Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 6)


!! Khanna Mansion
(in the evening)

Mehek went there…she sees Karuna

Mehek: Maa…
Karuna: Yes Mehek come
Mehek: Maa, I came here to invite you in my marriage next friday.
Karuna: Oh so your marriage is fixed, congratulation beta…
Mehek: Thanks maa, where is Shruti di??
Karuna: Oh she hasn’t come yet but she’ll come soon, what’s about waiting fot her.
Mehek: Yes maa I will wait, I promised to meet her.
Karuna: Ok, I’m bringing some snacks for you.
Mehek smiles a bit…
Karuna walked out..Mehek was waiting for Shruti. After some while Shaurya came there, he saw Mehek and stands near the door reminiscing the marriage discussion of the party night. Shaurya keeps on standing near the door, Mehek didn’t noticed… Karuna retured with snqcks in her hand..
Karuna: Shaurya.. why standing out go in..
Shaurya(quite shocked): No mom, you go, Mehek noticed him at looked at him, Shaurya too stared her. Karuna smiles and get in, to Mehek
Karuna: Have it Mehek..
Mehek(taking eyes away from Shaurya): Thanks maa.
Shaurya moved.
Shruti returned after a while. Botg Mehek and Shruti gossips and discuss about work.
Mehek: Ok Shruti di, I should leave now or else I’ll be late.
Shruti: Okay meet you tomorrow in the restaurant.
Mehek: I may not come tomorrow, I wanna take 15 days leave because of my marriage.
Shruti: Fine granted, but join soon.
Mehek: Yes I’ll join as soon as possible.
Sruti: bye then..
Mehek: Bye, plz come to my wedding on Friday.
Shruti: Ya of course!!

Mehek went out, She was out of the house in the front lawn when Shaurya stopped her.
Shaurya: Congrats
Mehek tries to speak but Shaurya stopped her.
Shaurya: Very well you are marrying. You must be very happy now..
Mehek: Yes I’m really very happy.
Shaurya: But your expressions don’t tell that.
Mehek: So what they tell?
Shaurya: They tells that you are marrying under force.
Mehek: Who is here to force me?? I’m marrying because it is my wish, because I want to marry Ajay.
Shaurya holds her soldiers pulls her close and asked: Seriously?? Are…are you…serious??
Mehek(removing his hand): Yes I had done many mistakes before but I’m not going to repeat it, I had taken the correct decision this time. Why are you reacting??
Shaurya: Who?? I…no no I am not reacting, I just wanted to ensure once..but if you are so happy then go, go fast, your fianc√© must be waiting for you…
Mehek: Yes surely I’m going.
Mehek went from there…Shaurya looks at her going.
Shruti was standing behind and listened there conversation. She came upto Shaurya…
Shruti: Do you still think that you don’t like her.
Shaurya: Why should I like her??
Shruti: Why should not you like her?? I’m telling you bhai don’t do this otherwise you had to repent whole life.
Shaurya: Plz stop your lectures di, I truly don’t like her and will not repent.
Shaurya goes in his house.
Shruti(thinking): I can’t understand bhai, what you get from acting like this…

!! Sharma House
(at night)

Mehek returned
Kanta: Why are you so late Mehek?? You should be more in home, your marriage is coming and had you asked for leave??
Mehek: Yes chachi, I get 15 days leave………
Kanta: Good now go and get fresh… you should look the best on your day..
Mehek(with a fake smile): Yes chachi..
(She went to her room)
Ajay calling
Mehek: Hello
Ajay: Mehek
Mehek: Whar??
Ajay: Are you comfortable with the marriage??
Mehek: Yes Ajay, why you keep on asking the same question daily?
Ajay: I always fear that am I doing something wrong.
Mehek: It’s okay, you aren’t wrong…bye
Ajay: Yes good night.
Mehek: Hmm….
Ajay cut the call. Later Mehek get a call from Shruti. Mehek pick the call.
Mehek: Hello Shruti di(paused) Hello hello…(paused again) Can you hear me Shru…
Shaurya(from another side): Good night
He cut the call..Mehek get confused.
Mehek(thinking): Why did he called me and that too from Shruti di’s no. Oh it’s too much confusing I’m just clueless. Why I’m thinking so much about him? I guess he could understand my love then everything would be different. Why..why he can’t understand??
Thinking so, Mehek slept.

!!Khanna Mansion
Shaurya’s room- Shaurya was sitting on a sofa…
Shaurya(thinking): Why did I call her!! I should calm down, I should……

Precap- Shaurya see Mehek in the river side and went to her…


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  1. Hi Aakriti , it’s really nice to read your ff just waiting for the confession about love from them ?????

    1. Aakriti

      Thnq so much, this will happen soon

  2. tq for d fast update…..

    1. Aakriti

      Welcome dear

  3. Super dear soo sad for mahek I ask you something Ajay is good or bad

    1. Aakriti

      The ff had 2-3 more episode and you’ll soon get the answer

  4. So sweet,,,, it’s very lovely,, and their love just so cute,,,, and different,,, l loved it,,, waiting for next update,,,!!!

    1. Aakriti

      Thnq so much, I’ll try to post it as quick as possible

  5. superrr realy nice yar. saurya khadus kumar he will naver chang. he is only hurt mahek due to his ego.

  6. superrr realy nice yar. saurya khadus kumar he will naver change. he is only hurt mahek due to his ego.

  7. superrr realy nice yar. saurya khadus kumar he will naver change. he is only hurt mahek due to his ego. I am waitng for next update

    1. Aakriti

      Thmq for your support…

  8. Moni7

    Too good… Nice yaar…

    1. Aakriti

      Thanks a lot…

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