Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 7)


Days were passing, Friday was coming, both Mehek and Shaurya were upset as time was flying too fast. Mehek was not allowed to move out of house before her marriage. Other side, Shaurya was quite desperate to meet her…he f could feel Mehek always with him…he also tried out many times so that Shruti call her but all in vain.
It was Thursday, one day before Mehek’s marriage.

In the morning, Mehek was sitting in her room in a depressed mood…Pd enters
Pd: Are, my laddoo in such a bad state…what happened beta will you not tell me??
Mehek: Nothing Pd
Pd: Something must be there, tell na..Don’t you want the marriage??
Mehek: No nothing like that, I was just upset to leave you all…
Pd: But you are not going far away, whenever you feel like you can come to me, I guess Ajay will not object.
Mehek smiles but still sad…
Pd: But if the reason behind your sadness is anything else and you don’t want the marriage, you can freely tell us, we’ll not disrespect your decision. Remember one thing, gone time never returns and mistakes done in that time will never be healed quick…you had to carry the burden of your mistake lifelong. That’s why I’m telling beta, if you have anything in your heart just pour it out.
Mehek(after a long sigh): No Pd I’m fine, I just want to get out of house for once before marriage…
Pd: Oh this much, you can go….I’ll handle Kanta…
Mehek smiles and hugged Pd, Pd too hugged her and said: Remember my words okay…

Later in the evening, Mehek went out of her house recalling all her moments with Shaurya. She wamted to meet her but she somehow restricted herself. She went to a river bank and stands facing towards river and weeping. Shaurya was passing through there and saw her standing near river. She gets out of the car and went near her, a fine wind was blowing and Mehek’s untied hairs were flowing in the wind, it was quite dark, Shaurya reached there.
Shaurya(controlling his feelings): Hey what are you doing here??
Mehek turned to him, tears were covering her eyes…she remembered Pd’s word and silently looked at her.
Shaurya: Why are you crying??
Mehek(taking a deep breath): No nothing, I was just feeling like…
Shaurya: Did I disturbed??
Mehek: No, you don’t…. I just want you only, I must make something clear.
Shaurya: What?
Mehek: You remember the first day we met, it was in your kitchen I was really very angry with your behaviour. But….
Shaurya(thinking): Please don’t continue, its hard to listen and hard to contol…
Mehek: …but I don’t know how and when I fall for you..
Shaurya closed his eyes tight and said: Oh!!
Mehek: I don’t know how you feel, I even don’t know what will you think me after listening this but I love you and I think to tell you before it’s too late.(paused a little and took a breath) And now I want to ask you …(with great difficulty) Will you…
Before she could finish Shaurya intrupted.
Shaurya: So what,everyone falls for me and that nothing to do with me don’t ask me, it’s your marriage tomorrow….
Mehek: Let me complete na plz…
Shaurya: Why don’t you understand I don’t love you rather I hate you Mehek..
Saying so Shaurya left angrily and goes and sat in his car…he told Mehek the words whose opposite he want to tell…he hurriedly drive from there without any second thought…
Mehek was still standing there…
Mehek(think): Why can’t he understand… I was not asking you out Shaurya I know you don’t even like me….I was just requesting you not to meet me again because I don’t want to betray anyone….

***flashback ends***

The night swept in their thought and both of them dont recieve sleep…

Next morning….

!!Karuna’s Room

Shruti and Karuna were standing. Shruti was astonished after listening Shaurya’s reaction the previous night.
Shruti: Seriously mom, this all had happened?
Karuna: Yes Shruti, we had to do something..
Shruti: Yes mom, we should unite them..
Karuna: No Shruti, I think we should not…it’s too late
Shruti: But mom…
Karuna: It will just fetch destruction, we…
Shruti: What about bhai, what will he do?? You think that bhai will ever forget the feelings which was expressed so loudly?? And I know Mehek too, she will either not be able to be happy,ever…I have to do something…
Sruti gets out and Karuna looked tensed, she thought: I hope that nothing wrong happen to any of my child…

In the evening, Karuna, Shruti and Shaurya enters Sharma house… Mehek was in room get ready in her bridal dress.
Shaurya(to Karuna): Mom, I can’t stay here…I’m in the lawn, call me after everything ends I could not see anything, I don’t have any more strength…
Karuna: Yes go Shaurya, I also can’t see you in pain.
Shaurya moved.
Shruti(to Karuna):If yoi don’t want to see bhai in pain then do something mom plz…
Karuna: Don’t create scene here it’s her wedding after a while…
Shaurya was sitting on a bench in the lawn, he felt loosing everything, he was as sad as could be. He want to stop the marriage but he don’t want to hurt Mehek again…already he had done enough.
Ajay came there in barati and saw Shaurya sitting in the lawn very disheartened. Mehek came to balcony, Shaurya sees her, he looks her intently Mehek looked Shaurya and she too stared him…She was looking most beautiful in her lehenga. Both keeps on staring each other. Ajay noticed them. He moves aside and called Mehek. Mehek get the call and moves from the balcony, Shaurya again looks down upset, he closed his teary eyes.
Ajay(on call): Do you want the marriage??
Mehek: What are you saying Ajay??
Ajay: Do you think, our married life will be happy?
Mehek: I’ll try my best Ajay.
Ajay: And Shaurya?? You are marrying me just because of chachi…
Mehek: Ajay
Ajay cuts the call and get in.

Precap- Ajay badmouths Mehek in front of everyone


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