Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 5)


Shaurya went to his room and angrily think about Mehek’s marriage discussion. Shruti came following him.

Shruti: What happened bhai?? Why did you felt the party?
Shaurya: Nothing di.
Shruti: You have to come..I’ll cut the cake now.
Shaurya: I’m not in a mood. You go plz na di.
Shruti: Why do you behaving like this?

Shaurya: I was just feeling tired.
Shruti: You know bhai, Mehek’s marriage is just fixed with Ajay.
Shaurya(in a bit angry voice): PLEASE GO NA, DI…
Shruti: What happened bhai. Are you not happy.
Shaurya(with a fake smile): No, It’s a good news…very good news.
Shruti: Oh please bhai…
Shaurya: What???
Shruti: I know bhai..
Shaurya: What you know, say clearly??

Shruti: I know..that you like Mehek.
Shaurya: What!! Are you mad di, how could I like such a girl. Have you ever looked her..she looked like a…(he looked at the door, Mehek was standing there…he get shocked seeing her, Mehek was weeping..she ran away)
Sruti: See, you hurt Mehek.
Shaurya: I don’t mean to.
Shruti: Say her sorry.
Shaurya: ???
Shruti: Ok don’t… as you wish.


Ajay and Mehek was sitting on a table
Ajay: So what should we talk about?
(Mehek didn’t answer)
Ajay: Mehek!!
Mehek: Hhh…what
Ajay: Are you happy with the marriage, Mehek??
Mehek: I don’t know..
Ajay: If you had any problem, you can frankly tell me.
Mehek: Actually chachi wants me to marry you..
Ajay: And what do you want?
Mehek: I don’t know..
Ajay: Do you like someone else?
Mehek didn’t answer again…

Ajay: So who is the guy??
Mehek: No noone.
Ajay: Tell me na Mehek..
Mehek: Sh…Shaurya
Ajay: So, do you want to be with him?
Mehek: No
Ajay: What??? You love him but don’t want to be with him.
Mehek: Actually he don’t like me.
Ajay: So what you want??

Mehek: I want to please my chachi now…
Ajay: But how could you live with me when you love someone else…
Mehek: See he don’t like me and I couldn’t live my whole life as chachi’s burden…so that’s why…
Ajay: Fine then…if you want so.y mom also like you too much. But never tell her about Shaurya…she’ll kill you.
Mehek: Thnq
Ajay: It’s okay. Hope that you forget Shaurya soon..
Mehek: Hmm…I’ll try
Ajay: So??
Mehek: Hmm…
Ajay: Bye
Mehek: Yah…bye

(Mehek never meet Shaurya after that party)
Few months passed…

Mehek: Shruti di…
Shruti: Yes Mehek…wanna say something??
Mehek: Next month is…
Shruti: Ya what??
Mehek: my marriage.
Shruti: With whom? That Ajay?

Mehek: Yaaa
Shruti: But what about bhai??
Mehek: But he don’t even like me…
Shruti: And will you ever forget bhai?
Mehek(after a few seconds thought): Mqybe not… but life never stops flowing due to one person…I don’t want to force anyone..neither Shaurya nor chachi…
Shruti: Will you be happy doing all this?
Mehek: Sometimes na, giving happiness is all that is needed. Apart from that Ajay is a good guy, I should respect him.
Shruti: So respect him na…why are you marrying him?

Mehek: Then what should I do…stop living my life for someone who don’t even care me.
Shruti: But……..
Mehek: I had decided Shruti di, and this time I’m not wrong. Plz take this invitation card.
Shruti: I can’t take it…Give it to mom.
Mehek: But I don’t want to go there.
Shruti: Why?? Are you afraid of meeting bhai??
Mehek: No
Shruti: Then??

Mehek: Fine, I will..
Shruti: I know Mehek, why are you doing so…but trust me, I truly think bhai too likes you..
Mehek: I trust you di…but can’t trust your bhai anymore…
Shruti: When are you coming?
Mejek: Today only, in the evening..

Shruti: Okay, will wait for you.
Mehek: Why?? Are you going??
Shruti: Yes, I have some important work and from there will directly go to home.
Mehek: Oh, then meet you there only.
Shruti: Yep, bye.
Mehek: Bubyee…..

Precap- Shaurya tries to make Mehek break the marriage


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  1. Wow ur amzing yaar thanks and plz send next soon …..if possible today……i mean if possible….and i have noticed that ur writing 2 episodes in a day why u cant write a big one instead of writing double …..u are just wow really

    1. Aakriti

      Thank you and I really want to post a big episode but there is limited chracter in the app where I write.. That’s why I post twice a day

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    1. Aakriti

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  7. Dear gud episode but plz do write longer one noe its so short dt cnt wait fr nxt episode

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  8. Epi was really sad?????…feeling sad for mehek????…hope shaurya ll confess his feeling soon……waiting for d next epi…do post dat soon…..lov u????

    1. Aakriti

      The story is in flashback, Shaurya will confess his love after the flashback ends

  9. Nice chapter aakriti..?
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