I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 31


Hey guys I am back. Here is the 31st part of my ff.

Recap: Jairaj’s entry.


Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi and Kumudini r having breakfast when Tulsi’s phone rings.
Tulsi: hlo….
Aaroo: aayi…. I came first…..
Tulsi: oh God…. I am so happy…
Kumudini: wht happened why r u jumping as if u have won a trophy….
Tulsi: aayi.. Aaroo came first in her college…
Kumudini [she makes a face]: good….
Tulsi: Aaroo… beta come back soon… we will celebrate together…
Aaroo: yes aayii… I and Aryaaaannn….. [she stops] Tulsi: u and who????
Aaroo: aaahhhh…. I meant to say… I will come soon…
Tulsi [smiles]: yeah… come as soon as possible….
Kumudini [smirks]: she will come here Tulsi… never…
Aaroo: ok aayiii… bye… love u….
Tulsi: love u too beta… [call ended] Tulsi goes towards the temple and lights a lamp: deva… thanks a lot… I am really happy that my daughter has got the happiness of her life…. I will always be gratefull to u….
Kumudini: ok… now get me some fruits… I need to go….
Tulsi: where u will go aayi….????
Kumudini: that is none of ur business…
Tulsi: it is my business… aayii… I am telling u I will not tolerate any sort of problem in my daughter’s life now on…..
Kumudini makes face and leaves. Tulsi turns to the Lord and folds her hands.

Aaroo and Jairaj r talking when Aryan and Varun come.
Aaroo: where were u Aryan??? U took so long to come back… ok leave all this…. Jairaj… meet Varun… Varun… this is my friend… Jairaj…
They both shake hands and smile.
Varun: ok now it is party time… after all our love birds ranked…
Aryan: ok… but the bigger part from Aradhya’s side…. Ok….
Aaroo: ok done….
Jairaj: no….
Aaroo [confused]: why??? Wht is wrong Jairaj???
Jairaj: no I meant to say that I will give the treat on behalf of u…
Aryan [curtly]: there is no need… I will give that….
Aaroo: no… I am gonna give my part…ok…
Aryan: ok…. [he holds her hand and taked her from there followed by Varun and Shivani] Jairaj: it is only the matter of time Aaroo…. And then u will be with me.. for ever and ever again… [he too leaves]

An isolated place:
Kumudini is talking to someone. Only the man’s back is seen.
Kumudini: I don’t want any mistake this time….
Man: ur work will be done… I promise there will be no mistake this time…
Kumudini: good…
The man’s face is revealed. He is Jairaj’s uncle, Ganesh Deshmukh. He is one of the brothers of Raja Keshav Pratap and is the brother-in-law of Kumudini. They both have joined hands along with his nephew, Jairaj to seek revenge from aaba sahib. However Ganesh’s daughter, Purva Deshmukh is a very good friend of Aryan and is against her father plotting against the Raos. So she is being sent away from there to lead her own life.
Ganesh: Kumudini ji… we have the common enemy Pradyuman Vidyadhar Rao…. We will seek the revenge at any cost…
Kumudini: but u must make sure that in this sequence nothing happens to Aryan and that girl Aradhya…
Ganesh: Kumudiniji… it is only u an me who know the truthof those two children… they cannot even thinkg in their worst nightmares that something like this can ever happen to their lives….
Kumudini: all I care abt is revenge and nothing else Ganesh… so ask Jairaj to take care of Aradhya…
Ganesh: ok… I will see u after the work is done…

The friends are having a grand party. Aryan and Aaroo cut the cake together and feed each other. Shivani and Varun too feed each other. Jairaj keeps looking at Aryan and Aaroo. Aaroo takes a piece and goes and feeds Jairaj. He smiles.
Aaroo: thanks a lot for coming Jairaj…
Jairaj: it is my pleasure….
Aryan: ok guys…. Now it is time for us to pack our bags and set off for our home…
Aaroo: yes… aayii has already called me thrice asking when am I returning…
Shivani: ok… i will go and start packing….
While they were talking among themselves, jairaj mixes something is Aaroo coldrink and busy in talking Aaroo drinks it, while Jairaj smiles.
Varun: I will help u in ur packing come…
Shivani: ok… [they leave] Aaroo: I will too go and do the packing….
Aryan: yeah… me too….
They both leave leaving Jairaj alone. He takes out the bottle which he has mixed in the drink. It is labelled as Zaleplon (a sleeping pill powdered). He smirks.

Aaroo goes to her room and starts packing when she starts filling dowrsy. She continues packing and at last unable to control herself, she falls on the bed and goes fast asleep. Jairaj is then seen entering the room slowly opening the door and he goes and sits beside Aaroo.

Aryan in his room completes packing his bag. He sits on the bed and decodes to call Aaroo. The phone keeps ringing but no one picks it.
Aryan: she is too busy too hear the phn ringing…. I will go yself and check on her…. [he leaves the room]

In Aaroo’s room, Jairaj completes Aaroo’s packing as she remains fast asleep. Jairaj takes all the necessary things from the cupboard and keeps them inside the bag. Then he goes and sits beside Aaroo.
Jairaj: from today no one will ever come between us Aradhya… u will remain mine for ever and ever…
He kisses Aaroo on her forehead and runs his fingers into her hair. He was abt to kiss Aaroo on her lips whe n suddenly the door opens wide. Jairaj gets startled. There Aryan was standing shocked. Jairaj stands up hurriedly. Aryan rushes into the room and holds jairaj by his shirt’s collar.
Aryan: u bl**dy hell…. Wht were u trying to do with Aradhya????
He throws him on the floor and starts beating him hard kicking him her and there. The noise made the whole floor assemble in the room and the girls start taking care of Aaroo who was lying there unconcious of the situation.
Jairaj: Aryan listen to me… I did…
Aryan: shut up…. I will not listen to anything…. If I had not come on the right time u wud have destroyed her life just the way ur brother destroyed my Aarti tai’s life.
Jairaj was shocked and numb. He has recognised him. Jairaj’s brother was Aryan’s eldest sister’s boyfriend about 15 years ago when Aryan was 6 years old. They had a very nice relationship. But no one knew that a devil was being hidden behind the face an innocent man. It so happened that Jairaj’s brother called Aarti for a dinner at a resort and there they got intimated. After somedays Aarti came to know that she is pregnant and informed her boyfriend abt it. However, the boy refused to accept the child and abandoned her. Soon the entire family came to know the truth and aaba sahib in anger denounced her. Unable to bear the insult, Aarti commited suicide.
The day when Aryan saw Jairaj first with Aaroo in the college he had recognised him that very day as they were friends before that incident 15 yrs ago. Aryan had never forgotten to seek revenge but had never tired to do it either.
Aryan: I know u and I knew ur brother too… u both have the same blood in u…
Warden: call the police right now… I don’t want to see this guy here a minute longer… any one call the attendant from the sick room….
Aryan throws Jairaj on the floor and hits him for the last time and runs Aaroo. He takes her head on his lap and sprinkles water on her face. Aaroo slowly regains her consciousness.
Aryan: Aaroo… r u all right….
Aaroo: wht had happened too me…
Aryan: nothing…
The police comes there just then and drags jairaj wot them.
Aaroo: y are they taking ajiraj like that… Aryan stop them…
Aryan: Aaroo… he tried to disrespect u… this is the only punishment that he shud receive…
Aaroo: disrespect me!!! I never knew that my friend can do this too…
Aryan: leave all this… get up and we will leave from here right now…
Aaroo nods and gets up slowly. She takes her bag and starts walking. She feels a littlw dizzy and is abt to fall when Aryan holds her [kyun ki tumhi toh ho meri zindaagi…. plays]. They share an eyelock. Then they continue to walk and reach the main gate. Aryan makes Aaroo sit on his jeep and goes to get his bag. After returning from there they leavr for Krishnavati.

Precap: Aryan and Aaroo’s plan get revealed which fails Kumudini’s latest plan. Aaroo shocks while Aryan rocks.

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