I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 6

Heys guys I am back. So let’s start.

Aaroo is seen going to the place where the girls are been given the tuition. A girl of the village comes running.
Girl: Aaroo tai….
Aaroo: what happened Rama….
Rama: Aaroo tai… the villagers r not allowing to leave their girls today for the tuition….
Aaroo: what but why????
Rama: today there is a puja in the village….
Aaroo: what puja????
Rama: Krishnadasi…
Aaroo: what???
Rama: yes…. Krishnavati has not received much rainfall for the last five yrs… so they decided to marry a girl to lord Krishna and make him happy….
Aaroo: deva Krishna… what’s this… these people still believe in these sort of superstition…
Rama: this is not superstition… this is ritual of the village….
Aaroo: where is this puja taking place….
Rama: in the temple…..
Aaroo leaves for the temple followed by Rama.

Aaba’s mansion:
Aaba Saheb is getting ready to go to the temple. Pavitra comes in.
Pavitra: Aaba saheb… do u think Aryan will accept this….
Aaba: he will not…
Pavutra: then….
Aaba: make sure he does not come to know about anything… ok…..
Pavitra: ok….
Aaba Saheb leaves for the temple along with his men Raghu and Damo.

Tulsi is doing puja of Lord Krishna. Suddenly when the diya blows out. Tulsi gets stunned.
Tulsi: deva… the blowing out of the diya is not a good sign… but there is no wind here then how… let me try it again…
She relights the diya again and it again blows out. Tulsi gets tensed. She gets up and takes her phone and calls Aaroo. But her phone is coming switched off.
Tulsi: where r u Aaroo… [she runs to the idol]… deva Krishna plzzz protect my Aaroo…. Plzzzz.
Kumudini comes in.
Kumudini: what happened Tulsi??? Why r u so tensed???
Tulsi: nothing Aayi… actually I was thinking about Aaroo….
Kumudini: don’t worry my ladoba is alright….
Tulsi: how do u know… u talked to her…
Kumudini: no…. my sixth sense is telling… go now get me a cup of tea….
Tulsi nods and leaves.

Aryan is busy in the sugarcane factory which is named after him. He gets call from Varun.
Aryan: hello…
Varun: how r u mu Romeo….
Aryan: stop talking non sense…
Varun: I have a news for u….
Aryan: what???
Varun: ur Aaroo is there in Krishnavati….
Aryan: what??? Who told u….???
Varun: Shivani….
Aryan: thanx yrrr Varun… ok bye….
Varun [laughing]: ok… bye….
Aryan was extremely happy to hear that he and Aaroo are nearby. He gets on his jeep and leaves to find Aaroo. He goes to place where the girls were taught. But finds no one there. He sees a lady and asks her.
Aryan: where r the girls???
Lady: they have not come today….
Aryan: why???
Lady: there is puja in the village…
Aryan: what puja???
Lady: I don’t know…
Aryan: can u tell me where r the girls those who have come to teach the girls staying…..
Lady: they r not staying anywhere….
Aryan: why??
Lady: they will leave today…
Aryan: have they left???
Lady: no…
Aryan: ok thanx….
The lady goes and Aryan again rides on his jeep and heads towards his house.

Temple: the villagers have assembled for the puja. A girl aroung 19 yrs is seen ding the puja and Aaba Saheb is seen supervising them. When the girl is about to put the mangalsutra on the kalash of Lord Krishna, Aaroo comes and stops her and throws the mangalsutra from her hand. Aaba saheb stand up.
Aaba: what is this?? This is a sin….
Aaroo turns and looks at him. Aaba saheb looks at her angrily.
Aaroo: this is not a sin…. What u were was a sin…. Did ask this girl if she wanted to ruin her life….
Aaba: u girl… I just shut up…. Who r u to teach me what is right and what is wrong???
Aaroo: exactly I am no one…. But u… u r the God for the villagers…. When God himself is doing wrong then there shud be someone to tell him that he is wrong….
Aaba: shut up… no see what I wiil do with u….
He orders his men to get hold of Aaroo and since she has stopped this puja she will have to get punished. He asks his men to follow his instructions. And according to his instruction they tie a rope around Aaroo’s waist and drag her out of the temple.

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan comes in and asks for Aaba.
Aryan: Aayi where is Aaba???
Pavitra: he is out for some work…. Why???
Aryan: ok…. I will return within an hour or two….
Pavitra: where r u going???
Aryan [thinks]: if I tell Aayi that I am going to meet Aaroo.. then she will start teasing me…. [Tells aloud]… a friend of mine has come… so I going to meet him….
Pavitra: ok… go….
Aryan: bye….
And he leaves. Pavitra sighs and goes towards her room.

Aaroo see shown been dragged by the villagers. They have been shouting all the way that this girl has committed a sin and she is getting punished. The noise started making Aaroo feel sick. But she began to think about how Aryan supports her. Suddenly the villagers stop. It is seen that Aryan was standing with his jeep in front of them. He gets down from the jeep and goes through the crowd and stands in front of Aaroo. Aaroo lifts her face and sees Aryan.
Aaroo: Aryan…. [and she passes out]
Aryan gets hold of her in time and lifts her in his arm and leaves with her. As he makes Aaroo lie on his jeep a man comes and tells Aryan that she is a sinner. Hearing to this Aryan gets mad and he slaps the man hard which frightens the rest and they leave. Aryan goes up to Aaroo.
Aryan [holding her face]: Aradhya… r u ok….
Aaroo [regains her sense]: yes… thanx…
Aryan: come we will go to the doctor….
Aaroo: hmmm…
He gets into his jeep and leaves.

Tulsi getting restless. Suddenly her phone rings and it is Aaroo.
Tulsi: hello… Aaroo… where r u???
A girl speaks from the other side: aunt I am not Aaroo… I am her friend… I have called u to inform u that Aradhya is busy that’s why she will not be able to come today…
Tulsi: ok….
And she keeps the phone.

Other side it is shown that Rama has made the call on Aryan’s request and Aaroo is the hospital. The doctor comes out.
Aryan: how is he???
Doc: she is all right….
Aryan: thanks doctor….
As the doctor leaves, Aryan gets inside the cabin and sits beside Aaroo holding her hand who is unconscious and starts thinking about something.

Hope u guys liked it. Plzzz comment.

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  3. Wow… it’s better than the actual. It was nice Aryan came in jeep rather than horse. I wonder what will happen when Abbas gets to know

  4. thank u every one and surely Nisha i too read ur ff

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  7. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. …aryan saved arradhya…finally they meet….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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