I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 17


Hey guys thanks for ur support. Here is the 17th part of my ff. Plzzz njoy reading it.

Recap: Aryan returns from Krishnavati but ignores Aradhya which makes her angry. Tulsi decides to give a surprise meet to Aaroo. Aaba sahib decides to get Gayetri married off. Later in the evening Aryan enters Aaroo’s hostel room from the window and she gets afraid and screams and calls the entire girls hostel into her room but finds it to be Aryan and later they share a sweet moment together.


Aryan and Aaroo are sitting in the roomand having chips.
Aaroo: Aryan u shud leave now….
Aryan: y??? r u having any problem….
Aaroo: no… I have to read I have my final assessment tomorrow…
Aryan: ok… then bye…
Aaroo: bye…
Aryan [turning back before leaving from the window again]: Aaroo…
Aaroo [looking up from the packet and sucking her finger to get the last spicy test of the chips]: hmmm…
Aryan: all the best and gud night…
Aaroo: thank u…
Aryan gets down from the window and decends with the help of the pipe and runs to his own room before anyone sees. After entering his room he gets shocked to see Varun sitting on the bed and waiting for him.
Varun: where were u???
Aryan: I….aaaaa…. went for evening walk…
Varun [his right eyebrow going up]: really… evening walk or… aaroo walk…
Aryan [shyly]: yaaar… leave I need to study…
Varun: I have come for that only…. Let’s start now…
Aryan: ok then which part…
Varun: romance….
Aryan: varun u…. [and he starts beating him playful and they laugh their heart out]

Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi is getting ready to leave to meet Aaroo. Biswas is standing outside with the car and waiting for tulsi to come. Just then Pavitra and Nakku passes by their house.
Pavitra: namaskar kaka….
Biswas [turns and bows]: namaskar…
Pavitra: at last leaving krishnavti…
Biswas: no… tulsi is going to Pune… she has some work…
He has been stricktly forbidden by Tulsi to teel anyone tht she is going to meet her daughter as no one knows there that she has a daughter.
Nakku: sunbai… let’s leave… we r getting late…
Pavitra: ok… [they leave] As they leave Biswas makes a face them which is noticed by Tulsi who is by that time at the door.
Tulsi: kaka… no…
Biswas: ok… sry… let’s leave…
Tulsi: yes… [they sit inside the car and leave]

Aaba’s house:
Gayetri is crying in her room when someone enters the room from her window. She looks at the person and gets shocked. She stands up with a startle and immediately locks the door of her room to prevent someone from seeing the person in her room.
Gayetri [turning back to the person]: wht r u doing here???? Go… if they see u they will kill u this time and I will not be able ti save u…
Person: I am dead to hear that u r getting married to someone else…
Gayetri: I have no choice… azuba has decided this… no one can change his decision…. Plzzz go David….
So the person is david Fernandez, gayetri’s lover in her college who got beaten up by aaba saheb’s men.
David: no I won’t…. I have come here to take u and I will take u with me…
Gayetri: David… plzz don’t behave like a fool…..
Just then there is a tap on the door. The person on the other side of the door was Shashwat.
Shashwat: Gayu… open the door… y did u lock it… open it…
Gayetri: baba… David… leave right now…
She pushes from the win dow again and he slides down the pillar and runs away. Gayetri composes hersef and opens the door.
Shashwat: why u closed the door???
Gayetri: baba… I was changing…
Shashwat: ok…. I got so tensed…that’s why I came up…. I know beta that u r not at all happy with this marriage… I promise u that I will try my level best to stop this marriage….
Gayetri hugs Shashwat and cries. A tear also trickles from his eyes to see the tears in the eyes of the apple of his eyes.

Tulsi’s car stops at the gate and Tulsi gets down from the car and walks towards the girl’s hostel. She goes to the co-ordinator and asks about Aaroo.
Co-ordinator: yes… she is in her room… she will for her exams in an hour… wait I will call her…
Tulsi: thank u… [and she goes and sits on the sofa placed at the side for the purpose] The co-ordinator goes up and knocks the door. No one opened it. She knocked it again. Still there was no reply. She slammed the door hard and it opens. There was no one in the room. The entire room was displaced. The co-ordinator gets tensed and knocks each and evry room to find if Aaroo was there in one of them. But to no avail. Aaroo was nowhere. She rushes down the stairs and grabbs the phone in hurry and dials a number. Tulsi looks on at her worried face. She understands that something was not right.
Tulsi [getting up from the sofa]: whts the matter??? Where is Aradhya???
Co-ordinator: plzz ma’am wait… I need to contact the main building….. [someone pickes the phone from the other end]… hello… yes has Aradhya Tulsi reported at the main building….
Other person: wait let me check…. [after checking]… no ma’am not yet
Co-ordinator: wht!!! No… call the warden and the Principal and inform them that Aradhya Tulsi IS MISSING…
Tulsi looks at the lady shockingly. The lady keeps the phone and looks at her.
Tulsi: where is my daughter??? I send her at ur responsibility… where is she???
Co-ordinator: plzzz ma’am… calm down… we are trying our best….
Tulsi breaks down.

Shivani runs into the class which breaks Aryan and Varun’s conversation.
Varun: hey… y r u running Shivani…???? Y r u so tensed???? Wht happened???
Shivani: Aryan….
Aryan [looks at her tensed]: yes…
Shivani: Aaroo is missing…
Aryan [shocked]: what!!!!!

Precap: Aryan panics as he does not find Aaroo anywhere. Tulsi cries her heart out at the lose of her daughter. Just then her phone rings.

Hope u guys liked this part. Plzzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  4. lol.. still now i was not reading this FF thinking i could not catch it and i can’t understand from the middle… you know thats why i hate TU.. this is the only site where i have to find the chapters of same series… other sites are much better in terms of continuity.

    now coming to FF .. i thought i can’t understand it from middle as i missed previous chapters but no i could understand it… its more of a episode than a chapter.. its like watching episode rather than Reading a book with huge vocabulary.. its feel like episode between Aara’s friendship and aru’s coming in Krishnavati… lol i don’t read ff much here so i realise now that you all follow a different style of writing here. well at least different than mine. your style is like written dram rather than stories.. it was refreshing to read. …. it was nice ? i love the bromance of varun and Aryan most.

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