her teary cheeks.

She stood still, like an obedient pupil n he dragged her with him n did everything, without bothering for anything.

She was inside the kitchen, lost in the work. Its the time of peace, he is at his office.

“Madam.” Her maid entered inside hastily.

“What happened Nancy, y..” Before she could complete her question, her maid thrust a cellphone on her hand.

A chilly shiver exert on her cell wall. There is no communication sources in their spacious house, a closed shell for her, every door, windows n space there opened n closed by his wish, for her. He has always kept an eye on her. There is cctv everywhere in the house, she was unaware of. The house was built with using rich technology, n for the entry of maid, there is an extra door, which needed her thump expression n opened only for 2 seconds to enter into n then another.

The cellphone ringed on her hand n she threw the gadget away from her hand. The maid received the call n turned on loudspeaker.

“Hello, Ragini. Please listen to me, once, I love u. I can’t forget u. Please come back to me, this marriage has no future, its a cheat. I know u still love me, please take a stand for our love, please.” A voice hit her ears n tears escaped her vision.

“Sanskar, this all things cannot change the fact is that we are married now n there is new relationship we share…” She, haggardly.

“I don’t care for that all. All I care about is, only u. Please come back to me.” He, stubbornly.

“This isn’t possible, y don’t u understand?” She.

“Everything is possible, I know he has caged u inside his tight security but I’ve a plan, please trust me n go with it.” He.

“What plan?” She, shocked.

“I’ve sent a pill for u, have that n u’ll fall sick, n then there will be no way left for him other than take u out of that cage.” He.

‘I can’t go back to him. I cant ruin that girl’s life but this is the chance I can escape this hell.’ Her inner voice.

She agreed for that n wait for his arrival. As soon as she got to know about his arrival, she gulped down the pill n lie down on the bed by covering herself with a blanket.

He entered inside after some time n changed into his casual n sat on his side of the bed.

‘How many things happened in my life, this man, about whom I hardly know anything, is now my husband. Yeah, this marriage is a fraud, a big cheat but that doesn’t matter because I’m his wife now, legally despite of his criminal move. I was happy thinking that I’m going to get married with the love of my life, my Sanskar but everything shattered down when we got married, to different persons without our knowledge. Its all happened because of his sister’s madness about Sanskar, because of the spell of his wealth on our parents eyes, because of our bad fate but the important fact is, it happened.’ She closed her eyes in a deep hurt.

“U ok? I think the pill u had isn’t working yet, right?” He, shot the words with the perfect intensity right on her head.

“What..??” She, startled.

“Have it.”

Her scared black orbs caught him, with another pill in his hand n there wasn’t any escape left for her to go against his command.

“Now, u’ll witness the wrath of hell, Sugar. I’d have forgive u, but its not something to be forgiven because u tried to snatch my sister’s happiness. I was giving u, ur space till now, but ur today’s deed needed u to get punished for it.” He flung the words, piercingly n she felt dizzy, a cloud of unconsciousness shadowed her senses.

She opened her eyes n found her inside the different room than her usual. Her mind buzzed up with a lots of thoughts n at last the devil came into view.

“Good evening Sugar. So, how r u feeling right now? U know what, complete one day, u were in a deep sleep looking like a sleeping princess, I’m amazed, how could my eyes fail to scan the beauty, lasciviousness n those perfect curves of urs.” He, in a lazy drawl, with a wicked smile.

Her heart stopped beating for a moment n then began to thud in an abnormal manner, hearing his grave n gutteral comment. It was the very first time she is witnessing his this side because in the 6 months of their married life, he never talked to her like this but treated her like a master.

“Now, get up. Freshen up quickly n have something energetic, u need them very badly because u have to be prepared for our first night, Sugar.” He, trailed down the back of his knuckles on her flushed cheek.

“U won’t do that to me.” She, weakly.

“U’ll get to know very, soon.” He, sternly flung the words n left the room.

He did everything as he said. He turned her life into the hell. Now she is on the observation of rich technology, in a new house. Her each n every acts r observed by robots n she was totally out of the contact with the real world, totally isolated, inside the beast’s captive, for the rest of her life.

Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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