I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 26

Heys guys thanks a lot for the comments. Here is the 26th part of my ff.

Recap: Shashwat tells Tulsi about the secret and their plan to get the families together again. Aaroo falls ill; Aryan takes her to the hospital.


Aryan rushes in the hospital with Aaroo lying on the stretcher. He calls the doctor aloud.
Aryan: doctor just have a look… she has lost consciousness….
Doc: plzzz wait outside till I check on her…
The stretcher goes inside the cabin while Aryan stays back outside tensed. The every passing minute seems to be a year. Soon Shivani and Varun reach there.
Varun: Aryan… [he goes and hug him].. everything will be ok…
Aryan: I am fool to doubt on her…. She met with an accident and suffered a memory loss and I thought that she fooled me in her words…
Shivani: Aryan… now forget the past and focus on the fact that how we r going to get her memory back…
Aryan: I need to think…. [just then the nurse comes out]… aahhh… how is Aradhya…
Nurse: patient is alright…. Hope she will regain her senses in a span of time…
Aryan: thank u….
Varun: bro… now start thinking how to face her… as she hates u now…
Shivani: but.. y????
Aryan: long story…. I will tell u both when I will get the time… but now I need to go and see her…
The doctor comes out and collides with Aryan.
Aryan: oh…. I am really sorry…
Doc: oh that’s ok… u can meet the patient she has come to her senses…
Aryan: thank u doctor thanks a lot….
Doc: mention not that is my duty…. [he leaves]
Aryan goes inside the cabin and sees Aaroo lying on the bed and staring at the wall. Aryan slowly moves near her and at last reaches the bedside.
Aaroo [noticing Aryan]: u… here??? wht r u doing here??? leave…
Aryan: Aradhya listen to me….
Aaroo: I said leave….

Aryan: Aradhya calm down….
Aaroo: so will not leave like this ahhh… [she gets up from the bed and stands on her feet and pushes Aryan back]… I said just leave….
But inspite of all these Aryan stays put and keeps standing like a concrete wall. Aaroo looks at him with surprise and then suddenly launches a tight slap on his face. But Aryan still keeps standing out there. Aaroo gets angry and holds his shirt’s collar
Aaroo: no shame aaaa …. Still have the courage to stand before me….
Aryan: Aaroo…
Aaroo: Aradhya… that is Aradhya for u Aryan Shashwat Vidyadhar Rao…. U r no more my friend…
Aryan: Aaroo… u r misunderstanding me…. U don’t remember the full thing….
Aaroo: yes I agree that I have forgotten things but I have not forgotten that u insulted me…
Aryan [loses his temper at last]: that was a part of our plan dammit…. U don’t remember the main part only….
Aaroo: plan..???? Which plan????
Aryan: if u plzzz sit quietly for some time then I can tell u everything clearly…. Will u plzzz sit???
Aaroo calms down and sits quietly on the bed and Aryan starts the entire story from the very beginning. After the story ends there was a strange expression on Aaroo’s face. Aryan was looking at her blankly. There was total silence for a minute or two then at last the silence was broken by a loud laughter. The room echoed with the laughter of Aaroo. Aryan keeps looking at her with a surprise look.
Aryan: Aradhya… y r u laughing like this???? Have u gone mad…??? shud I call a doctor….???
Aaroo [controlling her laughter]: Aryan u r such a low IQ….
Aryan [confused]: wht??? I can’t understand…
Aaroo: ok fine then let me make u understand…. And the story begins from here….
Then Aaroo starts telling the entire incident. The true incident.

[Fb shows]
Aaroo is in the market place when a truck comes into the market and strikes with Aaroo causing her accident. After the accident when Aaroo was taken to the hospital she regained her senses and was perfectly alright with no memory loss. Then an idea struckes her. She calls the doctor before he leaves to tell her aayi and aaji about her condition.
Aaroo: u have to do me a favour…
Doc: wht it is???
Aaroo: go and tell my family members that I ave suffered a memory loss….
Doc: but y??? u r absolutrly perfect…
Aaroo: oh… stop asking question and do as I say….
The doctor leaves and tells the same to Tulsi and Kumudini. Inside Aaroo was in a dilemma whether to tell Aryan about the sudden plan or not.
Aaroo: no… he will do overacting… I need to carry out the entire thing…. Sorry Aryan but u have this I know that u will hate me after this…. Sorry….
Then the entire scene of Kumudini provoking Aaroo comes in the drama sequence. After Kumudini leaves to bring the police Aaroo keeps thinking.
Aaroo: I knew aaji will surely take the advantage of this situation… so she is villain no. 1…. I need to find the rest as well… oh God… Aryan sorry I cannot tell u now…. Plzz forgive me….
At last Aryan goes to jail then they come back to Pune, Aaroo gets harassed by the boys when Aryan save her. Aaroo returns to her room.
Aaroo: I know Aryan that I r angry with me I will tell everything to u when time comes….
That evening Aaroo comes to the vegetable stall and finds Aryan. Then Rithvik too goes there and Aaroo finishes the rest of the part of her acting by giving a hint to Aryan. Next when she is in her room Aaroo realizes that Aryan is gonna break the door she acts to fall unconscious. And the rest part of the acting.
[Fb ends]

Aryan was numb and was searching for words.
Aaroo: Aryannnn…. Sorry….
Aryan: wht do u mean by sorry??? For ur stupid plan I had to stay in the jail..
Aaroo: Aryan calm down…
Aryan: moreover u slapped me so hard….
Aaroo: ok baba… sorry….
Aryan: sorry won’t work for the slap….
Aaroo: then wht u want….
Aryan: may be a kiss can heal the pain…
Aaroo [shocked]: wht??? Have u gone mad…. On way… go out from here….
Aryan: ok bye…. [he gets up and leaves angrily]

Precap: Aaroo goes to Aryan’s room in disguise of a boy and kiss him on his cheek when he was sleeping.

Hope u guys liked this part. Plzz do comment.

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  5. Fantastic episode rhimjhim actually i also wanted to know where do you live ?? I am from Delhi

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  7. Woww…so cute…n the end was soo funny and romantic… Wow Aryan kiss?… Nice??

  8. Very nice……i was really imagining them while i am reading……

  9. Oh wow. Mind blowing rhimnjim.. so lovely. I loved the last part & precap. It would be nice if this part come again in the serial. Keep it up

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