Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 3)


!!Karuna’s room

Well furnished with wooden comtemporary furniture. Royal blue curtains giving a classy look. Mehek and Karuna were sitting on the bed and gossiping.
Mehek: You are so nice Karuna aunty. Can I call you maa??
Karuna: Yes Mehek, I’ll be very pleased if you.
Mehek: Ok maa thank you.
Shaurya (from outside the door): If you are so busy with your so-called daughter, I must leave.
He was about to move.
Mehek: Shaurya!!

Shaurya: yes
Mehek: You can come in, I am going out.
(Mehek moves out and Shaurya went to Karuna)
Karuna: Why do you behavior like this with my Mahek. I think she likes you.
Shaurya: She may like me but I don’t.
Karuna: What’s wrong in her?
Shaurya: Nothing is wrong in her mom, she might be the perfect.
Karuna: Then?
Shaurya: You know na, I am not like other normal guys.

Karuna(laughingly): What you mean…my son is abnormal??
Shaurya: No mom I just don’t want to marry.
Karuna: I don’t tell you to marry her, I just told that she likes you so you shouldn’t misbehave with her.
Shaurya(shyly): Whatever…
Shaurya turned to run away out of the room when he collide with a table. The table lamp fell down and broke, Shaurya fell on the broken glass pieces of the lamp and hurt his hand badly.

Karuna shouted: Shaurya!!
Mehek came running and saw Shaurya hurt.
She got tense and also felt very upset. She panicked and went near him. Karuna took out the first aid box and gave it to Mehek.
Karuna: Plz do his first aid Mehek and I must go and call the doc.
Mehek: Ya give it!!
Mahek leant towards Shaurya’s wounded hand and starts applying medicine. She looks at Shaurya and saw that he was not looking as in pain.

Mehek: Don’t you feel the pain.
Shaurya: Yes I do but I don’t like to express all this.
Mehek: Why? Whats bad in expressing what you feel.
Shaurya: It seems childish.
Mehek: No, not at all…expressing feelings reduces pain and enhances happiness.
Shaurya: I don’t think so.
Mehek: Yes it works. Try it once, you will feel relaxed.
Shaurya: No I don’t need now, maybe another time.
Mehek: It’s no bad to express feeling. When you will have to express someday, you will realise.

Shaurya: I am enough strong and will never need it.
Mehek: It’s not about strength. You someday have to. All pain and happiness are not alike which can be hidden so easily.
Shaurya looked at Mehek…both shared an eyelock.
Mehek broke the eyelock and looked at the bandage and starts bandaging his hand.
Mehek (looking at his hand): Your hand will recover soon but everything doesn’t recover quick, expressions are really needed.
Shaurya: Okay.. Now leave me, I must go to the office.
Mehek: What!! You are going nowhere…doctor is coming, take rest over here.
Shaurya: What the hell?

Mehek: It is heaven. So just shut up and take rest or else I’ll call maa.
Shaurya: You can..
Mehek: I’ll call Shruti di.
Shaurya: No don’t call di…I’m here.
Mehek: Good
There talk continue and the doc came after sometime.
Doctor (after checking his hand): It’s nothing serious, good that you bandaged it. I am giving you a pain killer, take it and se rest.
Mehek was going out, when she reached near the door of the room, Shaurya called her from back.
Shaurya: Mehek!!

(Mehek turned)
Shaurya: Where are you going??
Mehek: To my work.
Shaurya: Don’t tell di about it. She will get tensed.
Mehek: ok
Mehek again turned toward the door. Shaurya again called.
Shaurya: And..!!
Mehek (turning back): hmm.

Shaurya: Thank you
Mehek: For??
Shaurya (showing his hand): For this.
Mehek smiled at him. Shaurya too smiled brightly. Mehek moved out. Shaurya keeps on smiling boardly….

Precap- Shruti’s birthday party.


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