I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) PROMO -2

Well hii friends… thanks for ur immense support…. here I come with another promo of my ff.

As per the last precap Aaroo will get shot by aaba’s man and Aryan will get mad at this. He will be seen crying like hell for his love. Aaroo will be rushed to the hospital where a lot of story is to be followed up.

Then to add to the worst situations Aaroo will go missing from the hospital. The kidnapping will be done by Kumudini and her partner in all crime Ganesh (Jairaj’s uncle)… this will make the situation quite stressfull for Aryan.

Aryan will suspect aaba sahib to be behind all these and will leave the house. Later Aaroo will be found after a lot of drama as she will be able to escape from the trap of Jairaj and Ganesh and our Aara will meet and at last to put an end to all these they will take a drastic step. Yeah u all have guessed right. They will get MARRIED. But as usual the Rao family will not let them go so easily.

So I hope u all are excited to know wht will follow in the ff. Well for the information of my readers my ff is slowly drawing a deadline for itself… so plzzz read all the episodes as there will a surprise for u all that is reserved and I will let u all know abt it when the right time will come…



  1. Aribah

    Hey Rhimjhim I’ve always loved your ff from the core of my heart😍😍 dear and just an awsomeeeeeeeeeee promo yaar😘😘❤️❤️ I’m sooooooo exciiiiiteeeeddddddd😬😬…….post the episode asap😜😜 because I’m eagerlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waiting for the episode yehhhhhhhhhh!!!!😊😊……..fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb going keep it up dear👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  2. naina

    improvement needed watever ur name is missy n stop harrasing people brov or else…………..

    • Rhimjhim

      excuse me!!!!!! i dont think tht i am in any way harrassing people….. if so then they wud have told me at the very begin and well for ur kind information if u think that u r getting harrassed by me then plzzz dont read my ff… i am not forcing u to read as well

  3. Usha

    Pls don’t make again and again devorce drama after this . I want too see them happyly enjoying their married life ……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.