Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 2)


(almost one year ago)

A girl in purple velvet suit came at Shruti’s corner for job interview. Her frankness and her outstanding talent of cooking fetch her the job as well as Shruti’s friendship. Soon they became very close friend.
(However everyone knew who is this girl but it’s my duty to tell that this is our dear protagonist Mehek)

One fine day
Shruti: Hey Mehek!! you know what, I told my mom about you and she is eager to meet you and taste yours made food. Will you come to my house today and join us in dinner??
Mehek: Oh of course but before that I had to inform Chachi about it.
Shruti: Ya sure…so lets meet in the evening.

!!Khanna mansion
(in the evening)

Shaurya returned home and saw his di (Shruti) in the kitchen. He went to her and hugged her from behind.
Shaurya: Today was really a tiring day for me. How was yours? And..

Shruti turned to Shaurya and omg she was’t Shruti, she is Mehek.
Shaurya: Hey who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen???
Mehek: Talk nicely. I’m your sister’s friend and btw how dare you hug me??
Shaurya: Seriously… how could I?? Oh god what have I done I couldn’t even recognise my di??what tge hell I had done!!
Mehek: Don’t overreact. Okay I forgive you.
Shaurya: Who are you to forgive mt Just be away from my matters.
Mehek: What do you mean by your matter. You huggedme ok!! It’s mine matter too.
Shaurya: I had never made any mistake in my life.
Mehek: Seriously you haven’t made any ever??
Shaurya: Maybe in my childhood but never after growing up.
Mehek: Amazing I made mistake in every single minute.
Shaurya: Really??
Mehek: I meant I made lots of mistake.

Enters Shruti…

Shruti: What happened bhai? Waht happened Mehek??
Shaurya: Nothing
Mehek: see him…He Mehek
me thinking it’s you…and is overreacting now.
Shruti: He isn’t Mehek. Bhai is like this only.
Mehek: How strange!!
Shruti: Imagine you add salt instead of sweet in any of your dish mistakenly.
Mehek: It could never happen.
Shruti: Just imagine…
Mehek: I’ll cimmit suicide then.
Shauyra So whats wrong with bhai??
Mehek: Ya but…(to Shaurya) I’m sorry.
Shaurya: It’s okay Mehek. I don’t have any problem with you.
Mehek: Don’t feel bad..amm
Shaurya: Shaurya
Mehek: Don’t feel bad Shaurya, Think that you had got a new experience.
Shaurya: Yah!!
Saying so Shaurya moved from there.

Days passed, Mehek and Karuna’s relationship became much strong. Also, Mehek developed a feeling for Shaurya. She didn’t know when this happed. Whenever she saw Shaurya she always felt, “why can’t you understand me, my feelings??”

Precap- Shauyra fell down and wounded his hand badly.

Thank you for reading.

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