I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 4

Hey guys there was a mistake. Actually the previous part was part 3 but printed as part 2. So this is part 4 actually. So let’s start.

Aaroo’s house:
Aaroo gets ready to leave for Krishnavati. Tulsi packs her bag without knowing that her daughter is going to that place from where tulsi has hidden her for these 21 yrs.
Tulsi: oh Aaroo… if u go there u will miss ur birthday…. Tomorrow is ur birthday na…
Aaroo: aayi I will come by today night… so don’t worry…
Tulsi [smiles]: ok… go take care…
Aaroo [hugs her]: bye aayi…
Tulsi: bye….
Aaroo leaves for Krishnavati.

Boy’s hostel:
Varun comes and finds Aryan sleeping peacefully in his room.
Varun: how she looking in ur dreams…
Aryan [murmurs]: very beautiful…
Aryan suddenly realizes what he has just told and gets up hurriedly. He sees Varun laughing his heart out.
Aryan [setting his hair]: what is there to laugh…
Varun: I heard about love at first sight.. but today u proved it…
Aryan: what????
Varun: that u can fall in love with someone at first sight….
Aryan [getting down from bed]: shut up… I and love…. Go out of the room… let me get ready….
Varun: no need ur dinosaur will not come to the class today….
Aryan: why???
Varun [his brows go up]: why!!!!!
Aryan: general question….
Varun: she is going to some village to teach the girls there….
Aryan [looking a little sad]: oh…. Where???
Varun: I don’t know the name….
Aryan: ok u go I am coming ….
Varun [smiling]: she has already set off….
Aryan [throwing his towel on the bed in irritation]: what the hurry…..
Then he realizes that he was acting strange regarding Aaradhya. The girl whom he met for the first time the day before and they fought at the first meeting can never change him so much in a night’s time.
Varun: Aryan… it happens…
Aryan [confused]: what happens???
Varun: all act strange when they r in love….
Aryan: I think so…. [Stopping a little]…. What do u mean to say that I love her….
Varun: why will I say that….
Aryan: Varun… u go… I am getting confused….
Varun: ok….. [And he leaves the room smiling].
After a few minutes Aryan comes out of his room with his face turned pale. Varun sees him and comes to him.
Varun [concerned]: what happened Aryan?
Aryan: nothing… I was thinking to go to my village Krishnavati…
Varun: why???
Aryan: actually Aaba is not well….
Varun: oh… then u r leaving now…..
Aryan: yes….
Varun: ok come I will drop u…
Aryan: no need….
Varun: ok… bye…
Aryan: bye….
Aryan leaves for Krishnavati.

Aaroo’s bus:
Aaroo is seen sitting quietly in her seat while all the rest are enjoying. A girl comes up to her.
Girl: what happened Aradhya?? Any problem???
Aaroo [smiles]: no… u go and enjoy…
Girl: ok…
She again goes back to her thoughts. She was thinking about Aryan and how he supported her and made her feel confident last night. Thinking about her she starts smiling. As the bus was moving a jeep is seen crossing the bus. It was being driven by Aryan. He comes near the window seat Aaroo was sitting but they don’t see each other and soon the bus overtakes his jeep and they miss the chance to see each other.

The bus comes and stops at the entrance of Krishnavati and Aaroo gets down the bus. Soon strong winds start blowing and the dusts start swirling in the air. It makes it very difficult to look front. In this moment Aryan too enters the village and drives out in speed to prevent the dust and as he passes Aaroo she covers her face with her handkerchief and they again fail to see each other. They both r in the same village but they both are unaware of this fact.

Hope u guys liked it plzz do comment.

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