Why can’t he understand!! (Episode 1)

Hi , I am inspired by your fictions and wanna present mine too. Hope you will not dislike it. If you feel anything amiss, I will alter my story considering your comments. I can even stop writing if you want.

Here I go….


1. Shaurya Khanna: An honest bussiness tycoon, hides his emotioms and expression very well. Loves his sister more than anything/anyone.

2. Shruti Khanna: Shaurya’s elder sister. Loves Shaurya a lot. Owner of restaurant Shruti’s corner.

3. Karuna: Shruti and Shaurya’s loving mother.

4. Mehek Sharma: An orphan.. Simple living style. Works as the top cook in Shruti’s corner and also her friend. Have magical cooking skills.

5. Kanta: Mehek’s chachi

6. Jeevan: Mehek’s chacha
7. Pd: Mehek’s par dadi

8. Ajay: Mehek’s fiancé.


At night
!!Khanna Mansion

Shaurya was restlessly sitting on his bed, his heartbeat was faster his body temperature was also his and drops of precipitation was forming on his forehead and around neck(though the A.C was on). He was continously swallowing his saliva. His face had a mixed emotion of anger, irritation and sadness which was clearly visible through his wrinkled eyebrows and his rapidly moving eyes.
His hand went upto his heart and he spoke out a word without his own knowledge, ” MEHEK”. And then he realised. The emotions which he tried to ignore so long, the emotions he wanted compressed so badly had came up. His soul is tired of keeping it in.

Karuna entered the room and saw her son in such a state for the first time ever. She goes near him…

Shaurya: Mom
Karuna: What happened Shaurya?? I had never seen you like this before.
Shaurya(hugging his mom): Most mom…I can’t mom…
Karuna: Say clearly Shaurya…I will understand you and may be I can help you.
Shaurya: Mom actually I…I actually I…love no I mean I like Mehek…no no I don’t…
Karuna: You don’t??
Shaurya: Yes I do.
Karuna: I can understand your emotions Shaurya but its too late we can’t do anything nie, tomorrow is her wedding with Ajay.
Shaurya(in a very sad tone): I..I know…I know mom. I’ll not do anything, I’ll not hurt her anymore.
Karuna: Relax Shaurya…everything will be alright soon.
Karuna left and Shaurya closed his eyes tight reminisced about their first meet, how they came close, how Mehek proposed him and how he rejected her. He opened his eyes when he recalled Mehek’s upcoming marriage. He felt like breaking everything near him but he didn’t, he still tried hard to gain control on his fast flowing emotions (which was unsuccessful).

On the other hand…
!! Sharma house

Everyone is exicted and preparing for the wedding except Mehek herself. She is in her bedroom. Tangled hairs, twisted toes, Mehek was lying curling the pillow and tears escaping from her closed eyes. Her ears were ringing with Shaurya’ word that he said a few hours ago, ” Why don’t you understand, I don’t love you rather I hate you Mahek”. Mehek tried to sleep but her thoughts not let her to. She started recalling all the past incidents.

Precap- Story will continue in flashback.

Thank you very very very much for reading this stupid fiction.

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  1. Its very interesting!! Please continue!! and don’t even think of stop writing!! i think your writing skills are wonderful!!

    1. Aakriti

      Thank you for your support. I hope that I could make you happy.

  2. It’s really cute story .So, continue it and please update fast .

  3. Gud introduction….i am very excited to know about their past……keep wrtng.. ….cntue dear..😊

  4. Very nice dear this is not at all stupid one as u think .loved it plz continue and try to post atleast one ff per day will be waiting for ua ff take care and all the best

  5. Keep it up remember my word plz post atleast one per day.

    1. Aakriti

      Thank u so much and I will try my best.

  6. Very nice dear this is not at all stupid one . it’s pretty interesting.move on and try to post regularly will be waiting for your ff

  7. Nice story aakriti
    Beautifully penned…?
    Continue soon..

  8. Aakriti

    Thank you everyone for such a nice responed. Love you all.

  9. Aakriti

    I went through my fiction and a lot of typing mistakes. Sorry guys.

  10. Saxenasapna

    Very nice aakriti…
    Good job….i like it so much…
    Plz uplod next part soon… D

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