I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 16


Hey guys thank u a lot for reading and commenting. Here is the 16th part of my ff. Plzz read and do comment.

Recap: Aryan confronts Aaba Saheb and breaks all his ties with him to give justice to Gayetri and Zhanvi.


Outside the college:
Aaroo is eagerly waiting for Aryan and is walking here and there. Her pace was so high that it seemed that she was running from one corner to the other. Just then Shivani lands there.
Shivani [trying to keep pace with her]: Aaroo….trying to lose weight….
Aaroo [panting softly]: no… why???
Shivani: then y r u running???
Aaroo: I am not running… I am just walking….
Shivani: it doesn’t seem like that…
Aaroo [noticing Aryan’s jeep coming from a distance]: Aryan….
Shivani: where???? [noticing at last the jeep]… wht a vision… ok u carry on… I am going…
Aaroo: ok bye… [Shivani leaves smiling] Aaroo runs up to the entrance but is stopped by the guard.
Guard: u cannot go out now….
Aaroo: ok… [she turns and goes and stands at thre same place where she had been standing for 2 hrs].
Aryan stops the jeep at a distance. Rithvik comes down and shakes hands with Aryan and leaves from there. Aryan notices Aaroo. He gets down from his jeep and starts walking towards her. Aaroo’s heart starts beating faster and faster. It seemed to her as if if it will carry on a little longer like this she will die with a heart attack. But to her horror, Aryan walks passed by her not even looking into her eyes for even for an instance leaving her dazed with horror.
Aaroo [confused]: so mean I have been waiting for him here for past 2 hrs and look at his attitude… deva… I am mad to wait for him… Aaroo… u r mad… [she leaves from there] After she leaves, Aryan comes out from behing the pillar. He had tears in his eyes. He choked a little, rubbed out the tears and sees Aaroo going up the stairs to her floor.
Aryan: I am sorry Aaroo… I did not want u to see me crying… I have done a thing that I have never thought I have to do ever.. t is not only to give justice to tai and Zhanvi… but to u too… for my aaba u were going to get punished.. for his strange mind set u had to suffer that day… I wanted to give justice to u Aaroo…. But the step I had taken I need time to hold myself properly… I hope u will understand… even if u don’t I know how to make u understand…. [he wipes his tears… flashes a smile on his face and leaves]

Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi is worried with Kumudini as she has got ill and is unable to eat properly. She goes to her room and sees her kying in her bed and definitely planning something.
Tulsi [sitting on her side]: aayi..plzz listen to me… let’s go back… u r not well u need medical help… and there is no good doctor here…
Kumudini [feeling disturbed]: I am alright Tulsi… u need not worry…
Tulsi: u do as u wish…. Btw I am tomorrow I am going to meet Aaroo in her hostel…
Kumudini: then carry with u the ‘puran puli’ that u have made… she loves it…
Tulsi [smiling]: yes… I will.. she will get mad when she will see me there….
Kumudini: and don’t tell her that I am ill…
Tulsi: I know aayi… I am not a child… ok u take care let me pack the things fortomorrow….
Kumudini: ok… [Tulsi leaves]

Aaba’s mansion:
Aaba is sitting upset in his room as the flashes of Aryan shouting at him comes to his mind. Just then Shashwat enters the room like a storm.
Shashwat: baba sahib…. I need to talk to u…
Aaba: I don’t want to u can leave…
Shashwat: u cannot do this … this is wrong…
Aaba [standing up from his chair with a start]: now u will tell me wht is right and wht is wrong… leave from here…
Shashwat: but u cannot punish Gayu for the crime that she never commited….
Aaba: I have decided it and it is my final decision…. Do u understand or not…
Shashwat: but she wants to study….
Aaba: I have the result of her going to the college… she goes to college to fall in love with boys of other religion… I have decided that she is going to get married… is that clear… or not….
Shashwat: but the boy u have chosen is not up to her level… he has not even completed his school level…
Aaba: then what u want ur daughter to get married to an NRI… remember she is a girl… and no girl shud dream big… ok… now leave…
Shashwat: but baba sahib…
Aaba: I said leave…. [Shashwat leaves]

It is already dark outside. Aaroo is sitting in her room on her bed and has ignored 20 calls of Aryan as a punishment of not talking to her in the morning. She gets up from her bed and goed to the window side to take fresh air when suddenly a figure rises up in front of her as the person blocks the street light just behind him. Aaroo gets so frightened that she starts screaming and to hold her mouth to prevent her from making noise the per son stumbles and falls from the window pane along with Aaroo on the floor. While falling Aaroo’s hand touches the switch board and lights turns on. With the help of the light that falls on the face of the person atlast Aaroo cud the person. The person was none other than Aryan. They share an eye lock [tara ra… plays]. Their intense eye lock was broken by the crowd that had gather outside the room due to Aaroo’s screaming. All the girls of the floor along woth the warden had turned up there and were slamming the door. Aaroo and Aryan stands up hurriedly.
Aaroo: wht will happen???
Aryan: who asked u to scream???
Aaroo: who asked u to enter from the window….???
Aryan: I messeged u but u…
Aaroo: leave all these… come hide….
Aryan: where????

Aaroo: almirah….
Aryan: wht??? I will die out of suffocation….
Aaroo: then under the bed… do fast goes…. [she pushes Aryan under the bed then she goes and composes her hair in front of the mirror] Warden: Aradhya… open the door wht happened….????
Aryan: arey… stop doing ur make over and open the door go…
Aaroo [running]: coming ma’am….
She atlast opens the door and all the girls rush inside following the warden.
Warden: y were u screaming Aradhya….???
Aaroo: ma’am… actually…. Lizard….
Warden: wht???
Aaroo: ma’am I saw a lizard…. That’s why…
Warden: we felt as if a boy had entered ur room… let me check….
Both Aryan and Aaroo get tensed.
Aryan [thinking]: the whole gang of women has come… and I am one… if they find me they will make u aloo dam… do foot ki dinosaur… doing something…
Aaroo [tensedly]: ma’am… no one is there… y r getting so worried… I am really sorry to disturb u…
Warden: r u sure???
Aaroo: yes ma’am…
Warden: ok then girls go back to ur rooms…. [they all leave and both Aryan and heaves a sigh of relief] Aryan comes out from under the bed and holds his back.
Aryan: aayi my back…
Aaroo starts laughing while Aryan looks at her with his eyes growing narrower to express his dislike.
Aaroo: wht??? Y r u looking at me like that???
Aryan: felling vry funny na…
Aaroo: yes… btw who asked u to enter my room from the window…??
Aryan: u were not answering my call…
Aaroo: and whtr abt u??? I waited for u for 2 hrs in the morning at the entrance and u just ignored me… y??? Do u have an answer???
Aryan: I have broken all the tied with my aaba Aaroo..
Aaroo: wht???
Aryan: yes I told him that I will not keep any relation with him until and unless he begs for forgiveness…

Aryan: yes… I thought aaba will change himself at least for my sake…. But…
Aaroo: but what Aryan???
Aryan: he is getting Tai married to a boy who has not even completed his schooling…
Aaroo: who told u this…???
Aryan: baba called me…. I love my tai a lot aaroo I can never see her suffering like this…. [he hugs Aaroo and starts crying] Aaroo [holding his face with her hands]: Aryan… keep faith… everything will be alright…
Aryan: I know Aaroo… [Aaroo smiles]

Precap: Aaroo goes missing from the hostel room. Aryan goes in search of Aaroo but panics as he could not find her. How did Aaroo go missing? Is she kidnapped by someone? Or has she gone away all by her own self?

Hope u liked this part. Plzz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. Very nice, i luvd it,wanna watch all dese scenes in real KD but dey r sadists our cvs

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  2. Fantastic pls pls nd pls update d next part asap please?

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  3. Love it. This should happen in real serial. But there Aryan and Aradhya are now nothing but college left out, doing deals with foreign delicates , but only with School knowledge. Really sadists CVs .

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  4. atleast we get to see some positivity in ffs………plz continue

    1. yes Sneha u r write… and thank u

  5. Seriously Rhimjhim I’m a big fan of your ff?????…….I always wait eagerly for each and every episode of your ff??????……actually it is better than the track going on in krishnadasi…..fab going keep it up like this?????????????????☺️☺️☺️

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  7. Awesome episode, love you loads

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