Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 4)


!!Khanna Mansion
(At 12 am)

Shruti’s sleep disturbed due to a sudden loud sound in the living room.
Shruti (thinking): Oh what’s the sound. I must check once.
Shruti went to the living room. As she reached there, lights on…SURPRISE
Shaurya was standing with a gift in his hand.
Shaurya: Happy Birthday di…
Shruti: Thanks bhai…but you shouldn’t do all this, your hand is injured.
Shaurya: Leave it na di. It had almost cured. And this is nothing I can do anything for my di. Even I will do??
Shruti: So what have you planned??
Shaurya: I had planned a grand party for you. I had called all the guest. You can also call your friends.
Shruti: I don’t have anyone to call.
Shaurya: Don’t you have any friend?
Shruti: I don’t have such close friend.
Shaurya: But…
Shruti: What??
Shaurya: What about that girl who visit our house regularly.
Shruti: Oh Mehek!! I don’t think that she likes parties.
Shaurya: But you should ask her di. She is your best friend. Can you enjoy without her?
Shruti: Ya.. you call her then…
Shaurya: Nooo!! I can’t.
Shruti: Why??
Shaurya: She is your friend, you should call.
Shruti: Okay then if you are insisting.
Shaurya: I’m not insisting, I was just suggesting you.
Shruti: Ya of course.
Shruti (thinking): I know bhai who will miss Mehek in party and you were talking about enjoying. I’ll ensure your enjoyment. I’ll surely bring Mehek anyhow.
Shaurya: Where are you lost di?? What are you thinking??
Shruti: Oh nothing…I’m sleepy, good night bhai.
Shaurya: Good night.

Next morning
!!Shruti’s Corner

Shruti: Good morning Mehek.
Mehek: Good morning Shruti di and also a very very happy birthday.
Shruti: Thank you. And this is for you.(gives a packet)
Mehek: What’s this Shruti di?
Shruti: It’s a red gown for you. Today 7:00pm with your at my house. Bhai had arranged a party for me.
Mehek: So nice. But sorry Shruti di, you know na I don’t like parties. Plz don’t mind.
Shruti: I know Mehek thatswhy I was not going to call you…but bhai specially called you, he insisted me so you have to come, wearing this gown only.
Mehek(blushing): But…
Shruti: It’s your boss’s order.
Mehek: Okay I will then, just to please you.
Shruti: Don’t lie, I know everything.
Mehek blushed hard.

In the evening
!!At Khanna Mansion

Fully decorated with blue lilies.
Shruti(to Shaurya): What’s this bhai?? You know that I don’t like blue lilies.
Shaurya: But these are in trends.
Shruti: I don’t think so.
Shaurya: Okay I will check it next time.

Enters Mehek with Kanta chachi. Mehek was looking gorgeous. Shruti wents to welcome Mehek.

Shruti: Hi Mehek!! looking wow…
Mehek: Wow Shruti di..what a decoration. You know blue lilies are my favourite.
Shruti: Oh thats the reason behind them.
Mehek: What?
Shruti(in whispering tone): Bhai did it for you.
Mehek blushes.
Mehek(to kanta chachi): Chachi she is my boss cum friend Shruti di.
Shruti(to Kanta chachi): Namaste aunty.
Kanta Chachi: Namaste beta. Happy birthday.
Shruti: Thank you chachi.
Mehek was with Shruti. Shaurya was continuously staring at Mehek through the corners of his eyes.
Whereas Kanta chachi was talking with Pammi.
Pammi: Kanta, your Mehek is looking really beautiful.
Kanta: Thanks Pammi..
Pammi: What do you think about giving your Mehek to me.
Kanta: What do you mean Pammi??

Pammi: Oh Kanta, I was talking about marriage of my Ajay with your Mehek.
Kanta: It’s a brilliant idea. We must talk to them.
Pummy: I’m calling Ajay.
(Both Ajay and Mejek came to them)
Ajay: Are you calling me maa?
Pummy: We had decided your and Mahek’s marriage. We can proceed if you both agree…
Ajay: I don’t have any problem.
Kanta: Good and what about you Mehek??
Mehek: Yes chachi, I want some time to think.
Pummy: You can take as much time as you want.
Kanta: I guess you both need to know each other. You should go out together.
Ajay: Yes aunty.Mehek are you free tomorrow evening?
Mehek: Ha..yes yes I am free.
Ajay: So lets meet tomorrow. I’ll come to pick you up at your house.
Mehek: Fine.

Shaurya overhears them and went to his room….Shruti follows them..

Precap- Mehek tells Ajay that she loves Shaurya.


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