I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 36


Here comes the 36th part of the ff with a blast (hopefully:-D). So let’s get started.

Recap: Aryan and Aaroo at last decide to forget their fight for sometime. They listen to each others heart but cudnot understand it properly.

Aryan and Aaroo r still looking at each other. Suddenly Aryan’s phn rings. Their long silence breaks. Aaroo composes herself and leaves from there.
Aryan: hlo????
Man: stop looking at the girl and do ur work…. (Call ended)
Aryan: I have to do something… this cannot continue… aaba cannot do this… (he leaves too)
The rest were standing near the car and were waiting for Aryan. At last Aryan comes out.
Varun: bro where were u???
Aryan: I had a call… so needed to talk….
Varun: ok lets leave….
They all sit inside the car. Shivani and Varun go and sit in the bacl sit quickly. As Aaroo was going to join them either, Aryan broke in.
Aryan: ohhho… hlo… I am not a driver of urs…. If u want to go come and sit in the front seat or stay here…
Shivani : yes yes… Aaroo… plzz go and sit in the front seat… for me…. Plzzzz (Aaroo nods)… thanks….
She goes and sit in the front. She tries to wear the seat but the belt gets stuck. She pulls it but is unable to adjust it properly. Aryan sees this and goes near her. Aaroo moves back.
Aryan: only to help u…

Aryan pulls the belt carefully and locks it (do pal rooka khabo ka karwa…. Or phir chao duye tum kaha aaaa hum kaha…. From veer zaara). They share an eyelock. Shivani and Varun signal each other and giggle. Their giggle makes Aryan and Aaroo come back on earth.
Aryan: wht r u 2 laughing for….????
Varun: nothing:-D… lets leave…
Aryan: yeah… (he tries to start his car but it fails)… wht happened to my car now???
Varun: need any help bro????
Aryan: just go and push it frm the back….
Varun: ok… (he takes Shivani’s hand and pulls her out along with him)… come….
Aaroo remains seated while Aryan keeps trying. At the back romance was going on. There Shivani and Varun were giggling and having a gala time. Aryan saw them in the mirror.
Aryan: look at them???? I am here for them and they r romancing there….
Aaroo (trying to see wht was going at the back and smiles): all r not like u… khrooosh type…
Aryan: wht did u say??? Kharoosh????
Aaroo: yeah… kharoosh… kharoosh… kharoosh… kharoosh…. Wht will u do… I will call u a kharoosh a 1000 times…
Aryan: u???? (Aryan raises his hand to slap her. Aaroo closes her eyes. Aryan smiles, takes his hand and slowly puts Aaroo’s hair behind her ear. Aaroo opens her eyes and smiles)…. I luv u…
Aaroo: I luv u too…. But honestly I was really hurt when u insulted me that night at the party in ur home…
Aryan: I am sorry… but I do make up for that right????
Aaroo smiles as she remembers wht followed that night after Aryan left the house in a rage.
[FB shows] Aryan is driving his car and stops his car infront of Aaroo’s house. He gets out of the car and looks up at the room which belongs to Aaroo.
Aryan: I need to inform her… I can never hurt her… I had promised her that I will share everything with her…
He then climbs up the pipe and enters the room. There Aaroo was lying on the bed and crying. A tear falls from Aryan’s eye seeing his love in that condition for him. He slowly goes up to her.
Aryan: Aradhya…

Aaroo turns in shock. She jumps up and runs a corner of the bed and crouches.
Aaroo: wht do u want now??? R u still not over… Aryan Rao… or do u have anything lef to say after wht u have already told me and my aayi… leave frm…
Aryan: Aradhya… plzzz try to understand…. I was forced to do that…
Aaroo: just shut up… I will not hear anything… (she gets down frm the bed and starts pushing Aryan out of the room)… leave…
Aryan (loosening her and holding her tightly): I will not leave frm here until and unless I make it cler to u the reason behind my behavior….
Aaroo: ohh… now Aryan Rao has an excuse ready with him as well or wht… ur aaba has sent u to win my heart so that u can break it again… and so that he can again get the fun of seeing me breaking into pieces…. No Aryan… I will not let that happen……u just leave…
Aryan: Aradhya… listennn ….(he jerks her)… listen to me… just keep shut and listen to me for once… and if u feel that I am telling a lie then I will leave myself and will never ever show u my face… but plzzzz for God sake hear me once…
Aaroo: ok… I am sitting here and u begin ur drama… let me enjoy….

Aryan: this is not a drama… but a truth… a truth that u shud know… aaba is after ur life.. he gave me the condition that if I want to see u alive then I have to insult u and ur family.. u were at gun all the time… and I was losing my breath seeing u like that… u were unaware of this danger… I insulted u to keep u alive… I was helpless… aaba has appointed a man for this task.. he was there at the party as well…. He will be there everywhere we go… he will be like our shadow… Aradhya…. R u understanding wht am I trying to tell….????
Aaroo (shocked): so that was all a drama….??? U did not do it purposely….
Aryan: noooo… how can i…??? I luv u… I can not see u in pain… but I can neither see u dead… if anything happens to u I will die the very moment….
Aaroo gets up and hugs Aryan tightly and they both start crying.
Aryan: I luv u Aradhya…

Aaroo: I luv u too… I am so sorry… I suspected u.. how cud I think tht u can hurt to please ur aaba…. I was so wrong to think like that…
Aryan: I am sorry too… I shud not have told u and ur aayi that much…
Aaroo: It is ok Aryan… u did that to save my life…. I will always be grateful to u for that…
Aryan: ur life is mine… we will live together and will die together… and if death dares to come near u then he has to face me first and take me… (Aaroo puts her hand on his mouth)
Aaroo: sshhhh……plzz Aryan… promise me that u will never repeat these words again….
Aryan (takes her hand and holds it): I promise…. But…. We need to keep acting the way it was going on….
Aaroo: ok…

Aryan: where ever we will meet we will be followed and we cannot make any mistake… we will act like hating each other…
Aaroo: ok….
Aryan: I will go now… (he holds Aaroo face and kisses on her forehead)… bye…
Aaroo: bye…
Aryan goes by the window the same way he had entered. Aaroo lies down on the floor and falls asleep.
[Fb ends] Aryan: I was so releaved to tell u the entire truth…
Aaroo: ur behavior was a sigal that the man was around… and then ur apology…
Aryan: apology??? How do u know that I was apologizing….???

Aaroo: our hearts r connected Aryan… we can feel and hear each other’s hearts…. I heard u and u heard me…
Aryan (looking at the couples back): look at them…. (shouting)… ohho…hlo… lovebirds… r u having any intention to get married.????
Varuna and Shivani stop romancing and start pushing the car. Aaroo gets down and goes to help them. At last after a lot of effort the car started and they were on their way to Mahabaleshwar.

Precap: varun and shivani get married. Aaroo is shot by aaba’s man and Aryan gets mad at this. Will she survive the gravious injury???

Hope u guys liked it. Plzz do comment.

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