I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 18


Hey guys thanks for ur comments. Here is the 18th part of the ff. Plzzenjoy and plzzz do comment.

Recap: Tulsi comes to meet Aaroo but finds her missing. David goes to meet Gayetri.


Aryan goes out of the class running followed by Varun and Shivani. They come to the girls’ hostel campus and Shivani finds Tulsi sitting on the sofa and crying. She goes upto her and sits beside her and consoles her.Tulsi breaks down. Aryan sees her in this state and turns to look at Varun.
Aryan: who is she???
Varun: she is Aradhya’s aayi…..
Aryan [feels bad for her and goes to her and takes her hand]: aunty plzzz don’t cry… we will find Aaroo…. [he gets up and goes back to Varun]… I m going to search for Aaroo….
Varun: I will also come….
Aryan: ok… Let’s go…. [They leave]

Aryan and Varun go to each and every person on the road and ask if they had seen Aaroo by showing them he r pic in their phone. Aryan goes on calling Aaroo, but her phone keeps on ringing. Aryan gets tensedand starts panicking. Then at the end he calls Rithvik.
Rithvik: hello… yeah Aryan… tell…
Aryan: Riyhvik…. Aaroo is missing….
Rithvik: wht???? From when???
Aryan: since morning…. Her aayi has come to meet her back when the co-ordinator went to call her from her room… she found her room in total mess and Aaroo was not in the room….
Rithvik: have u called her…
Aryan: a thousand times… but she is not picking her phone…..
Rithvik: wait I am coming… where r u right now….???
Aryan: almost near the railway station….
Rithvik: ok… u stay there I am coming….
Aryan: yes…. [he ends the call and turns to Varun]… u go back to the campus…
Varun: why???? No I will not leave u…
Aryan: plzzz Varun understand…. U go there… if u get any information regarding Aaroo u can right away inform me…
Varun [unwillingly]: ok… take care… bye…
Aryan: bye…. [he takes his phone and again calls Aaroo]… Aaroo pick up the phn…. Plzzz….

A Godown:
Aaroo is seen tied up with a chair and a figure is seen sitting infront of her. The face of the person cannot be seen due to darkness but the voice told that his is a man.
Voice: all r finding u in places they know u can go… they will never search u in the godown just behind …
Aaroo: u r such an evil… u r taking revenge for that slap in this way…. U r a devil Srikant…
So the person is Srikant, a student of the college. Aaroo had once slapped her in front of the entire canteen for misbehaving with a girl sitting in the corner and since that day he holds a personal grudge for her.
Srikant: yes… I m ….. wht will u do… u can’t even imagine wht I can do with u….
Aaroo: Srikant… stay in ur limits… orelse I will shout…
Srikant: shout as much as u want… but no one will hear u…. no one will come for ur rescue….
He gets up from his chair and leaves the place.

Rithvik reaches the place where Aryan was waiting for him.
Rithvik: have u heard from Aaroo
Aryan: no… let’s go to see if she has gone back to the main building…. I asked Varun to call but he has not called yet… may be he does not know anything about her…
Rithvik: ok let me call her once…. [he calls her but Aaroo’s phone in seen lying on the table just beside the chair where she had been tied]… no reply… let’s go back….
They leave the place. Aaroo is seen crying as she sees 50 missed calls from Aryan and 10 from Rithvik.
Aaroo: Aryan plzzz save me…. Plzzzzz… [she continues crying]

Tulsi is crying at the lose of her daughter. Just then her phone rings. It is Kumudini.
Tulsi [controlling her emotions]: hello aayi…
Kumudini: Tulsi have u reached there… how is Aaroo… give her th4e phone I will talk to her….
Tulsi: Aayi she has gone to give her exam… ok I will call u later….
Kumudini: ok… [cal ended] Tulsi continues crying. Varun reaches ther and finds the police there. They were trying to locate Aaroo but cud not till now. Rithvik reaches there.
Tulsi: Rithvik…..
Rithvik: kaki… plzzz don’t cry we will find Aaroo..
Varun: where is Aryan????
Rithvik: he has gone to see the main building once….
Varun: ok… I will see the nearby roof again…. [he leaves
Shivani [consoling Tulsi]: kaki… plzzz calm down… see everyone is finding her… we will get her….
Tulsi: my child… how this happened…. Who can do this….???
Rithvik: exactly…. She never goes anywhere without informing… moreover today is her test… and as far as I know her… she never skips her tests….
Shivani: I don’t know Rithvik…

The passage just beside the godown:
Aryan is standing there after searching the entire campus thrice. As he was about to leave he hides as he sees someone coming out of the passage. It is Srikant with an evil smile on his face.
Aryan: wht is he doing over here?????? Is Aaroo kidnapped by him and kept here???? I need to find out….
As soon as Srikant leaves, Aryan goes to the godown and pulls open the door. As the light enters the godown lights up and is empty. He goes inside and starts searching for Aaroo. Aaroo in the meantime has heard the sound and smiles as she knows that it is Aryan.
Aaroo: Aryan…..
Aryan [turns as he hears her voice]: Aaroo… where r u???
Aaroo: in the room….
Aryan enters the room and finds Aaroo tied up with the chair. He runs to her and hugs her tightly…. [kyun ki tum hi to ho…. plays]. He then breaks the hug and frees her and ,akes her stand and hugs her again.
Aryan: r u ok..???
Aaroo [nodding]: yes…. That Srikant…
Aryan: yes I know… I saw him leaving and that is how I came here…. Come let’s leave…
Aryan hold her hand and was about to leave when they find Srikant and his friends standing infront of them. Aryan extends his hand and pushes Aaroo to his back and gets ready to fight.
Aryan: Srikant…. U have crossed ur limits…..
Srikant: Aryan leave from here peaceful without Aradhya and u will be saved
Aryan: let’s see who gets the beating….
Aaroo: Aryan… plzzzz… take care….carefully…
Aryan: don’t worry Aaroo…
And the fight begins. One by one all of Srikant’s friends lie down. Aaroo gets the chance and calls Varun.
Varun: yes Aryan….
Aaroo: Aaroo…
Varun: Aaroo… where r u???
Aaroo: at the godown backside… bring the principal… Srikant and his friends are fighting with Aryan… come fast….
Varun: ok…. [he runs down the stair] Varun reaches the ground floor and informs them about Aaroo’s whereabouts and they along with the police go there.

Aryan and Srikant are having a hand to hand fight . Aaroo finds a bamboo near her hand. She picks it up and hits with it on Srikant’s head. Srikant holds his head and falls unconscious. Aaroo throws the bamboo and hugs Aryan who hugs her back [ tere liye hum hain jiye…. From Veer Zara plays]. A tear rolls down from Aaroo’s eyes. Just then the police and the rest enter. Tulsi runs up to Aaroo and hugs her.
Aaroo: aayi… wht r u doing here???
Shivani: kaki came to meet u… but u were missing….
Tulsi: r u fine Aaroo….????
Aaroo: yes aayi… I am absolutely fine….
Rithvik: so this boy abducted u….
Principal [to the police]: u can arrest this boy… I will sack his name from the list of the students….
The police take Srikant and his friends from there.
Tulsi [turning to Aryan]: yhank u beta…. Today u saved my Aaroo’s life…
Aryan: it is my duty….
Varun: ok leane all these let’s go back to the hostel.
Principal: declare to the students that there is no test today…. Aradhya u can go and take rest…
Aaroo: thank u sir….. [they all leave]

Precap: Aryan is ill. Aaroo to take care of him. A truth to get revealed.

Hope u guys liked this part and plzzzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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