I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 34


Hey guys thanks a lot for ur precious comments. Plzzz as I am not getting time to reply to ur comments,plzz never think that I am not reading them… I read all ur comments. So plzzz continue commenting and loving me just as u all r doing now. Now enough of bantering. Here is the 34th part of my ff.

Recap: Aryan insults Aaroo infront of the guests in the party and they part away.

It is raining heavily and Aaroo is seen running on the path to her home. She is crying vigorously, but her tears are getting mixed with the rain (judaaiiii… from badlapur plays).

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan runs upstairs to his room and locks himself. He opens his over coat and throws it on the floor. He starts throwing each and every item in the room… his perfume bottles… the showpieces infront of the TV… as he recalls how he insulted Aaroo… his Aaroo…in front of the guests at the party…. The words’ DANCE INFRONT OF ALL THE GUESTS’…. That he had told Aaroo a while ago… haunts him… he goes and starts punchng the bag…

Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo throws open the door and rushes up the stairs and goes to her. Kumudini comes out of the room hearing the noise. Tulsi comes running inside the house.
Tulsi: Aarooo….listen to me…plzzzz
Kumudini: deva re deva…tulsi… wht is the matter…????
Tulsi ignores her and goes upstairs and finds the room locked from inside. She knocks the door.
Tulsi: aradhya….plzzz open the door…. Aaroo….plzzzz beta…open it…plzzzz
Kumudini: ladoba…plzzzz.open the door… tulsi wht is the matter???? Y is she crying???
Tulsi: Aryan has insulted her today… he called her a devdasi’s daughter…. He broke her heart…
Kumudini was all silent. There was a strange happiness that was stricking her heart.
Kumudini (to herself): tu ahes… re deva… tu ahes…. Where I was thinking to break this girl’s heart there that Aryan has only done my work…. Deva re deva Krishna deva…..
Inside the room Aaroo was lying on the bed and was crying madly as she remembers how Aryan propsed her and then their lovely moments and then suddenly how he got totally changed and insulted her today.

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan is still punching the bag… blood is coming out from the wound which was bandaged by Aaroo. Outside Pavitra is knocking the door.
Pavitra: Aryan…open the door… Aryan… aaba sahib is calling u… Aryan…
Aryan stopped at once. He was breathing heavily. His entire body was sweating. He takes up his t- shirt wears it and opens the door. Pavitra gets shoked seeing his condition.
Pavitra (shocked): Aarrrryyyaaan…. Wht have u done to urself…
Aryan: aaba is calling aayi….
Pavitra: yes..but… (she notices the blood)… oh god Aryan blood is coming out… sit I will do ur bandage…
Aryan: I need to meet aaba….
Pavitra: yeah u will meet him…. But do ur….

Aryan leaves losing her grip and goes to meet aaba sahib.
Pavitra: he deva wht is happening in this house????
She too leaves.
In their Shashwat is sitting on the bed and recalls the event that evening. Pavitra comes in.
Shashwat: how can baba sahib do this??? This is wrong…
Pavitra: we cant say anything…
Shashwat: only becoz of Aradhya I had to keep shut…or else…..

Aryan enters aaba saheb’s room like a storm.
Aryan: I hope now u r happy…
Aaba sahib was sitting on his arm chair and there was a victotious smile on his face.
Aaba: yes… my sher… I am really very happy today… I have proved that u love ur aaba very much…
Aryan: no… I have proved that I love Aradhya more than I love any one…
Aaba: Aryan… u r young… u young people fall in love too easily….
Aryan: aaba plzzz…. I hope that I am not wanted any more after doing wht I was asked for…
Aaba smiles….
[Fb shows] As Aryan and Aaroo r hugging each other at the temple area, it is seen by aaba sahib. He gets very angry and returns home. After Aryan comes back home, he calls him into his room.
Aaba: I have something to show u Aryan come with me….
He takes him out along with him and goes to the market where Aaroo was buying vegetables. Then aaba sahib points to a man to show Aryan.

Aaba: there look at the man standing there….
The man was standing there with a gun in his hand and was pointing at Aaroo. Aryan was shocked.
Aryan: aaba… have u lost it…. Shw can die…
Aaba: I know… and if u want her to remain alive then do as I say… I know that she is coming in today’s party… insult her as much as I wud have insulted her… and for most of all ask her to dance in front of all…
Aryan: aaba…. This is wrong…. I cant…
Aaba: and … and… if u don’t do that then my man will be there at the party… this girl go there on her feet but will return on aarthi (doom)… now the choice is urs….
Aryan was standing there unable to think abt anything.
Aaba: so if u want her to stay alive then throw her out of ur life… insult her so much that she herself gets compelled to leave u and runs away…
Aryan turns around and leaves silently while aaba sahib stands and smiles evily.
[Fb ends] Aryan: u have proved today that u and aradhya’s aaji think the same way… u people can never think abt anything good abt anyone… not even by mistake…
He leaves from there. Aryan is seen rushing down the stairs and leaves the house. Nakku is seen calling out to him

Nakku: Aryan baba…listen….
Aryan ignores her and leaves. The rain has stopped by then. Aryan gets inside a car and leaves.
In their room Shashwat and Pavitra recalls the evening.
[Fb shows] When Shashwat was going to stop Aryan from insulting Aaroo, Pavitra stops hima dn signals him somewhere. Shashwat gets shocked seeing at the desired direction. There aaba sahib man was standing with a gun aimed at Aaroo, ready to shoot with a single order.
[Fb ends] Pavitra: I hate her family… but not her… she is of my Gayu’s age… I can never see someone losing her life… for no reason….
Shashwat: baba sahib does not know to which level he is taking this game of hatred… if this continues… we will lose our son…
Pavitra: plzz don’t tell like this…

Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo is seen lying on the floor asleep. Tulsi breaks open the window and gets inside slowly. She too starts crying seeing her daughter’s condition. Then she notices that Aaroo’s phn is vibrating and it is shivani who is calling. She takes the phn and goes out of the room opening the door.
Tulsi: hlo…
Shivani: Aarooo…
Tulsi: no I am her aayii… y wht happened??? Y r u so tensed Shivani???
Shivani: aunty can I talk to Aaroo….plzzzz
Tulsi: actually she is sleeping… wait I will call her….

Pond backward the temple:
Aryan is sitting on the steps of the temple when his phn rings. It is varun.
Aryan: hlo..
Varun: bro.. we need ur help…
Aryan: y wht happened???

There Aaroo is up and talking to Shivani.
Shivani: my parents have come to know abt me and Varun.. they r behind him to kill him…
Aaroo: but how…

Varun and Aryan:
Varun: I don’t know… all I know that they want to kill me and get Shivani married to someone else… I cant let that happen…
Aryan: ok first calm down… where r u two…

Aaroo and Shivani:
Shivani: I am on my way to Krishnavati… only this is the palve where I will be safe…
Aaroo: and Varun…
Shivani: he will come tomorrow… he is now at Pune in one of his friend’s house…

Varun and Aryan:
Aryan: ok… u come tomorrow and we will talk calmly…
Varun: ok bro…thanks…

Shivani and Aaroo:
Aaroo: there is nothing to say thanks… I am ur friend… so take care and come first…

Precap: Aryan and Aaroo face eash other. Aaroo still the target. Aryan her a ‘bin baap ki aulad’ (a child without a father).

Hope u all liked it. Plzzz do comment.

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