I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 27


Hey guys thanks a lot for ur wonderful comments. I hope that I am not boring u guys. So here is the 27th part of my ff.

Recap: Aryan comes to know about Aaroo’s sudden plan.


Aaroo’s room:
Aaroo is sitting on her bed and thinking about the entire drama when her phone rings. It is Tulsi.
Aaroo: hlo aayi…
Tulsi: Aaroo… how r u mu child…???
Aaroo: I am ok aayi… u tell….
Tulsi: aaroo I want to tell u that… never doubt on Aryan it was his and baba’s plan to solve the problems between the two families….
Aaroo [interrupts]: aayi…. Can I call u back later…
Tulsi: ok beta…. Bye…. [call disconnected] Aaroo: how did she come to know about all these??? Who told her… Shashwat uncle…. Yes he is the only one who can tell her…. I need to talk to Aryan about this….
Then she suddenly remembers something and smiles. She gets up from her bed, goes to the cupboard, takes out a shirt and wears it ad puts a cap on her head covering her hair and looks like a boy. Then she sleathily leaves her room and goes to the boys’ hostel silently.

Aryan’s room:
Aryan is sleeping peacefully. The door of his room is not locked as Varun wants to come in the night to sleep with him. Aaroo slowly opens the door without making any sound, goes near him and finds him sleepily.
Aaroo [smiling and thinking]: low IQ looks sooo cute while sleeping….
She then remembers herself slapping him and then his demand for a kiss. She smiled and slowly goes near him and kisses on his cheek. She turns to leave when suddenly someone holds her hand stops her. Aaroo looks on tensedly. She did not turn back nor did she try to free her hand from the grip. She just stood still. Her heart was beating… rather say racing…. But her body was freezed. Freezed by his touch. The grip loosened. Aaroo withdrew her hand.
Aryan: ony one kiss… wht sin did my other cheek made that u did ot kissed that….
Aaroo [smiles shyly and turns]: Aryaaaannnn….
Aryan: Aaroo…. I want to tell u something…. Thaaaaaatttt….
Aaroo: before u tell me anything I want to tell u something….
Aryan [curious]: wht???
Aaroo: aayi knows about our plan….
Aryan: how??? I mean who told her???
Aaroo: may be ur baba…. Aryan u know y I kept this plan a secret from u even????
Aryan: y???
Aaroo: I know my aaji… very well…. She can understand from the gesture of a person whether he/she is acting for is really telling or doing the things…. It wud not have been too difficult for aaji to understand that it was our entire plan… I did my best acting… I thought to tell u once but retreatd…. The hatred in ur eyes for me wud surely make aaji believe that we hate each other… I did this entire drama to pick out the villains in this entire fight…
Aryan: and they r???
Aaroo: my aaji…. And….
Aryan: my aaba… right…. [Aaroo nods]… I know Aaroo… but we have to do this right….
Aaroo: I have decided that after the finals I will return to Krishnavati and will try my best to bring the two families together…
Aryan: and wht about me…. Y m I left behind… don’t forget that I am also there with u..
Aaroo [smiles]: I know… Aryan… and that’s y I trust u the most… now u just call and tell ur baba… about the entire drama…. And I will inform my aayi… let us see wht our team of four do…
Aryan: yeah… let’s do it…. [they give each other a high five and laugh].

Kumudini’s house:
Kumudini is in her room when her phone rings. There is someone unknown on the call. They share a secret with each other.
Kumudini: this is only none to u and me… right… I hope I can trust u… dp as I say… make sure they don’t come together ever… they both should hate each other….
Man: sure… u can trust me blindly… after all u know me from a long time…
Kumudini: take her as far as possible… she is my weapon… I will use her at the time of my need… but now she needs to stay away from my path… she can posses danger for me…
Man: the work will be done…
Kumudini: that’s good… her exams will finish in a month or two… take her away from here…okkkk…
Man: yes…. [call disconnected] Kumudini:Aradhya… u r y weapon… I can conqer the entire dinesty of that Praduman Vidyadhar Rao wit ur help…. [she smirks]

Precap: Tulsi and Shashwat come to know about the truth. Kumudini’s plan fails. Aryan to doubt on Aaroo.

Hope u guys liked ths part too.Plzzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  2. Wht you saying rhimnjim? Of course you’re not boaring us. As always , this epi was awsome. It toched my heart. Specially arra part. But you could have continued their romanace for some more time. The dialogues of that part is extremely appreciative. Wow. I’m still laughing. Plz update next part fast. & why will low iq doubt high iq? Really good going. Feeling like I ‘m watching 2 KDs

  3. So lovely and cute episode Rhimjhim??❤️❤️??……and this has also happened in the real krishnadasi that Aaradhya goes to Aryan’s room in the disguise of a boy but to find something?? here it is more good than that fabbbbbb……post the next part asap??……fantastic going keep it up????????????

  4. Rhimjhim u r not boring us this was a cute but short episode and the precap is making me more eager to read the next part so post it asap and i am asking my question again bcoz u didn’t replied last time where r u from??

    1. sorry Ayushi there was no connection that day… well i am from Kolkata… btw thanks for commenting and i will try to write the next part asap… as there r my exam that’s why i am getting late but i will try to write it soon

      1. Oh ok Rhimjhim I understand and All the best for your exams

      2. Asmitha

        Pls write asap.

  5. snehamjwinslet06

    who is going to take aru away????……………….nice one

  6. I feel ur fan friction seems better than the serial… good job keep writing ???

  7. Wow..nyc ff… Am a new reader for ua ff..but am sry.. i dont get the starting..?but y’l reading itz awsm..?

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