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I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 15


Hi guys I am back with the 15th part of my ff. Thanks for reading my ff and commenting. Plzzz keep commenting in this way as it gives me the will to write better. On the request of my friends I have decided to give both the recap and the precap of the episodes. So let’s start.

Recap: the main reason behind Rithvik’s hatred gets revealed to Aryan and Aaroo, and Aryan decides to give justice to both his sister, Gayetri and Rithvik’s sister, Zhanvi. The misunderstanding between Aaroo and Aryan gets solved.

Aaba’s mansion:
Aryan’s jeep stop at the gate and Raghu opens the gate for him.
Raghu: pranam… Aryan baba… plzzz come….
Aryan nods and drives in. rithvik looks at the house with hatred in his eyes. The jeep stops beside a fountain and the boys get down from the jeep. Banwari has again seen Aryan and was about to inform aaba sahib when stops him.
Aryan: munnim kaka…. I am there to inform my aaba about my arrival… u need not tell him everything.
Munnim: yes…. Chhote Sarkar…
Banwari looked shockingly at Aryan and tried to make out the reason behing his changed behavior as Aryan enters the house with Rithvik.
Munnim: something is fishy… I need to find out….
He leaves from there sleathly to enter the house to find out the drama going to happen there.

Inside the mansion:
Aaba sahib gets shocked to see Aryan there along with another boy. He goes to hug but Aryan stops him and steps back.
Aaba [shocked]: Aryan…. Wht happened my child…. Did I do anything wrong…
Aryan [smriks and looks up into his eyes]: Aaba where is Gayu tai….
Aaba: she is in her room… why???
Aryan [turning to Nakku, Pavitra’s servant as well as her all time companion]: go and call her.. tell her Aryan is calling her…
Pavitra: Aryan… but…
Aryan: Aayi… meet Rithvik… Zhanvi’s brother….
Aaba was shocked. The name echoed in his ears as Rithivik looked straight into his eyes filled with hatred.
Pavitra: Zhanvi… Gayu’s college friend…. Hello…. Son…how is Zhanvi…??? It has been a long time since we met her….. [she was interrupted by Aaba]
Aaba: Sunbai…
Pavitra: yes aaba sahib….
Aaba: go and get something to eat for our guest….
Rithvik: no need… aaba sahib.. I am not here to eat anything…
Aaba: then for wht r u here…
Aryan: wait aaba… let tai come everything will be cleared… [noticing Gayetri coming down]… there she comes… tai
Gayetri comes and stands in front of aaba saeb who was fired to see her in front of his eyes and turns his face in disgust.
Aryan: tai… see who has come… Rithvik, Zhanvi’s brother..
Gayetri was shocked to hear the name. She looked up and saw the boy whom she had met a number of times before also. She tried to turn her gaze away but could not as her eyes filled with tears. Rithvik goes up to Gayetri and looks at her as she stands hanging her face.
Aryan: aaba… why r u looking so tensed??
Aaba: tensed… who me… no….
Aryan [losing his control over his anger starts shouting at him]: stop acting aaba… u can make the world fool by acting to be great man… but I know u …may be much better than I used to… how can u do this to a girl of tai’s age… no wonder wht u did to tai in all these years… but how can u think to kill a girl who has no fault…. Even tai did not do any mistake… is falling in love a crime… or is it her mistake that she fell in love with a boy from a totally separate religion and background… wht is it aaba answer…me….
Aaba: Aryan… u r shouting at me for this girl… yes it is a crime to fall in love with a boy who doe not belong to our religion and society… and that girl Zhanvi… she helped her in this… actually she only made her fall in this trap….
Aryan: who told u that aaba… tell me who told u tht gayu tai fell in love on Zhanvi’s insistent… she only did a friend to… she only helped tai find her true love… but u… u crossed all limits of cruelty…
Pavitra: Aryan stop shouting… he is ur aaba… don’t forget tht…
Aryan: that is wht hurts me aayi… tht he is my aaba… if anyother person had done this… I wud not have waited for his reply but wud have thrown him behind the bars on the report of attempt to murder… but since he is my aaba I cannot do that….
Aaba: Aryan…. Control ur tongue….
Aryan: no I won’t… wht will u do… u will bury me too under the groung as u did to Zhanvi or will u olck me in my room for days as u did to tai… wht will u do…
Gayetri was shocked to hear that aaba sahib buried Zhanvi that night for helping her in her love story. She runs to Aryan and holds him.
Gayetri: wht r u saying Aryan… Zhanvi…
Aryan: yes tai… aaba asked his men to bury Zhanvi tai in the groung as her punishment…. But for god’s will police found her on the right time but….
Gayetri: but wht Aryan… why did u stop… tell me… tell… plzzzz…. Don’t keep shut… Aryan…
Aryan: she has lost her mental balance due to over nervousness and is in the mental asylum for the last 4 years…
Gayetri is taken aback. She sits on the floor with a thrush and breaks down. Pavitra runs up to her and holds her.
Gayetri: it’s all my mistake… for me all this happened…
Rithvik: no gayetri… all this happened for thuis man [pointing out to aaba saheb]
Aaba: shut up… how dare u point ur finger at me…
Aryan: and how dare u claim his parents’ lives aaba.. answer…. How dare u???
Pavitra: parents’ lives??!!! Wht do u mean Aryan….
Aryan: the news on Zhanvi getting buried took his father’s life while the news of losing her mental balance took her mother’s…. now aaba… do u have anything to tell in ur favour…. I have always supported u and that is my biggest mistake.. u have everything aaba… if u lose an inch of any of these things won’t affect u much… so today… I am taking away the most important and special thing in ur life…
Aaba: wht Aryan…
Aryan: it’s me aaba… I am taking away myself away from u… forever and ever…
Aaba: no Aryan…. Plzzz forgive me… but plzz don’t leave me…
Aryan: u have stoop too low aaba… now I will only return to u when u will give the lost respect to tai and love her from the core of ur heart and will beg for forgiveness from Zhanvi… [Aryan leaves with Rithvik while aba sahib keeps shouting behind him]
Aaba: Aryan… plzz… stop…
Gayetri: azuba…
Aaba: shut up… leave from here… leave..
Pavitra: aaab sahib… plzzz control urself I will talk to Aryan… u just let his anger cool down…plzzz control urself….
Gayetri: Aryan shud not keep any hope of ur getting changed it is hopeless to think that u can ever change… [she leaves]
Aaba: sunbai… tell ur daughter u control her tongue or else I will throw her out in the streets… go …
Pavitra: yes…. [she leaves]
Aaba sahib keeps standing there. Banwari had seen all these and was stunned.
Munnim: oh god… wht was that… Aryan baba spoke against aaba sahib for the first time.. wht a drama that was… thank god I did not miss a part of it…

Precap: Aaroo is waiting for Aryan comes his jeep but ignores her and goes to his room shocking Aaroo. In the night when Aaroo is in her room Aryan enters her room from the window scaring Aaroo and they share a romantic moment which is quite funny.

Hope u guys liked this part too. Plzzz co comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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