I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 28

Hello everyone… I hope that u all remember me and is angry with me for this late update. Actually I was having my tests so could not post. So here is the 28th part of my ff.

Recap: Aryan and Aaroo discuss about the plan. Kumudini plans about something evil.

Aaroo is walking here ans there at the corridor waiting for someone. A hand comes and hold her hand and as she turns her forehead collides with the person’s forehead at the back.
Aaroo: aayiiiigaaaa!!!!… Aryaaaaannn….
So the person is Aryan. He is also rubbing his forehead but is till holding her hand.
Aryan: soorrryyy…..
Aaroo [smiling slightly]: it is ok…. Ready…
Aryan [leaving her hand]: hmmm….
Aaroo: Aryan… nervous….
Aryan: who… me …. Nooo… u???
Aaroo: nooo… so let’s start….
Aryan nods and they take out their respective phones. Aaroo calls Tulsi while Aryan calls Shashwat.

Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi’s phone rings. She picks it up and sits on the bed to talk to Aaroo calm as requested by her.
Aaroo: r u seated aayi???
Tulsi: yes…. Baba…. Now tell wht it is???
Aaroo: aayi…. I am really sorry…
Tulsi: y… my child… wht have to done tht u need to say sorry…..??
Aaroo: I have lied to u….it was my plan….
Tulsi: that plan… Aaroo…
Aaroo: I never had a memory lose….

Aaba’s mansion:
Shashwat: wht????!!!!
He was on phone with Aryan. Aryan has just told him abt Aaroo acting of having a memory lose.
Aryan: yes baba.. this is true… she was acting…
Shashwat: but she wud have atleast informed us…
Aryan: she was afraid that her aaji might find out abt our plan….
Shashwat: at least she wud have told u Aryan…???
Aryan: baba…. She wanted to make sure that everything looks normal to all…. As normal as possible….
Shashwat: but….

Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo: but nothing aayi… I made this decision with a lot of difficulty… I was getting more hurted to see Aryan getting hurt… he was angry with me… but I had to do thid for the bebefit of these two families…
Tulsi: Aaroo… I knew abt ur early plans…. I wud have supported u in this too
Aaroo: but I wabted to keep this plan a secret…

Aaba’s mansion:
Shashwat: secret…. And wht abt ur feeings Aryan… she played with that too….
Aryan: no baba…. She was the saddest of all of us… she was hurt the most as she was the mastermind of this pan… I have full faith on her baba… and I think u too shud have that similar faith on her…
Shashwat: I have my son… ihave faith in both of u….

Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo: tyhankd aayi… for having faith on Aryan and me.. u and Shashwat uncle mean a lot to us in our this fight… if u two r there for us we will surely set everything as normal as possible….
Tulsi: God bless u and Aryan… let Krishna give strength to u and Aryan for this fight… I am always for u two…

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan: thanks baba…. U and Tulsi aunty r a great support to me and Aaroo…
Shashwat: u and Aaroo take care ok…
Aryan: yes baba…
Shashwat: bye….
Aryan: bye…..

Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi: bye my child….
Aaroo: bye aayi….

Both the calls ended. The two again assemble at the same place as before. Aaroo puts her hand forward for a hand shake. Aryan accepts the offer and they have a handshake.
Aaroo: now the next part of our plan….
Aryan: wht have u planned….???
Aaroo: let me see…. But first today’s tests….
Aryan: yeah… all the best…
Aaroo: same to u…
The corridor bell rings announcing the time for the students to assemble in the examination hall. Aryan and Aaroo take their equipments and eave for the hall. The clock strikes 10:30 and the paper begins.

Tulsi is buying some veggies in the market when she collides with a man and all the vegetables fall. She gets busy in picking her stuff while the person keeps standing.
Tulsi: can’t u see [without looking up at the person]
Man: I am really sorry… [he walks away]
Tulsi stands up and finds no one infront of her.
Tulsi: strange man… did not even help in composing the mess he created…. All r mad here… we were best at Pune… thank God that Aaroo is in Pune…. I will send her to Bangalore… I will take of their plan but I will never let her spoil her career for this things….
She leaves from there. The man comes out from behind a shop and lokks at Tulsi going.
Man: ohhh…. So she is planning to send Aradhya to Bangalore…. I will take her there… and will make sure that she never comes back….
Man [calls someone]: I am ready… just start counting backwards and ur problem is gone…

The exam ends and the studenrs leave the class. Aaroo and Aryan sit together at the canteen when Varun and Shivani join them.
Varun: hey bro whts up??? How r u Aradhya….
Aaroo: I am fine….
Varun: and ur memory….???
Aaroo: it is also fine….
Varun: take care of it orelse or Aryan will lose his…
They laugh while Aaroo looks at them confused. A pair of eyes are watching. Aryan slaps Varun slightly and pulls him to sit next to him while Aaroo pulls Shivani to sit next to her.
Aryan: so how was the test…???
Varun: fab… Jst fab… and ur???
Aryan: same here….
Shivani: wht abt u Aaroo???
Aaroo: good….
Shivani: good or fab….????
Aaroo: fab…..
Varun: wre know however hard we try but Aradhya will always be the first student….. right Aradhya…
Aaroo [smiling]: Varuuunnnn…. It is not like that….. [she feels someone was looking at her and she turns]
Aryan: wht happened??? waiting someone….
Aaroo: aahhhh….noooo… nothing u continue…
Aryan keeps looking at Aaroo with concern as she keeps looking for the pair of eyes that was busy dialing a number.
Voice: they r friends now… ur plan failed as always….
The other person was Lumudini on the phone.
Kumudini: how can this possible….??? My plan was perfect….
Voice: Now u see my plan…. [call ended]

Precap: The unknown faces to be revealed.

Hope u guys liked this part. plzzz do comment.

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  1. The episode was awesome and from now on plzz post regularly and how were ur exams rhimjhim?

    1. thanks ayushi for commenting… well my exams were good…

  2. Wow Rhimjhim that was fab..! Upload the next part asap…waiting for it! ?
    And I wanted to know if Aryan and Aradhya have said I Love You to each other as I read all the parts but didn’t find it so I wanted to know if I had missed it or they hv still not said that.

  3. Ofcourse angry with you for the late update. Bt thank you very much. Awsome epi. Good going

  4. Haai RimJim!!
    Woww..nyc FF?
    The precape z so intresting…i knw that u will b bc for ua own workzz..aftr finishing all..plzz update ua next part of FF dear..

  5. thanks to all… and Maleesha plzzz don’t be angry… luv u guys

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