I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 21


Hey guys I am back with the 21st part of my ff. plzzz read and do comment.

Recap: Aaroo comes to know about her being belonging from a devdasi family. She gets to know about the past of the two families. It turns out to be Aryan and Aaroo’s plan to know the past of the two families and to remove all the differences. They leave for Mumbai to attend Zhanvi’ last rites.


Aryan and Aaroo reach Mumbai and goes straight to Rithvik’s house. The neighbours had gathered there. Aryan and Aaroo go inside the house and find Rithvik sitting beside Zhanvi’s body and crying. Aaroo goes and hugs him. Aryan consoles him
Rithvik: there is no need to seek revenge now Aryan… everything is over… I wanted my sis to see the world again… but she had left it…. [he continues crying] Aryan: no Rithvik we cannot leave hope now…. We r no the way to give justice to all…. Tell ur sis… tai got her happiness… she has got married to David…. This was our first victory… I promise u… aaba will seek for forgiveness before ur sister’s photo with folded hands…. Plzzz don’t lose hope….
Aaroo: yes Rithvik… for us at least…

Rithvik nods. The neighbours say it was time to do the last rites of Zhanvi. They take her body for cremation. After they return Rithvik sits quietly in his room and remembers his days with Zhanvi. Aaroo and Aryan come inside.
Aryan: Rithvik we have to leave now…
Rithvik: have a safe journey….
Aaroo: u take care… and buy… [Aaroo and Aryan hug Rithvik one by one and leave].

Aryan and Aaroo stop at a dhaba to have some snacks when Aaroo finds a girl sitting in the table next to her and is getting fed by her father. Tears well up in her eyes.
Aryan [noticing her tears]: Aaroo… r u ok???
Aaroo: y I don’t have a baba Aryan… I have craved for his love all my life…
Aryan: becoz u have a aayi who is no less than ur baba… [Aaroo smiles] Aaroo: let’s leave… [Aryan nods and they leave]

They arrive at Krishnavati. Aryan drops Aaroo near her house and keeps looking at her till she enters her house safely. Then he smiles and leaves the place.
Next morning:
Aaroo goes to the market to buy some veggies. She gets a call from Aryan.
Aaroo: hlo… Aryan…
Aryan: wht r u doing???
Aaroo: marketing….
Aryan: why???

Aaroo: to cook food…
Aryan: oooo u r buying vegetables…
Aaroo: yes.. Mr. Aryan Rao… ok buy I will call u later…
Aryan: ok…
The call ends and Aaroo again gets engrossed in buying the stuff. She gets so busy that she does not realize that a truck was moving towards her from behind. She continues walking while the truck moves towards her without blowing any horn. As it goes nearer and nearer, the people in the market shout at Aaroo to move. Ut before she could react to it, the truck comes and sits her with full speed. Aaroo flies in the air and falls back on the ground and ina fraction of second she was lying in a pool of blood. The people in the market rush her to the hospital and one calls Tulsi using her phone.

Tulsi: hlo….Aaroo…
Man: no… come to the hospital fast… ur daughter has met with an accident…. [call ends] The phone drops from Tulsi’s hand. She rushes out of the house. Kumudini finds her rushing and stops her.
Kumudini: where r u hurrying Tulsi???
Tulsi [crying]: Aayi… Aaroo has met with an accident….
Kumudini: wht???
Tulsi: yes.. I am going to the hospital….
Kumudini: I will also accompany u….
They leave for the hospital.

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan is studying in his room when he looks at his phone.
Aryan: y is Aaroo not calling till now… may be she forgot…. Let me call her…
He calls Aaroo but the phone keeps ringing as the phone is with the hospital stuff. They switches off the phone.
Aryan: y did she switch it off???
Aryan feels a little uneasy but continues to study. Shashwat enters his room.
Aryan: baba… come sit….
Shashwat: u had a talk with Aaroo about ur next plan…
Aryan: no… baba… I will talk to her later…
Shashwat: ok… u study…. [he gets up and leaves]

Tulsi ia walking here and there outside the operation theatre as Aaroo gets operated inside. Kumudini keeps praying to God for Aaroo’s fast recovery. The doctor comes out. Tulsi runs to her.
Tulsi: how is my daughter???
Doc: she is fine now… but????
Tulsi: but wht?? tell why did u stop….
Kumudini: is my ladobaaa ok… doctor….
Doc: yes she is…

Tulsi: then what is the hitch????

Precap: Kumudini arrives at aaba sahib’s house with inspector Damini. Damini tells Aryan is arrested on the accuse of trying to murder Aradhya Tulsi and to show it as a road accident. Aryan and Shashwat look on tensed. Shashwat asks her to verify from Aaroo. Damini tells that Aaroo herself has given statement against Aryan and they have to arrest him. All look on tensed while Kumudini smirks.

Hope u guys liked this part. Plzzzzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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