I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 39

Hey guys I am back here again… Here comes the 39th part of the ff.

Recap: Aaroo is rushed to the hospital where she is declared to be critical. Aryan goes to meet aaba sahib and shouts at him and leaves the house.

Aryan comes back rushing and goes to wards the ICU as informed by Varun and Shivani. There the two were standing outside the cabin and waiting for Aryan. Aryan comes running and holds Varun.
Aryan: how is she now???
Varun gestures him towards the small small through which Aroo was seen lying on the bed inside the cabin with the oxygen mask on… dripper carrying blood to her blood… and her body to be totally monitories. A tear falls from his eye as he sees Aaroo’s condition.
Varun (placing a hand on Aryan’s shoulder): she will be alright.. doctors have told… she only needs to come back her senses… Aryan ur love has won…
Aryan: can I go in???
Shivani: of course… the doctors have given the permission….
Aryan smiles and turns towards the door of the cabin. He slowly opens the door… looks towards Varun a second time and enters the cabin. He slowly moves towards the bed as he remembers how he met Aaroo for the first time in the college corridor… how they fought that day… (sapna jahan… dashtak na dey…. From brothers… plays). He goes and sits on the tool kept beside the bed. He takes Aaroo’s hand and holds it softly and slowly massages the area around the channel on her hand.
Aryan: it hurts na…. I will break the dovtors hand who has pierced this in ur hand hurting u… u just need to tell me his name… and for that u have to get well soon… I am suffocated in this world without u Aradhya… plzzzz get up fast and talk to me… there is no one with whom I can be free… all have become my enemies…. U r the only one who can understand me….
Suddenly he sees Aaroo opening her eyes and smiling at him…
Aryan: Aradhya…
Aaroo: wht u thought that I will leave u soo soon… not now Aryan…
Aryan gets up and hugs her. Aaroo smiles.
Aryan: I will nevre let u go anywhere… I promise….
Aaroo smiles. Aryan was about to kiss her on her forehead when he realizes that he was dreaming and that Aaroo was still unconscious…. Aryan sits down and starts crying (Teri aankhon ke dariya ka
utarna bhi zaroori tha Mohabbat bhi zaroori thi Bichadna bhi zaroori tha …from hamari adhuri kahani plays)

Kumudini’s house:
Biswas comes running and shouts out for Kumdini and Tulsi. Both the ladies come out.
Tulsi: wht happened kaka??? Y r u panning so much??? Is anything serious????
Biswas: tulsi actually….. Aaroo beta…
Tulsi (concerened): wht!!! Wht has happened to Aaroo??? Kaka speak up…
Biswas: someone has shot Aaroo beta…
Tulsi: wht!!!???
Kumudini: deva…. Who is this devil who had dared to hurt my ladoba…?
Tulsi (crying): Aaroo… from where u came to know this???
Biswas: Aryan came to meet aaba sahib… he went to the market to buy some veageies…. There I have heard that Aryan had come to meet aaba sahib and that there was a huge conflict between them.. and that Aryan hab blamed aaba sahib for getting Aaroo shot… he had also broken all hid ties with his aaba…
Kumudini: how did Aryan come to know abt Aaroo getting shot…
Biswas: he was there with Aaroo when she got shot…
Tulsi: yeah they went to Mahabaleshwar together…
Kumudini: u did not tell me….
Tulsi: where r they rgith now…
Biswas: I don’t know….
Kumudini: Tulsi call Aradhya’s friend Shivani….
Tulsi nods and runs to make the call.

Aaba’s mansion:
Pavitra is crying her room. Shashwat is sitting on the bed upset.
Pavitra: I cannot afford to lose my son shashwat… plzz do something…
Shashwat: I cannot do anything… u know baba sahib… he will never seek for apalogy from the devdasi family…. Never ever…. For him his image is greater than anyone’s life….
Pavitra: then wht do u want to do????? To sit hand in hand and see our son going away from us….
Shashwat: wht do think that I am enjoying seeing my son going away from me….????
Pavitra keeps crying. Shashwat gets and goes and sits beside her and hugs her and cries too.

Aryan is seen fallen asleep holding Aaroo’s hand. The clock is striking 12 a.m. that is midnight. A shadow is seen coming towards the cabin. It is havig a good pace and is running with a slow speed. The shadow turns towards the cabin and opens the door. The light inside the cabin reveals the face. The person is Tulsi. She gets shocked seeing Aaroo in that condition. Then her vision shifts towards Aryan and how he is sleeping holding her hand. Tulsi wipes her tears and manages a smile on her face. She goes and puts her hand on Aryan’s head.
Aryan (getting up with a startle): Aradhya…..
He then sees that it is not Aaroo but her aayi. Tulsi smiles. Aryan looks at Aaroo and finds her sleeping peacefully.
Tulsi: having a lot of tension for her na…
Aryan keeps quite. He slowly gets up and proceeds to leave when he gets stop and sees that Aaroo was holding his hand tightly. Tulsi looks at their joined hands and smiles. She keeps her hand on their hand and looks at Aryan.
Tulsi: I wish to deva that u two stay just like this as u r now… no one can separate… btw how is my daughter Aryan… how did this happen….???? I was really worried at her… but after seeing u here with her… holding her hand know I am relieved… coz I know that u will protect my daughter better than me… as sje is ur love and life and anyone can hardly see his life in danger….
She keeps her hand on his head and smiles. A tear falls from her eye.
Aryan: aunty…
Tulsi: u need not say anything Aryan…I know everything… I am a mother… I knw how much u two love each other… eventhough a world is blind to ur love… but a mother can never be so blind that she cannot see her children’s love for each other… I am really lucky to have daughter like Aradhya and a son… if u let me call u that like u…
Aryan: but aaba….
Tulsi: I am not at all angry with him… it is his ego that has made him blind…. But Aryan u did wrong shouting at him… after all he is older to u… u know one thing… we know that elders show path to the younger generation… but sometimes it is the younger generation who show path to the elders when the elder lose their path… ur aaba has lost the path… it is ur duty to put him on the right path and show him the way….
Aryan: he did so wrong eith u and ur family… he tried to kill ur gdaughter… but still how can u be so calm and quite… wuth wht material r u made up….??? Don’t u feel hurt??? Don’t u get angry at times…. Don’t u feel like taking revenge????
Tulsi: the feeling of anger and the urge to seek revenge has already worsened the sitautions between the families Aryan… if some more anger will add up then… both the families will be destroyed…
Aryan: I must say Aradhya is just like u…
Tulsi smiles then she notices Aaroo’s hand moving inidicating that she is regaining her senses. Aryan too turns and sees that. They both rush to Aaroo who slowly opens her eyes. Tulsi crying seeing her daughter. A tear too falls from Aryan’s eye. Aaroo smiles weakly.
Aryan: I will go and call the doctor…(he rushes out)
Tulsi: Aaroo… my bacha… I was so scared..
Aaroo: aayii… see I am alright… pllzzzz don’t cry…
Tulsi: Aaroo… u r vry lucky that have got Aryan in ur life…
Aaroo smiles shyly.Tulsi rounds her hand on her head. The doctor comes in followed by Aryan. He checks Aaroo.
Doc: extremely good recovery… I must say young man… ur love has brought her back… (Tulsi smiles while Aryan and Aaroo look at each other)
Tulsi: does she need as extra care…???
Doc: no…nothing much…. Only rest…
Tulsi: when will see discharged…
Doc: I will prefer to keep her under observation for another day and then u can take her home…
Tulsi: thank u doctor…. (The doctor leaves)
Tulsi sees Aryan and Aaroo and looking at each other and she too leaves.
Aryan: I will not talk to u…
Aaroo (confused): y???? wht I did???
Aryan: I had already made all the plans to leave me…
Aaroo (smiling): ohhh… so u r angry with that… well how cud u even think that I will leave u so easily… I will haunt u even after death…
Aryan (holding Aaroo tightly in his arms): I will never let death touch u… I will face it before it comes to u…. I will never let u leave me…. And if u dare to leave me… I will also follow u wherever u will go… be it hell or heaven… did u get that…..
Aaroo smiles and hugs him.

Precap: Aaroo goes missing… Aryan suspects aaba sahib…

Hope u guys liked this part too. Plzzzz do comment….

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  1. Awwww so sweet……
    Really a nice ff keep going yaar…. 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. Rhimjhim


  2. Very emotional. If you don’t mind, I want to ask that how do you write this such beutyfully? It’s like a highly appreciative literary work. Visual , audio imagery, & etc. Everything was there in this ff. Keep it up Rhim. Arra scenes brought tears in my heart. Not eyes. Thank you soo very much.

    1. Rhimjhim


  3. Rhimjim….I just say dz z the best episode f ua ff..Itz realy lovable dear….So adorable..I love the whole dailogues & the way of ua thinking..Just amaizinggg…Tulsi part was so awsm..I miss her in kd..Thankz alot dear…..Post the next part asap…???
    Aarra part was so fab..i need the scene lyk dz in real kd..Thankzz Rimjim..??

    1. Rhimjhim


  4. Ur imagination is amazing 10/10 for this post ASAP ?????

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  5. Awesome didi. You are my inspiration to writing. I have started ff called hamari adhuri kahani pld read that as well.

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  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! a reallyyyyyyyyyy Awwwwwwwwwsomeeeeeeeeeeeee,Fabbbbbbbbb,lovelyyyyyyyyy,Fantasssssssticcccccccc and Superbbbbbbb episode Rhimjhim ??❤️❤️?? I seriously don’t have words for this yaar and also veryyyyyyyyyyyy emotional ??? I almost cried ??……..love you and your ff and will always??……Fantasticcccccccccc going keep it up????????

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  7. Snehamjwinslet06

    100/100 episode
    keep it up

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  8. rhimjhim sorry to say this wht deal in ur writing yar in real story wht they are showing ur also doing that itself na so ur copying from original and doing little bittle changes that’s it the real ff is that in which u should write own not doing changes sorry tell like this but truth is truth pls don’t mind k if ur telling any new story means it will be good not the one which we already now their enemity and all k pls dont misunderstand me k

  9. Rhimjhim i love ur ff plz dnt delay in posting nxt episode of story i always eagerly waiting for the nxt episode.hope u understand me wat i mean to say…….

  10. Just love ur ff Rimjhim…..keep on entertaining us….

  11. i jst cmpleted reading ur ff from starting…i jst loved ittt…..keep gng onnn nd waiting for ur next part….

  12. Hi rimjhim usually I am a silent reader I read ur ff from starting u wrote 39 episodes till now and all are so nice, loved ur ff pls keep going and post ur next part asap ,loads of luv from me??

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