I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 35


Hey guys I am back thanks a lot for all ur comments. Here we go with the 35th part of my ff.

The secret behind Aryan’s strange behavior is revealed. Shivani and Varun have fall into a trouble.

Next morning:
Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo is getting ready as she is going to meet Shivani at the temple who has arrived at Krishnavati last night and was staying at Rama (the girl mentioned in one of the episode of this ff where Aaroo saves a girl from becoming a devdasi as Rama informs her on thenick of time)’s house as advised by Aaroo.
Aaroo: I have to find out a solution to Shivani’s problem…
Just then Tulsi comes in with a bunch of papers. Aaroo turns as she sees her reflection in the mirror.
Tulsi: r u going somwwhere???
Aaroo: yeah… abt wht r these??? More papers to sign or wht??? Sry aayi not now….
Tulsi: arey Aaroo listen….
Aaroo goes past her but does not stop to listen to her.

Aaroo comes there and finds Shivani sitting there. She goes near her and keeps her hand on her shoulder. Shivani looks up and gets up and hugs her crying softly.
Aaroo: everything will b alright… don’t worry…
Shivani: Aaroo… I am very worried if dad comes to know tht I am Varun r here he will come as well….
Aaroo: that’s y I asked u to stay at Rama’s house… ur dad knows that u have only one place to stay and that is my house… he will never know tht u can stay at someone’s else’s place as well….. Calm down… btw where is Varun… he was coming na….
Shivani: yeah… wait I will call her….
Just then a car comes and stops . Aaroo and Shivani loo at it and Aaroo frowns. There Aryan is seen coming out of the car and Varun is coming out from the other door. Shivani gets delighted and runs and hugs Varun. Aryan looks at Aaroo who turns her face to avoid looking at him. Aryan fights back the choke inhis throat. As he turns to lock the door, Aryan gets shocked. There the same man, his aaba’s man standing at a distance and was keeping an eye on them. Aryan’s phn rings.
Aryan: hlo…
Aaba: I hope now u have stood wht u have to do… do as I say and that girl will be alive…. Have a nice day…..
Aryan was all qiute all this while. He slowly disconnects the call and turns to find Aaroo gone from there.
Shivani: where did Aaroo go???
Varun: she was here only a while ago….
Aryan: r we going to search her for the entire day or do the work that we have to do????
Varun (shocked): bro wht’s wrong with u??? why r u talking in this matter??? Did u two have a fight???
Aaroo comes there just then holding a small basket of sweets.
Vaarun: there she is… where were u???
Aaroo: needed these sweets as I was feeling horrible seeing someone present here.
Shivani: Aaroo!!!! Wht is wrong with u two???
Aaroo: ask him??? It is not me…
Aryan: oh hlo… Miss Aradhya……ooppssss….how can I forget that u don’t know who is ur father…. Do u know??? I think ur aayi has not told u abt him… does she herself remember the name for ur father… or rather say fathers…..
Aryan: shouting will not change the truth that u r a ‘bin baap ki aulad‘(a child without a father)…
Aaroo throws the basket of sweetes on the streets and goes to slap Aryan hard but he holds her hand.
Aryan: I am not a public property that u will slap me where ever and whenever u wnt…
Aaroo: Aryan Rao… u better stay in ur limits….
Shivani: just stop u two… wht r u two up to… Aaroo… y r behaving as if u two hate each other…. We know that how much u two love….
Aaroo: love!!!??? Which love r u talking abt Shivani??? That was all fack…. That was to get a chance to insult me….

My family… that love was a chance to impress that cheap Pradyunman Vidyadhar Rao…
Aryan: Aradhya… dare u not call my aaba cheap…
Aaroo: so wht u wnt me to call him??? A devta… (god) or a rakshas….(devil)…
Varun: Aryan and Aradhya… guys we r here to solve our problem… but if u guys will fight like this then how will u help us…plzzzz for our sake forget ur fight for a day…
Aryan: varun… make a thing clear in ur brain… if this girl is going then I will nt go…
Aaroo: ooh lol wht do u think that I am willing to go with u… shivani… varun… I love u both… but if this man is going to help u then u can take his help… but plzzzz don’t expect any sort of help from my side…
Shivani: STOP!!!! I am fedup now…. Varun if u want to find any solution.. then do it urself… or else… accept wht is going to happen….
Varun: Shivani why r u telling like this… is it my fault…???
Shivani: yeah it is ur mistake…. Y cant u control ur friend….????
Varun: hlo… u r also unable to do the same…
Shivani: ok fine then… bye… (she leaves and so does Varun)
Aaroo and Aryan keep standing there shocked abt the scene that was played between Shivani and Varun.
Aaroo: they fought among themselves only becoz of u….
Aryan: acchha… as if u were standing still…. U were also fighting with me like cat and dog…
Aaroo: ok… fine… I am ready to forget our fight only and only for my friend….
Aryan: yeah and me too…. (he turns to see if the man was still there and finds him sitting at a tea stall)… I m going to call Varun…
Aaroo: and I to call Shivani… (They go in the opposite direction)

There shivani and Varun were watching Aryan and Aaroo from behind the pillar of a temple.
Shivani: I think the plan has worked…
Varun: u r so intelligent….
Shivani: I know…
Varun: that is y I luv u… (he goes to kiss Shivani)
Shivani: mooovvv… Aryan and Aaroo r comin… we have to resume our acting…
Varun: ok… queen Elizabeth… (Shivani smiles shyly)
Aaroo and Aryan come there and find Shivani and Varun sitting separately.
Aaroo: guys… we r sorry… we promise that we will not fight….
Shivani (showing thumbs up to Varun hiding it frm Aryan and Aaroo): r u guys sure…???
Aryan: yeah…we r very sure…
Varun: ok then… Shivani I am sorry for my behavior…
Shivani: it is ok…. And I am sorry too…
Varun: it is ok…
Aaroo: ok now u two come close and let’s discuss abt the plan….

Shivani and Varun get up and go and hug each other. Aryan and Aaroo smile. Aryan keeps smiles seeing Aaroo smiling.
Aryan (to himself): I am really sorry Aradhya… if it was not the matter of ur life then I wud have darec to go against aaba… but this time he has staked u… u r the wealthiest of all the relations that I have… I cannot afford to lose u… I am sory…plzzz forgive me…
Aaroo (to herself): y am I feeling as if Aryan is apologizing to me???? He is telling something in his heart… r our heart so much connected that I am able to hear him….
Aryan (to himself): I wish our herats r connected Aradhya… and u hear me apologizing to u… as I cannot tell it to u aloud….
Aaroo (to herself): Aryan… r u really apologizing or is it just the feeling that is making me think tht u r apologizing???
Aryan (to himself): I am really apologizing to u… there is no falsehood in my love… I love u Aradhya…. I love u… may be more than I love my own life…
Aaroo looks at Aryan shocked. Aryan too looks at her. They both now are sure. The connection was there only the communication was absent. Their hearts were conneted just the same way our technology is connected with the satellites. Only the signal is necessary and the work will be done. The satellite was there… but today the signal was sent and received. Aryan and Aaroo keep looking at each other trying to remember all tht they have told each other just a fraction of seconds ago.
Shivani: ok guys… now it is time to think abt the great escape….
Varun: yeah… it si time to get into action….
Aryan and Aaroo oblivious of all the things were still looking at each other. Shivani and Varun see this and slowly leave from there.

Precap: Varun and Shivani get married. Aaroo gets shot. Will she survive the gravious injury?????

Hope u guys liked this part. Plzzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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