I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 14


Hey guys thanks a lot for ur coments. Here is part 14 for u all with a blast. So let’s start.

Boys hostel:
Rithvik’s room:
There is a knock at the door. As rithvik opens the door, Aryan rushes inside holding his collar.
Rithvik: wht the hell is happening??? Leave my collar… Aryan…
Aryan: I wud likely have hold ur neck rather than ur collar… but only for Aaroo….
Rithvik: wht…. Wht do u mean only for Aaroo??
Aaroo [coming from behind Aryan]: I will explain u…. rithvik… u feel that I am a fool…I will do as u will ask me to… but u r wrong… I knew from day 1 when u tried to instigate me against Aryan…
[FB shows] Rithvik coming and telling Aryan being with another girl. After Aaroo goes and finds Aryan with Poorva and getting angry. Then the very night Aaroo goes to meet Aryan in his hostek room in disguise of a boy an question him abt his relation with Aryan. This is when Aryan tells her abt what rithvik told him abt their relation… that Aaroo and Rithvik love each other. To this Aaroo gets shocked and tells Aryan abt the truth of their relation and that no more than friends. To this they come across the conclusion that Rithvik is trying to instigate them against each other by telling false things abt them. The next step then comes when they two join hands to reveal Rithvik and his real motive behind this. They decided toact to hate each other and to keep an eye on him. The morning when Aaroo was sitting alone as per their plan Aryan saw Rthvik noticing him and at that exact moment he tried to step in the class when he was pushed by Rithvik. Then after Aryan goes out with the excuse to meet Poorva, he actually was standing utsid ethe classroom listening to their conversaion where rithvik asks Aaroo to keep distance from Aryan. This was enough for them to realise that he was up to something fishy. Then they followed him to the corridor and heard him talking to himself where he mentions to take revenge from Aryan. But they failed to hear to him completely as they were called by the Principal to his office.
[FB ends] Rithvik was stunnd. He had no words to tell. He sits down on the bed and takes out the image of his sistr Zhanvi from his pocket.
Rithvik: Aaroo… u know her…
Aaroo [looking at the pic]: yeah this is Zhanvi… ur sis…. Why… what happened???
Rithvik: she is in mental asylum now…
Aaroo [shocked]: what??? How???
Rithvik [shouting]: for his grandfather….
Aryan [shocked]: for Aaba…???
Rithvik: yes…. For ur aaba… for him her life got ruined…
Aryan: but wht did he do????
Rithvik: he… he did wht no one can think of doing to anyone….
[FB shows] Zhanvi and another girl shared a room in the girl’s hostel. The girl was Gayetri, Aryan’s sister. While reading in the collage, Gayatri falls in love with a Christian boy named David. And Zhanvi used to help pass message between them. This was caught by Aaba Saheb and he got David beaten up by his men then he took Gayetri along with him. But before leaving he asks his men to lock Zhanvi in a coffin and burry her under the ground. As per his orders Aaba Saheb’s men kidnap Zhanvi and lockes her in a coffin. Then they burry her in under the ground. After finishing their job they inform Aaba Saheb and he calls and informs Rithvik’s family that they r going to miss their daughter very soon. Hering the news Rithvik’s father gets a heart attack and passes out before he cud be made to the hospital. Then after a lot of effort at last when Zhanvi was found from under the ground and rushed to the hospital, the doctor there informs them that she had lost her mental balance due to over nervouness .this news breaks Rithvik’s mom and she too passes out silently in her sleep a day after thus leaving Rithvik all alone in this big world where he was trying to take revenge for his sister, his parents and for everything that he has lost.
[FB ends] The entire room was silent except the sobbing sound of Rithvik’s voice. Tears were streaming from Aaroo’s eyes. Aryan was so shocked that he cud not express wht to do.
Aryan:Aaba… [he shied] Rithvik: I lost everything in a moment Aryan…
Aryan: I don’t know wht to tell u… I nevr thought to see my aaba like this… never….
Aaroo: Rithvik… I never knew tht u have faced all these in ur life… I am really sry Rithvik….plzzz forgive me….
Aryan: Rithvik… I promise u that ur sister will get justice…. I will give her justice…
Rithvik: thanks Aryan….
Aaroo: but how???
Aryan: I am Aaba’s most precious thing… he ca do anything I want him to do… anything…
Aaroo: so wht r u planning to do???
Aryan: just wait and watch… he has crossed all limits of cruelty… my sister cannot take breath freely in the house… till date I have not seeked for her justice… but today I will…. [he takes out his phn and calls Varun]…Varun… I am going to my house today… ok…
Varun: suddenly… wht haoppened???
Aryan: nothing….
Varun: ok… bye…
Aryan: bye… [call ends]… rithvik… u r going to come along….
Aaroo: and me??
Aryan [thinks]: if aaba sees Aaroo… he can do anything with her…. [aloud].. no u will stay here…
Aaroo: but why???
Aryan: to take down the notes…
Aaroo makes a pout on her face while Rithvik smiles.
Rithvik [hugging Aryan]: I m really sry for miss behaving with u…..
Aryan: it’s ok… get ready fast or we will get late…
Rithvik: yeah sure… [Aaroo and Aryan leave]

Outside the hostel:
Aaroo, Aryan and Poorva are standing together.
Poorva: I am vry happy that everything is sorted.
Aaroo: thanks to u….
[FB shows] After Aryan Poorva goes to Aaroo and tells her that there is nothing like that in their relation and asks Aaroo to have a talk with Aryan.
[FB ends] Aryan: thanks Poorva….
Poorva: ur welcm..
Aaroo: ok Aryan… all the vry best… “Vijaye Bhava”… [she laughs] Aryan [smiling]: Aaroo… u too…
Poorva: u both together… look so cute…
Aaroo: Poorva… there is nothing likethat…
Poorva: really!!???
Aryan: yes….
The four laugh loudly while Aryan and Aaroo keep looking at each other.

Hope u guys liked this prt too. Plzz keep commenting.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. Whattttttt a blast yaar Rhimjhim! I loveed loved loved this episode a lot…….lovely but please try to give a precap…..very nice keep going

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  2. It was AWESOME rhimjhim waiting for the next part update next soon

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  3. Seriously unexpected twist,our real kd cvs cn take sum tips from yu rimjhim, dey r really morons,it was awesome,i enjoyed it

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  4. arrey baaprey….pataka episode………..

    1. thank u sneha

  5. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much. . 😉

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