I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 25

Thanks a lot everyone for commenting. Here is the 25th part of my ff.

Recap: Aryan and Aaroo confront each other. Aryan saves Aaroo from humiliation. The truth behind Aaroo launching complaint against him dawns on Aryan.


Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi is arranging Aaroo’s room properly when there is a knock at the main door. She goes to open it and finds Shashwat standing there.
Tulsi [angrily]: now wht do u want here??? Again came to give some donation or wht????
Shashwat: no… I jst wanted to know if all of u devdasis r just the same…. U… ur aayi… even ur daughter Aradhya….
Tulsi: excuse me… wht do u mean???
Shashwat: famous in acting… actual I and my son r big fools to trust u people…. I trusted u and u betrayed me and got Saras married to a boy by driving her away from home…. And ur daughter…. My son trusted her and told her about our plan and she…
Tulsi: wait a second…. Take some breath and let me understand… first of all plzz come inside….
Shashwat: no… I will never enter a house where the devdasis live…
Tulsi: ok then keep standing outside and let the entire Krishnavati know that Shashwat Rao came to our house.
Shashwat: ok… I’m coming in…. [Tulsi turns to go in]
They sit infront of each other. Tulsi gets to thinking.
Tulsi: u tol that Aryan told her about a plan… what plan…???
Shashwat: u need not know… the fact is ur daughter betrayed him…
Tulsi: how??? At least tell me what Aaroo did that u feel that she had betrayed ur son….
Shashwat: Tulsi… do u too feel that Aryan tried to kill Aaroo???/
Tulsi: no… never…. I can never believe that a boy like Aryan who used to care for Aaroo so much in the college can change in a few moments only due to the fact that Aaroo belongs to a devdasi family… he can never ever think in his dreams to kill her…
Shashwat: then y did she launch a complaint against him….??
Tulsi: I don’t know even I cannot understand….may be…
Shashwat: Aaroo knew that she will get to know about the biggest truth of her life if she cames to Krishnavati… I told Aryan to give her a himt about wht she was going to face here…. we made a plan… a plan to solve the long lasting problem between the two families..
Tulsi: wht???? Plan to solve the problems… u made the plan…
Shashwat: u don’t know Tulsi how hard it is to act that I hate ur family…. I never felt any sort of hatred for this family… rather I was happy that u got happiness to my sisters life… if she had got married that day to some other guy then she wud have had to lead a terrible life… but u saved her that fay… andi can never hate u for wht u did….
Tulsi: I did nothing… practically nothing… rather I asked her to tell the matter to her family.. but she chose running away with Michael over her family…. But wht is the connection… stop playing with words and make it clear to me…
Shashwat: ok then listen… when Aryan saw u and told me about Aaroo and her aayi… I sent hima pic of urs and he agreed the pic to e urs… then we made a plan to bring the truth out to Aaroo…. She was asked to ask as many questions as she can and record it…
Tulsi: ooo that’s y that day she was going on asking me questions and she recorded it….
Shashwat: yes… then Aryan got a call from Rithvik informing hima bout Zhanvi’s death…. They went to Mumbai together…. They even came back together… but then the next day Aaroo met with an accident and blamed Aryan for it….
Tulsi: it is becoz she doesnot remember anything….
Shashwat [shocked]: wht??? Wht do u mean by doesnot remember anything…????
Tulsi: yes… due to the accident Aaroo has suffered a minor memory lose… she only remembers the fact that she came somewhere but had forgotten the name of the place… and then Aryan insulted her… then she related her accident with Aryan’s fake hatred and drew a conclusion of her own convenience…
Shashwat: oh God… I was so wrong to think that a girl like Aradhya can ever betray us… I need to tell Aryan this… otherwise he will continue to misunderstand her amd the hatred between them will increase…
Tulsi: yes… and that is the reason y she cannot understand wht u were trying to make her understand…
Shashwat: how did u know that I was trying to make her understand something….
Tulsi: I saw u her cabin from outside….
[FB shows]
Tulsi sees Shashwat begging infront of Aaroo and Aaroo facing the other way.
Tulsi: wht is he doing here??? wht is he telling my daughter…. May be to take back the complaint… I shud talk to her and tell her to take back the complaint…
[Fb ends]
Shashwat: but she did not take…
Tulsi: I failed… my aayi had done a fantastic brainwash of her and she refused to hear anything…
Shashwat: ok… now it is our work to place the things together properly before it gets too late….
Tulsi: right… u talk to Aryan I will try u make Aaroo understand…. [Shashwat nods and leaves]… deva Krishna solve all the problems one by one like this….

Aryan goes running up to Aaroo’s room and knocks at the door. Inside Aaroo was crying vigorously as she was unable to remember anything.
Aaroo: y I don’t remember anything… deva Krishna help me to remember….
Aryan [outside knocking]: Aaroo open the door…. Open it…. Aaroo….
Aaroo slowly sits on the floor and keeps crying. Suddenly she feels a severe pain in her head and slowly loses her senses. By that time outside all the girls of the floor even the warden had assembled there.
Warden: wht r u doing here in the girls’ hostel….??Don’t u know the punishment for entering into girls’ hostel….??
Aryan: I know ma’am … first ask Aaroo.. I mean Aradhya to open the door… she had locked herself from inside…
Warden: yes she can after all it is her room… y will she keep it open… for u???
Aryan: no ma’am… the fact is she was very upset…
Warden: y???
Aryan: I don’t habve time to explain these things to u…
Shivani [interrupted]: Aryan Aaroo is not picking up my call… I think u shud break the door…
Warden: wht do u mean by break the… wait I will call her… [Atryan moves away and the warden knocks the door].. Aradhya open the door.. it’s me… open it….
Aryan: she is not answering even… move I will break the door…
The warden moves and Aryan breaks the door and gets inside. They get shocked to find Aaroo lying unconscious on the floor. Aryan runs to her and kneels down and takes her head on his lap.
Aryan: Aaroo… open ur eyes… Aaroo
Tears well up in his eyes. The love that was getting fade regained a new colour. The colour of true, unconditional love. Suddenly his phone rings. It is Shashwat.
Aryan: hlo.. baba…
Shashwat: Aryan.. we made a mistake… Aaroo…
Aryan: I know baba… she has suffered from a memory lose… but now..
Shashwat: now wht Aryan???
Aryan: she has fallen unconscious… maybe she was trying hard to remember everything… I am disconnecting the call I need to take her to the hospital…. [call ends]… Shivani call the ambulance… we will take her to the hospital…
Warden: no need for hospital… take her to the sick room…
Aryan: no ma’am… u r not understanding she has fallen unconscious as she was trying hard to remember those instances that she has forgotten… Shivani call the ambulance dammit….
Shivani [nervously]: yes… yes… calling… [she gets busy calling the ambulance]
Aryan [jerks Aaroo]: Aaroo wake up… Aaroo….

Precap: Aaroo slaps Aryan but he keeps shut. This shocks Aaroo and she holds him by him shirt’s collar.

Hope u guys r liking mu ff. Plzzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim


  1. Aribah

    Fantasticcccccccc episode Rhimjhim ????❤️❤️……day by day your ff is turning more interesting ??☺️☺️??…….I’m also unable to understand the precap???……..fabbbbb going keep it up????????????

  2. vavachi

    Super yaar interesting…and congratulations to complete 25th episode pls update next part soon

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