I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 19


Hey guys I am here again with the 19th part of my ff. thanks again for ur support and sorry as this episode will be a little short. Plzzzz enjoy and do comment.

Recap: Aaroo gets kidnapped by Srikant but get saved by Aryan and Srikant and his friend get arrested.

Aaba’s mansion:
The house is getting cleaned as groom’s family is coming to see Gayetri. Nakku is seen running from here and there administrating other servants. Shashwat is sitting sadly at the dining table looking at the arrangements been made and clenching his fist harder for not able to stop this alliance. Pavitra comes there.
Pavitra: why r u sitting here like this??? Ur daughter’s in-laws r coming to see her…
Shashwat [not looking at her]:u go and rejoice… I am in no mood… [he gets up and leaves] Pavitra: wht happened to him now???
Nakku: sunbai….just have a look if everything is perfect…
Pavitra: u look I need to see if Gayu is ready…. [Nakku nods and leaves] She goes to Gayetri’s room and finds it closed from inside. She knocks the door.
Pavitra: Gayu… open the door… r u ready????
There was no reply. Pavitra gets tensed and knocks again and again. But still there was no reply. She runs down the stairs and goes to Shashwat.
Shashwat: wht happened now???
Pavitra: gayu is not opening the door…..!!!!
Shashwat: wht???!!!!
They rush towards Gayetri’s room and starts knocking it hard.
Shashwat: Gayu… open the door… see it’s baba… open it…..
At last the door opens and they find Gayetri fully dressed as bride.
Pavitra [shocked]: Gayu…. Y were u not opening the door… and y r u dressed as a bride??? It is not ur wedding today….
Gayu keeps quite. Shashwat and Pavitra looks at her tensedly.

Aaroo is sitting her room with Tulsi and eating the ‘puran puli’ brought by her.
Aaroo: aayi how is aaji???
Tulsi: yeah… she is alright….
Aaroo: and u??? how r u???
Tulsi [smiling]: how am I looking to u???
Aaroo: gorgeous….
They laugh together and Aaroo places her head on Tulsi’s lap while Tulsi places her hand on Aaroo’s head and runs her finger into her hair.
Tulsi: aaroo… r u ok here???
Aaroo: yes aayi….
Tulsi: and that boy????
Aaroo: which boy aayi???
Tulsi: tht boy Aryan… u like him…
Aaroo [looks at the wall infront of her while a smile manages to place itself aroung her lips]: no aayi… he is just a friend…
Tulsi: just a friend or a very good friend…
Aaroo [sitting up]: aayi… plzzzz….
Tulsi: ok baba… ok…. Now Aaroo I ned to leave… ok…
Aaroo: ok aayi… I will come to drop u…
Tulsi: no need…
Aaroo: aayi…
Tulsi: ok… come… [Aaroo hugs her tightly]… I will missu Aaroo… give ur exams well… ok…
Aaroo: ok.. aayi…. I will miss u too…
They leave from the room. They go downstairs. There Biswas was waiting for Tulsi. Aaroo goes and hugs him who hugs her back. Tulsi gets in to the car and leaves waving to Aaroo. She turns to leave when she finds Varun coming running to her.
Aaroo: wht happened Varun???
Varun [panting]: Aaroo… Aryan is very ill…
Aaroo [concered]: why??? wht happened to him???
Varun: don’t know….
Aaroo and Varun go to Aryan’s room and find him lying on the bed. Aaroo goes and sits beside him and finds that he is having high fever.
Aaroo: varun… go and call the urse from the medical room… [Varun nods and leaves]… and now how this happened…???
Aryan [looking at her]: I took bath late last night an caught it…. Sryy…
Aaroo: good… very good… let the nurse come… [just then the nurse enters] Nurse: yes… wht’s it???
Aaroo: he is having high fever…
Nurse: ok…let me check…
The nurse checks Aryan. Gives him some meds and leaves.
Varun: I am going to my room… bye…
Aryan: bye…
Aaroo: don’t worry I am here….
Aryan [murmurs]: I know ….
Aaroo: what???
Aryan: nothing…. [And acts getting a cough while Aaroo gets concerned abt him] Aaroo: stop talking and take rest…. Drink water….
Aryan drinks water and lies down back. He keeps on looking at Aaroo while she gets herself busy with a book [tara… ra…plays]

Precap: Truth to get revealed. Aryan and Aaroo’s life to change forever. Someone to loose his/her life. Who is the person who will lose his/her life???

Hope u guys liked this part too. Plzzz comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. Palvasha khan

    What now some one is gonna die is it from aryan or aradhya

    1. no… need not have to worry… it is not from the main characters…

  2. Episode was awesome but short pls keep the next episode longer and the precap is making me sad?

    1. thanks ayushi

  3. Fab episode Rhimjhim ❤️❤️❤️??????……..but who is gonna die is he/she will be from Aaradhya or Aryan then I will also die????????please don’t do this and their lives are also gonna change…….very sad???……eagerly waiting for the next episode????……fantastic going keep it up??????????????????

    1. hey thanks a lot Aribah

  4. pls dont kill the main characters………great going

    1. plzz have patience

  5. i gonna kill someone.. all in killing spree.. i like it.. aryan is a nautankibaaz here as well… well why gayu dressed like bright .. is she married to David?!

    1. let’s see Tanu… and thanks for commenting

  6. OMG!!can i get d spoilers for dis!!!?? 😉

  7. aan this is an ff… well the next part is coming soon

  8. Awesome episode. ..precap is very shocking. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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