I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 44


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Recap: Aara marriage… reaction of Rao family…

Aaba’s mansion:
Kumudini and Tulsi leave the house. Aryan holds Aradhya’s hand and sees her crying.
Aryan: aradhya….plzz don’t cry I know tht u r hurt but plzz don’t spoil this lovely moment crying like this…. Let bygones be bygones….atleast for me….plzz smile….
Aaroo smiles and wipes her tears. Just then Aryan picks her up in his arm and looks into her eyes.
Aaroo: ARYAN!!!wht r u doing???? Anyone will see… wht will they think???
Aryan: sshhshshhhh….. Aradhya Aryan Shashwat Vidyadhar Rao welcome to this house…
Aaroo smiles shyly and Aryan takes her like tht to their room. This was seen by Pavitra who was extremely angry. Just then Biswas comes with Aaroo’s belongings and hand them over to a servant.
Pavitra: tham… where r u taking these things…????
Servant: these r Aryan baba’s wife’s belongings….
Pavitra: throw them down….
Servant: but malkin…
Pavitra: wht u called me???
Servant: malkin…
Pavitra: then do as I say… or else u will be out along with these crap… Nakku…
Nakku comes there running and stands beside her.
Pavitra: go and get some kerosene and match box… today I will arrange the havan kund for tht girl’s marriage… she has desires to maary my son na… wait I will fulfill all her desires today….

Aryan’s room:
Aryan puts Aradhya on the bed and stands apart.
Aryan: so MRs. Aryan Rao… this is ur….. our room… how is it???
Aaroo: very beautiful….
Aryan: but not more than u…
Aaroo smiles.
Aryan: ok so u get fresh… till then I will go and check the temperature of this house….
He winks and leaves. Aaroo goes to the washroom. After sometime she comes out of the washroom and sees tht her belongings have still not arrived…
Aaroo: where is kaka???
She call him: kaka… where r my things…?????
Biswas: I have already given it to the servant in tht house….
Aaroo: then y is it not here in my room till now….
Just then she smells something burning and opens the door of the room and gets shocked to see smoke all round.
Aaroo: FIRE!!!!
She rushes out of the room and gets shocked to see Pavitra, Nakku and the other servants standing surrounding the fire…. She rushes down the stair and gets shocked when she sees tht it is her belonging tht r getting burned.
Pavitra: come…. We were wating for u only…. See wht an amzing havan kund I have made for u… for ur marriage… see…isn’t it amazing…????
Tears fall from Aaroo’s eyes…. She sees horrifingly when Pavitra turns over a whole jar of ghee in the fire…. The fire gets more valiant….
Pavitra: SWAHA……..
Aaroo (crying): aayii…
Pavitra (thunderously): don’t call me aayii…. I am not ur aayiii…. Is tht clear???? I will nevr accept u as my DIL…. Keep tht in mind….
She leaves from ther followed by the servants leaving Aaroo looking at the fire… she takes a jar and purs the water on the fire and puts it off… then she takes all the burnt items and throws them in the dustbin outside. Kumudini is the spectator to all these things and gets happy seeing the way Aaroo is being tortured by her own family members.

Precap: Pavitra throws utensils at Aaroo to wash them… a man comes ther just in time and saves her… Aaroo gets locked in the storeroom… Aryan misunderstands Aaroo…

Well I know tht the epi was too short… actually I m going to start with my exams and I have not getting enough time to write the episodes… plzzz support me and give me best wishes for this exam as I am sre to fail without them…. Plzzz do comment…. Bye for a month… love u guys….

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