I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 29

Hii guys I am here with the 29th part of my ff. I have decided to give u a little episode today full with Aara romantic scenes. So plzzzz read and enjoy.

Recap: Tulsi and Shashwat come to know about the truth. Some people keep a watch on Aaroo’s whereabouts. Kumudini’s plan to see Aara sepersted fails.

Aaroo goes out of the canteen to see wht her instincts were trying to tell her. She searches here and there everywhere but fails to find anyone there whom she cud suspect. While she was busy in her detective work, Aryan was eagerly waiting for her at the table with Varun and Shivani.
Varun: Aryan…. tell her….
Aryan: wht???
Varun: that u love her madly…. See ur condition u cannot stay without her even for a few minutes….
Shivani: yes Aryan tell her abt ur feelings atleast before her aayi sends her to Bangalore….
Aryan: Bangalore???
Shivani: yes… her aayi has planned to send her to Bangalore to complete her studies…
Aryan: but she did not tell me abt this….???
Shivani: she herself doesnot know this…. Her aayi called me told me last night abt her decision to send her away from the two families to make her life secure…
Varun: now u must hold the reins in ur hands before u lose control over the situation…
Aryan gets to thinking. Then a sudden idea flashes his mind. Then again he gets thoughtful. Varun and Shivani were confused with the sudden changes in his expression.
Varun [unable to control his curiosity]: Aryan wht r u thinking so much???
Aryan: hmmm… aaah… I was thinking how to tell her my feelings…. Wht if she rejects??? Maybe she regards me only as a friend…a good friend…??
Shivani: no… she doesnot regard u as her friend… she always thinks abt u…. talks abt u… and u two r always together all the time… so… r these not enough to prove that she too loves u…..
Aryan: but she has not told me abt this….???
Shivani: girls never tell this type of feelings… it is the boys who have to propose them….
Varun: yes… Aryan… u must go ahead… we r there u guide u….
Shivani: yeah… he is very experienced Aryan…. [giggles]
Varun: wht??? wht is there to laugh so much… hhiiihihhihihi….
Aryan [smiles]: ok guys stop now… let me think something….

Aaroo is in her room studying when her phone beeps. There is a message. When she looks at the phone, she finds that the message is from Aryan.
“I look at u and see the rest of my life infront of my eyes… plzzzz come down… waiting for u at the hall”
Aaroo was confused by the message and the request to go down to the hall. She compiled to the request wuth the curiosity to find wht was there in Aryan’s mind.
Aaroo: wht has happened to this low IQ all of a sudden… Krishna wht is he upto….
She goes downt he stairs with these thoughts riding in her mind one after another. She enters the hall opening its glass gate. She saw it dark from outside but her eagerness made her enter the hall. There was no one in the hall. Not even a fly to distract her from her thoughts. The darkness seemed to gulf her up.
Aaroo: is anyone here??? Aryan…. R u here???? Aryaaaannnn…. Hlo… any one….
There was no answer. Suddenly a voice was heard. The lights starting glowing up slowly.
“I do not know why, I like u, [a shadow is seen coming from the back of a pillar]
I do not know why, I feel sad on the day when, [it slowly advances towards Aaroo]
I do not see ur face, I only know one thing that, [the face is reveled…. It is none other than Aryan… Aaroo keeps looking at him confused]
I do not bear any meaning with-out u. If!!!! [Aryan slowly comes and standes infront of her]
I know what love is, it is becoz of u… [he keeps looking into her eyes and slowly kneels down ]
I LOVE U ARADHYA…. [he takes out a ring from her pocket][tara…ra…. plays]
Aaroo was total numb. She was still looking at Aryan who waiting for her reply eagerly. She then turns her gaze to the entire setup that was put up for her…. And only for her…. There was candles and balloons and roses everywhere. The entire hall was dazzling with light of the candles.
Aaroo: Aryan wht r all these..???
Aryan: first tell me will u accept my proposal…. Is it a yes or no???
Aaroo: wht u want to hear???
Aryan: u know well wht I want to hear??? I want to hear ur heart… tell me wht ur heart says… don’t listen to ur mind…jst ur heart… only to ur heart Aradhya….
Aaroo: my heart is telling…..
Aryan: why did u stop????
Aaroo [she slowly takes her hand and moves it forward]: yes….. I love u too Aryan….
Aryan was overjoyed he slowly puts the ring on her finger and kisses it. Aaroo smiles. Then he stands up and gives Aaroo a tight hug.

Precap: the unknown faces to be revealed.

Hope u guys liked today’s part. plzzzz read and do comment.

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  1. Finally aara said ILU to each other and eagerly waiting for those unknown faces . Rhimjhim u r too good i am always waiting for your ff and post the next part ASAP

  2. Nyc…continue the ff..✌

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    Awesome didi . remember me?

    1. yeah of course dear u remember u…. thanks for the comment

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    OMG!!! wat an episode!!! <3

  5. Oooooohhh myyyyy god this is so amazing. Rhimjhim u killed it. U shld be the writer of kd. I just loved it. Keep on going. Waiting for the next part ?

  6. thanks to all of u for the praises luv u all guys u all r a bunch of friends whom I can never forget

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow ur ff is very nice and cute loved it a lot u write very well

  8. A mind blowing and fabbbbbbbbb episode Rhimjhim ??❤️❤️??…….thank god they expressed there feelings to each other ??…….sorry I didn’t commented on the last episode as I wasn’t okay ??…….hope you remember me……fantastic going keep it up ????????????

    1. yeah of course Aribah… how can i forget u…..thanks for commenting

  9. fantastic waiting 4 nxt

  10. Best part ever.. ???

  11. Love your ff very much

  12. Lovely episode plz update the next one soon

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