I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 20 continued

Hey guys this is the continuation of part 20. Plzzz read and do comment.


As Aaroo leaves from the house a tear drops from Aryan’s eyes and he manages to hide it.
Shashwat: Aryan… how can u insult such an old lady???
Aryan: baba…plzzzz …. And aaba… plzzz don’t think tht I hate them that means I support u for wht u didi to Aaroo that day…
Pavitra: Aryan listen to me…
Aryan: aayi…plzzzz… tai… can u know the reason why u took this step…
Gayetri: for my love… when u will be in love… u will also get the courage to go against ur family….
Aryan looks at Gayetri getting numb at her reply. She was right. Aryan turns to David na dslaps him hard.
David [shocked]: wht??
Aryan: this is a slap in advance so that before hurting my tai ever u remember it and retreat from doing it… ok…. [David smiles and they hud each other].
Gayetri: Aryan…. [she goes and hugs Aryan]
Aaba: I don’t agree this marriage… he belongs to a different religion…
Aryan: aaba… now no one believes in this sort of things… so it is better that u come out of ur old fashioned mind set….
Aaba sahib unwillingly nods. Pavitra goes and hugs Gayetri.

Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo goes running up to her room and continues crying as she remembers about how Aryan behaved with her. Tulsi comes there and they hug each other.
Tulsi: Aaroo…
Aaroo: we r devdasis aayi….. why did u not tell me from the beginning…. Why…
Tulsi: coz I wanted u to stay away from this…. Aaroo…
Aaroo: aayi… that Aryan Rao…. Insulted us….
Tulsi [confused]: which Aryan Rao???
Aaroo: the boy who was my friend in the college…. Insulted me in front of all….not only me but aaji as well…. And wht r u doing here at Krishnavati… u told u r going somewhere away from Pune…. Aayi….
Tulsi: calm down Aaroo…. I know that u r confused… and I am here to clear all ur confusion…

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan is sitting in his room and is thinking about his behavior with Aaroo. He picks up his phone and keeps it down. Shashwat enters the room.
Aryan: baba….
Shashwat: Aryan… r u sure this will work…
Aryan: I think so… now it depends on Aaroo…
Shashwat: today u have hurt her a lot Aryan…
Aryan: I know but that was needed…. She shud know the truth….
Shashwat: let’s see… if u need any help then I am always there… ok…. [Aryan nods]
Aryan: baba… I am sorry….
Shashwat: why???
Aryan: nothing…. [Aryan’s phn rings] hello….[the phone drops from his hand the speaker gets on]
It is Rithvik on the other side crying.
Rithvik: she is no more Aryan…. I lost her… forever….. [he continues crying]
Aryan keeps sitting there still. Shashwat places his hand on his shoulder.
Shashwat: Aryan….
Aryan: I lost the fight baba… I lost it…
Shashwat: wht happened Aryan????
Aryan: Zhanvi is no more…..
Shashwat [shocked]: wht????
Aryan: she was given wrong medicine by the doctor there and she passed out in her sleep…
Shashwat: oh God!!!!
Aryan: I need to inform this to Aaroo… [he calls Aaroo but her number is coming switched off]… I am leaving baba…
Shashwat: where????
Aryan: aradhya’s house and then to Mumbai with her….
Shashwat: ok….
Aryan leaves.

Kumudini’s house:
Aaroo is sitting beside Tulsi who had by then finished telling her about the history of two families. Aaroo: aayi…
Tulsi: Aaroo… there was mistake from both the families…. They lost their women and we our respect… both can never be regained properly….
Aaroo: aayi.. I need to rest…
Tulsi: ok…
As Tulsi leaves Aaroo takes out the recording from behind the vase on the table near the bed and played it. The entire conversation was recorded in it. She switched her phone on. There were 5 missed calls from Aryan. She called him back.
Aryan: Aaroo…
Aaroo: I am sry I did this so that aayi does not get any idea about our plan….
Aryan: Aaroo…. Zhanvi is no more…
Aaroo: wht????!!!!
Aryan: be ready I am almost there.. I will pick u and leave from there for Mumbai….
Aaroo: u don’t come here… u wait near the temple… I am reaching there in a moment….
Aryan: ok….

Aaroo goes there and finds Aryan there. They get in the jeep and leave for Mumbai.
Aaroo: who told u about Zhanvi…???
Aryan: Rithvik called me… may be he tried u but ur phn was switched off and that’s y had informed me….
Aaroo: how this happened???
Aryan: carelessness of the doctors there… a wrong drug and a life lost….
Aaroo: Aryan…. [giving the recorder]… u were right….
Aryan: thanks to my baba…. It was his idea…
[FB shows]
After rescuing Aaroo from Srikant and gang, Aryan calls Shashwat and talks to him about Aaroo when he tells him about her Tulsi. Shashwat gets a little hint and sends Tulsi’s pic to Aryan to confirm if it was the same woman. When Aryan agreed, Shashwat told him about the past of the two families and how he was forced to punish Tulsi though he was unwilling to and how till today he had to act to hate them so that their family can stay happily. Shashwat tells Aryan that Aaroo is the daughter of a devdasi. Aryan gets shocked. Shashwat also tells that may be she does not know abt her truth and that she shud.
Then Aryan while taking Aaroo to Krishnavati tells her r that she might come to know something there and that she need to ask all the question’s answers from her aayi and record it.
[FB ends]
Aaroo: Aryan… today I was very upset for a moment… today I have no identity of my own….
Aryan: Aaroo…. Plzzz don’t get upset… we r the new generation…. If we will be under the impression of these stupid things then how will we make our country progress….
Aaroo [smiling]:thanks Aryan….
Aryan: now play the tap….
The recodor spoke exactly wht Aryan knew. He was sure that Shashwat and Tulsi were the only one who really wanted to end this rivalry. He looks at Aaroo and they both smile [tara…ra…plays].

Precap: Aaroo meets with an accident. Kumudini gets Aryan arrested in the blame of Aaroo’s accident.

Hope u guys liked it. Plzzzz do comment.

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    1. tanu Zhanvi is Rithvik’s sister and she is the mental asylam for aaba saheb as he got her buried underground alive and due to that incident she lost her mental stability

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