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I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 24


Hey friends thanks a lot for ur precious comments. Here is the 24th part of my ff. Plzzz read and do comment.

Recap: Aaroo and Aryan return back to Pune and resume their classes with their hatred at action towards each other.



Aaroo and Shivani are gossiping when suddenly their topic of discussion changes and shifts to her and Aryan.
Shivani: so… how was ur time with Aryan at Krishnavati…
Aaroo [irked]: don’t u have anyother topic to discuss…
Shivani: Aaroo wht’s wrong with u???
Aaroo: cut the crap… don’t take his name before me… I just hate him… [she leaves]
Shivani: wht happened to her all of a sudden… I need to talk to Aryan…

Other side Aryan and Varun were talking abt their next assignment.
Varun: u r so lucky Aryan…
Aryan: wht’s there being lucky???
Varun: if u will ask Aaroo to complete ur assignment she will do it for u….
Aryan: just stp taking her name…
Varun: Aryan… wht happened??? Is anything wrong???
Aryan: everything is wrong our friendship…. Me sharing my problems with her… everything was a mistake… a big mistake… and I will rectify it one by one…. [he leaves]
Varun: wht has happened that he changed so much????

Varun and Shivani bump into each outside the class.
I need to talk to u…. they both say it together.
Shivani: wht??
Varun: u tell first…
Shivani: Aaroo… she is changed… now she is telling she hates Aryan…
Varun: same scene here… Aryan says that he made a mistake by making Aaroo his friend…
Shivani: wht?? how did this happen???
Varun: god knows wht happened between them at Krishnavati…. They hate each other like two wild cats…
Shivani: I think we shud find… [Varun nods]

There is an announcement about an extra economics class. Varun and Shivani look at each other a nod. Aryan and Aaroo bump into each other while they both tried to enter the class first.
Aryan: blind or wht… move….
Aaroo: stop ordering… if u r so interested to order… then go back to ur village and order the servants at ur home… not me… is the clear Aryan Rao…
Aryan (pushes Aaroo and enters the class): tape recordor…. Non-stop nonsense…
Aaroo: idiot… no manners at all… cheapo… [she too enters the class and sits with Shivani]
The class starts and finishes as always with a lot of new topics for Aaroo to read and understand. The teacher leaves the room. Aaroo hurriedly gathers her belongings and rushes to the door. But as she goes to leave the class in a hurry… the back of her salwar tears in the nail that was protruding out from the side of the door, thus exposing half of her back from the torn portion. Aaroo realizes the situation and stands still against the door. The entire class leaves. She keeps standing there. Tears start rolling down her eyes. She has never felt so embarrassed before. Not even when Aryan was insulting her for being the daughter of a devdasi.
Aaroo: deva… wht I will do now??? Shivani… Where did she go… oh deva save me today plzzzz….
Aryan sees her in that situation from outside the class. He slowly goes near her, opens his jacket an offers it to her [tara ra… plays]. Aaroo slowly forwards her hand to take it from him. As she was about to take it, Aryan withdraws his hand and wears the jacket and leaves. Aaroo stands aghast.
Aaroo: so cheap… he need to show his hatred even in this situation… heartless person… no wonder… he wanted to kill me… deva will never forgive for ur this conduct… devil…
Aaroo reaches her hand in her bag and takes out her dupatta and covers her back with it. But it does not get covered properly as it was of net and the torn was somewhat visible… enough for the ill-mannered boys of the college to pass vulgar comments.
Aaroo gets out from the class slowly walks through the corridor. The boys at the corridor see her torn salwar and start passing comments.
Boy1: only a little more and the view wud have been perfect…..
Boy2: oh God she is so s**y and too hot to handle…
Aaroo tried hard not to pay heed to these cheap comments. Suddenly a boy holds her hand from the back. Aaroo turns. It is the same who passed the first comment.
Aaroo: wht r u doing??? Leave my hand…
Boy1: not feeling like leaving they r so soft to touch th….
Before he could finish someone hit he hard on his face, making him fall on the ground. Aaroo moves back in shock and the person comes and stands before her. It is none other than Aryan.
Aryan: now felt like leaving her hand… nor need another tight hit to realize wht I mean to say…
The boy gets up and leaves. Aryan turns to find Aaroo standing there.
Aaroo: wht u think that I will say thanks to u??? wht do u think of urself… I can take care myself… stop acting to help me… if u really wanted to help me then u wud have given me ur jacket there only… then now don’t try to show ur helpfulness by beating those boys….
Aryan: oh hlo… u talk a lot… I am not here as ur savior… it is wrong to behave like this in the college premises and that is why I stopped them… nevr stay in this wrong influence that I did this for u… never…
Aaroo: I am least interested to take ur help…
Aryan: u will never get it also…
Aaroo: I will not seek for it only… then how will u give it….
Aryan: I will never come to help u on my own…
Aaroo: that situation will nevr arise…
Aryan: we will see….
Aaroo: yeah… we will…
Aryan: and if u ever fall into any trouble never pray for me to save u…
Aaroo: I will rather chose to embrace death than to take help from u…
Aryan: fine…. [they part out]

The entire conversation was followed by Shivani and Varun.
Shivani: the situation is very crucial…. We need to find out wht actually is the reason for their conflict…
Varun: yes… then only we can find any solid solution… [Shivani nods].


Aaroo goes out of her hostel to buy some fruits. Aryan was also there in the opposite but they miss to see each other. Aaroo gets busy buying fruits when Rithvik comes to the stall.
Aaroo: hii Rithvik… how r u???
Rithvik: I am fine wht abt u???
Aaroo: I am fine…
Rithvik: thanks yaar….
Aaroo: for wht??? [Meanwhile Aryan has already them conversing with each other and ws hearing intently to their conversation]
Rithvik: for coming on Zhanvi’d last rites….
Aaroo was total confused. This incident was nowhere in her memory anymore. She does not remember going to Mumbai with Aryan and attendimg Zhanvi’s last rites.
Aaroo: wht???? Zhanvi’s last rites…
Rithvik [confused]: yes… y r u reacting in such a way… u and Aryan came together…
Aaroo: me and Aryan… but when…
Aryan too was confused like Rithvik with Aaroo’s strange questions.
Rithvik: Aaroo… wht has happened to u??? is everything alright??? Y r u asking these questions…
Aaroo: just answer me… when did this happen???
Rithvik: four days ago… y???
Aaroo: four days ago… means a day before my accident… but I don’t remember anything… how is that possible….
Rithvik: wht r u talking about Aaroo… u had an accident… when??? [by now Aryan was standing just behind Aaroo. He was unable to hold back his curiosity any longer.]
Aaroo: tell me wht I did there???
Rithvik: u went there with Aryan… u attended her last rites and left the place by evening for Krishnavati…
Aaroo [confused]: but I don’t remember anything….
Aryan was taken aback. The things slowly began to fall into their proper places for him. Aaroo’s refusing to accept about the fact of any planning, her hating her for the insult… everything was now slowly clear to him.
Rithvik: wht u don’t remember Aaroo…??? Tell me…
Aaroo [excited and frustrated]: aayi lied to me… I have forgotten many things… this accident …… [she starts running to her hostel]
Rithvik: Aaroo… listen to me….
Aryan: Rithvik….
Rithvik [he turns and sees Aryan]: Aryan… wht is she talking abt???
Aryan: evn I can’t understand… I will talk to her… [Rithvik nods and leaves]… I am such a fool to misunderstand her… she remembers only me insulting her… and that is the reason that she was hating me so much… but i… I am really low IQ… u r right Aaroo… I am a low IQ…. I made such a big mistake…. [he runs behind Aaroo]

Precap: Aryan and the rest of the girls in the floor of Aaroo’s room keep knocking the door asking Aaroo to open it. At last when Aryan breaks the door and gets in he finds Aaroo lying unconscious on the floor. He goes and sits beside her and takes her head on his lap and pleads her to get up.

Hope y guys r liking my ff. I just hope that I am not making u bore. Just comment on my ff. I request even the silent readers to comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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