” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love ( Token of Gratitude for my reader’s nd summary)

Hello ! Everyone Sayeeda is back but not with a new chapter of her ff but with a summary of story till date nd …….

First let me begin with summary as my thanking ceremony will be long enough nd I request u all do read it ….

This story is about a boy ( Kunj) who hate girls as for him all girls r a big flirt; nd a girl ( Twinkle ) who don’t believes in love as she was betrayed by the person whom she loves 2 yrs aback …
Twinkle along with Sarna family comes to Mumbai for her bestie ; Chinki’s wedding …where she encounters with Kunj for the first time . With their cute nok – jhok nd fights finally they become frnds nd Kunj founds himself to be attracted towards Twinkle ..
He was ready to accept his feelings for her but the day he heard of Twinkle’s marriage proposal he was not able to control his emotion’s …his pain …
Finally he expressed his confusion to his buddy Uvi nd through different perspective Uvi made him realize his feelings for Twinkle ….
Realizing it his happiness knew no boundaries nd he make up his mind to express his love to her but seeing Twinkle’s attitude nd realizing that she didn’t feel same for him ; made him distress ; he was heart broken ….

( So guys this was very short summary of story till date just to give a rough idea to my readers nd if anyone of u requires link of the episodes do tell me ; I will provide u with that )….

Now let me express my joy towards u all..

I still remember ; it was 25 Feb 2016 around 10 PM …when I reading the written update of Tei nd I thought yrr what r these ff”s ? Why they r published at TU page ?
So finally I thought to read one of the ff nd I started to read my life first ff named
” Just the beginning of new love by Pali” …nd after completing the first episode I understood what these ff’s r meant to be nd after that I started to read all the ff’s of tei ….
Earlier I was a silent reader ; I always wanted to comment but I don’t know why I was unable to do so but finally one day I made myself to comment …..
I thank Allah ….for giving me the courage at that time or else I would have missed the frnds like u …..my Tei family ….

The journey of mine from a silent reader to commentator to a ff writer is the best phase of my life nd till my last breath I will never forget it ..
The love u all ff writer gave me through appreciating my comments made me to think to come up with a ff …
After starting my ff the way my reader’s cum frnds supported me is indefinable; if u ppl would not have supported me I would not be able to discover a writer in me ….Though I’m not a good one but still ur love made to live my moments which a conscious treasures of my heart …

Now something for u guys ( I request u all not to look at the order in which names r written ; don’t think that the person at first or second ….is a priority for me nd the names at the last nd middle r not a important one for me …..bcoz u don’t know how much u all ppl mean to my life …how much happiness nd colors u all filled in my boring life …u all r having the same priority place in my heart ) ..

•) Romaisah – hey dear I can never forget u were the first one to comment on my ff intro . Nd the time when I was upset with less comments u spoked up that though u r busy but still u always read my ff nd I should always think a silent supporter is always with me when u r not commenting ….love u for ur kind words ….

•) Shatakshi – My dear sis cum frnd Sattu ; how much I thank u is less ; seriously I don’t have words to express how much respect I have for u ….The way u supported me ; the way u gave me my tei family back ; the way u always say Sayedaaaaaaa……leaves a big bright smile on my face ; I feel as if u r present before me nd saying this with love …..Love u to moon nd back …..

•) Fiona – I still remember that in my intro u wanted to be a first commentator but u were sad as u lost the chance just by the difference of 1 min …Ur comments were the special one for me but after 2 episode u stopped commenting …I just hope u r reading my ff nd liking it …

•) Sam – U were the one who always commented on every ff nd the same support u extended to mine also but now I eagerly wait for ur comment …I hope u r reading it nd liking it ….May God bless u ..

•) Shamz- My frnd cum sis Shamzoooo ….thanks for always supporting me …in ur each nd every episode of ur ff u made me felt really special …Ur kindness towards me cannot be expressed ….love u to moon nd back …our creative ff writer

•) Areen – Thanks Areen for commenting on my ff intro nd encouraging me to continue with it ….I hope u r reading my ff now also..

•) Jasmine – Thanks for commenting on my ff intro ….I hope u r reading it now also…

•) Ria – Tumhe toh main kya kahun ….the way u always make me feel extra special through mentioning my name in ur ff …u know I’m habitual to see my name nd that really makes me blush …Thanks for always supporting me ..

• RiaA Mendezz – U know when I found ur comment on my Intro I was jumping on my bed as I was so happy to see u commenting …U r always their to support me . I still cherish thinking about the comment that u wrote that it’s a honor for u to read my ff ….this is the highest appreciation for me ….love u a lot dear..

•)Zaku – u were the one who motivated me to start a ff ….nd whenever I see ur comment I feel really happy as I always look for ur comment.. Thanks …
•) Affa – My bestie that I acknowledged on TU ….my Affooo….thanks for always making me blush through ur lovely comments …Thanks for coming in my life nd accepting me as ur frnd…love u to moon nd back..

•) Zikra- My cute siisssss……the way u call me sista ….I feel as if my real sis is calling me …..ur comments r always the most special ones for me ….U don’t know how much u motivated me at that time when I was disheartened ….love u 100

•) Fan – Thanks for always being their to support me nd acting as my strength ….

•) Mitali – our OS queen ….I miss ur os a lot …..whenever I see ur comment I feel so happy nd contend that now my whole day will pass with a smile only ….I always look for ur comment on my ff …love u ..

•) Aastha – thanks for commenting on my ff Intro…. I hope u r reading it now also..

•) Risa – aap toh main bahut saara thanks bolna chahti hoon as changed my outlook over Twiraj force me to love them also ….U r great frnd of mine nd supporter too but now I’m missing ur comment on my ff ….love u ..

•) Yashasvi ( yashu ) – Thanks for commenting on my ff intro …I hope u r liking it now also …..

• Kruti – Thank u soooooooo much ….for always being their to support me nd motivate me …I always wait for ur comment as I love them to read again nd again ….love u a lot…

•) Lama – Same goes with u …thank u soooooo much for always acting as my support system ..U r among one of them who always comment nd make me feel really special ….love u ..

• Rashi – Thank u sooooooooo much for always commenting on my ff ..ur words r really special for me ….love u tooo much for supporting me ….love u

•) Dreamer ( aru ) .- Thank u soooooo much for always loving nd supporting my ff ….The best thing u know u always comment whether u late also u comment….this is the best thing that I love in u …
•) Riya – Thanks for commenting in my ff intro …I hope u r reading it now also
•) Anushka – Thanks for commenting on my ff Intro …I hope u r liking it now also nd dear post ur ff soon …I’m waiting for it

•) Twinj fan ( Tamanna ) – Thanks for commenting nd motivating me to entertain u all further …I always wait for ur comment on my ff…

•) Joonakansha – Thanks for commenting on my ff intro …I hope u r liking it now also..
•) Fatarajo- Thanks for commenting on my ff intro …I hope u r liking it now also .
•)Tara – Thanks for the compliment that I find me as good writer …thanks our shinning star for ur support..

•) Sanam -Thanks u soo much for ur support ….I’m waiting for ur ff’s nd os too plzzz post soon ..
• Shreya – Thanks for commenting; ur comments r always very good but now I’m missing ur comments..I hope u r liking my ff now also..

•) Lover – I still remember u started to comment from the 3 epi of my ff nd from that time till date u r supporting me …thanks for ur kind gesture…love u ..

•) Sonali – Thanks for commenting nd supporting me ….I always look for ur comment on my ff ..
•)Shanaya Gulati – Thanks for always making me blush through ur comments …love u for always supporting me…love u
•) Naira – Thanks for commenting in my 4 epi …i hope u r liking it now also …

•) CallmeNazu – Thanks for commenting on my 5 epi ….i know u r busy but still u read my ff so I always used to add 1 comment from ur side ….

•) Ruchi – Thanks for commenting nd motivating me ….although u r busy but still u comment ….love u …nd plzzz come up with next ff I’m waiting for it ..
• ) Ayesha khanum – u started to comment on my ff from epi 5 nd till now u r regularly commenting …thanks for always supporting me ..keep supporting like this only.
•) Sameera -Thanks for commenting nd motivating me to do further…. love u for ur support …
•Sohi – Thanks for commenting nd supporting me with ur lovely words ….do support like this …
• Poorvi- Thanks for supporting me …love u for ur lovely comment…. plzzzzz keep supporting like this only….
• Jasmine wani – Thanks for commenting on my epi 6 …I hope u r liking it now also
•Die hard fan of Sidmin- thanks for commenting on my ff epi 6 …I hope u r liking it now also
•) Sidmin lover – Thanks for commenting nd supporting me ….plzzz keep supporting like this ..
• Sidmin – Thanks for commenting…. I’m missing ur comment nd ff a lot …do post soon..
• SMC – Thanks for ur kind words …I hope u r liking it now also
• Cutie pie – Thanks for commenting nd supporting but now I’m missing ur comment …
• Mannat – Thanks for supporting nd commenting …..I just love ur ff nd ur comment a lot.

• Sana ( aamu) – Thanks for supporting nd commenting …I hope that u love my ff like this only.

• Baby – first I’m very sorry as I always reply back to ur comment late nd sometimes I don’t reply also but u always comment….thanks for this..

• Happiness – I know u do offline reading nd bcoz of that u don’t comment but I always add one comment from ur side …

Now last but not the least my heartiest thanks nd love to my bestie Unno urf Aaruhi as bcoz of her this ff would not be possible …..she encouraged me to start with it nd the way she is their for me I can’t even thanks to almighty for sending her as a angel in my life..

Nd my silent reader a big thanks to u all …one day u guys will surely comment I have this faith

Love u all guys nd sorrrrrrryyyyy if I had miss someone….nd if their r mistakes do ignore it as for now I didn’t rechecked it

keep supporting…

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  1. forever fan of twinj

    O sayeeda di….
    Dost dost na raha
    Pyaar pyaar na raha
    Reader reader na raha
    And sayeeda sayeeda nahi rahi
    :'( :'(

    1. Sayeeda

      Once again I’m sorry for hurting u …I told u the reason ..hope u have forgiven me….Sayeeda will always remain as she is always …she always love u ..

  2. Ria

    Sayeeda, you thanked me? I’ve told you this before also that you always make my day, I mean your comments I mean yeah you also. Thank you so much for mentioning my name there. Also, thank you for always supporting me. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.. love you.

    1. Sayeeda

      Itna thanks ek baar mein…..nd why would I not be mentioning ur name as u r one of among those who means a lot for me.
      I did nothing it’s always u who make my day ….love u

  3. Shatakshi

    Mai nahi sudhrungi??
    N seriously sayeeda aapko date n time bhi yaad h…mujhe to aaj ka date bhi koi puch le to dekhna padega….hehe
    It really means a lot…not only for me but this whole tei family….
    U know we were like common reader n writer but that day I felt a special bond with u which made me write those words….n seriously that was the best day becoz I got a best sister cum friend….if u remember u shared ur personal story of ur brother…I literally had teary eyes reading that….but I m blessed that aapne mujhe itna special feel karvaya….
    N thanks for the compliment on my dp…I know mai paida he cute hue this….hehe…just joking….but aab kya likhu…
    Aarree yaad aaya….u know I purposely never call u di….knowing the fact that u r elder…but I love n respect u like a friend n I didnt want to change the relation…
    I really love u Sayeedaaaaa…
    N Haa aapko kuch batana tha….that mere admission ho gaya in the college I was willing to….
    Aur forever fan of twinj….roo mat…silent readers me tere naam as gaya…hehe…sorry…but tune ekdum devdas wale style me likha h

    1. Sayeeda

      Sattu do see my reply as it is posted in ur name it is at the last

  4. Awww sista u r amazing dea…..
    Matlab koun apne readers n commenters ko itni importance de..??
    Matlab ap na hum ko itna pyaar karte ho….????
    Koun apne readers ko hi itna Sara pyaar n thanks kahta be yaar….?
    Hayye allah aur hame toh apko thanks karna chahiye…???
    Kyuki ap se hito Hume itne sare amazing ff padne ko milra hai…☺
    N ap to Matlab kamal k ho kya kahu…???????????
    Ab wht to say nw kuch bacha hi nahi meri pass kahnr ko….????
    Ab ap kaisi ladki ki toh soch na….Kay kehte hai use??kya kehte hai??
    Ha beyond amazing hai……???????
    Luv u my jaan for such cute words for me…????
    Aur mujhe apni sista ki jagah dene k liye….☺☺☺
    Aur kya kahu apse mai….????
    Batau kya batao ap k bare mai?????
    Kuch kahne ko toh bacha hi nahi….??????
    Ap jis tarah apne readers ko reply karke ….jitna special feel karate ho.
    Ok nw enough of my bak bak….???
    Chalo chodo….b ab kya kahe….????
    Bt ya didu…..luv u to d core….?????????
    Muahhhhhh sista luv u to d moon n back…….????
    Nt have enough words to describe u dea…..????
    Luv u….?????????
    Keep smiling…????
    N ya tq for always making ud smile through ur ff……????
    Luv u luv u….luv u…luv u…..
    Luv u infinity…..????????
    Always b happy didu……??????????????????????????????????

  5. Sayeeda

    Hey guys …I’m soooo sorry that I forgot to mention the names of some ppl as some of them commented for the first time on yesterday’s chapter nd I had posted it ….so plzzzzzzz I beg u plzzz forgive me .
    Ear’s padke sorry …
    hope u all forgive me …
    • Angita – I’m so happy that u commented for the first time nd ur comment made me know that how much our readers believes in writer…love u for ur comment nd keep supporting.

    • Bhavika- u r my small sis nd the way u make me felt special yesterday was superb ….u read my whole ff nd that too in one go..
    I’m so happy that u commented …plzzz keep loving me like this only

    • Purnima – I’m very happy that for the first time u commented ….thank u soooooo much for ur kind gesture …plzzz keep supporting..

    I hope u all forgive me if yes then do comment…. I’m waiting ..

    1. Bhavika

      di aap chahte kya ho ha tell meee what do you want ?meri maut ha? maarna chahte ho mujhe mai sacchi pata rahi hu mai abhi mar jaoongi!!
      mera matlab hai mai MARJAVAN gud khake 🙂
      yaar dii meri jaan loge kya…{I AM HAPPY}
      THEN I AM REALLY ANGRY=how dare you(sorry ha flow flow me nikal gaya ..ab nikal gaya to sun hi lo)
      how dare you to thank me ha
      ek taraf mujhe choti sis bulate ho fir ye thank u aur kal se teen bar sorry bhi bol diya aise koi karta hai kya had hai
      aap meri badi dii ho ke nahi dont even think to thank me
      and i will not thank u aap meri sweet si sis hai na ..:) but i love u :3
      chalo fir aur bolne ko bacha hi kya hai & abki bar no thankyou no sorry …:)

      1. Bhavika

        shayad kuch jyada hi bol diya but choti behan hu itna lecture to banta hi hai 🙂

      2. Sayeeda

        OMG !!!! Bhavika tumne daara diya tha mujhe ….but then I read further I found ur lovely comment …gud khake…
        Nd Kuch zayada nai bola hai infact I love the way u expressed urself to me ….I just feel so blessed to have a sisy like u …nd promise next time se no sorry ….pakka …
        Love u soooooo much…
        my cutie pie

  6. you’re welcome sayeeda b like this smiling through out your life may allha full fill all your wishes

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Sohi for ur lovely comment nd ur good wishes … If u ppl r with me I’m gonna smile forever

  7. Sameera

    Yep u r welcome sayeeda n thanks to u too for commenting on my ff n I seriously wait for ur comment on my ff thanks for the support love u ummah ??? be smile always as we R one tei family

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo Sam ….nd don’t worry u will always find my comment on ur ff as ur ff is amazing…
      Love u too …..

  8. Angita

    That was so emotional sayeeda .no words from my side only a standing ovation for how much comments matters to you.I have read some ff without commenting and you today have made me realised how important it is to comment .you without saying anything had said something to me and now I will try my best to comment on whatever writing I read.so just as 25feb2016 is very meaningful for you 28june2016 also jasmins bday is something I will remember and many others will to.and ya your thanking ceromany is awesome.just as commenters are very important for you guys another fact not of us must overlook is that only through os and ff tei has become a much exciting page.I actually look forward for ff and os more than the serial.my token of appreciation for all the ff and is writer.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Angita ….for ur precious nd lovely words ….though I forgot to mention ur name but still u didn’t bothered abt that …thanks for ur gesture …
      Nd yes dear u said right comments do matter not for only me but for every ff writer …u don’t know these comments act as Glucon D ; energy booster for us when we feel low …they compel us to write ….
      Love u …..nd keep supporting like this

  9. Lama

    Bs kr pagli rolaegi kya ??
    Sayeeda don’t say thanks dear…u will not beleive that how much important u r for me ????????
    U know u are having a very special place in my heart asa in my lyf ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Whenever i m in stress bcoz of my family problems or studies i just open anyone’s ff & read it ????
    It brought a curve on my lips & i use to forget all my tensions & worries ????????
    I am really thankful to Allah that he has given me such a gd family & lovely frnds ??????
    I will never ever going to forget u ?????
    I will remember u till my last breathe ?????
    Love u lots ???????❤❤❤❤
    Muuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhh ?????

    1. Sayeeda

      Lama …..u r soooooo awesome ..
      U won’t believe but when I read ur first line of bas kar pagli rulaegi kya ….I was so happy nd somewhere felt so emotional attachment with u ..
      I’m so grateful to Allah that he has given a place to me in ur life….
      Love uu……. a lot …

      1. Lama

        Yeah u r right, i m soooo Awesome bt bt bt not more than you…if u felt attached with me than from today onwords u r my elder sis nd i will going to call u Sayeeda Aapi ( hope so u will not mind )….Love u too ????

    2. Sayeeda

      Well ….I don’t allow anyone to call me di or Appi …not even my siblings but the way u said I grant u permission …
      U can surely call me Sayeeda Appi..

      1. Lama

        Awww…Tysm ????

  10. Sayeeda, u & I should become friends…that way you’ll stop saying thank u to me as there is no sorry & thank you In friendship.
    You are an outstanding writer. I’ve acknowledged that, your other fans av acknowledged that and I think its high time u did the same. You have a unique way of writing. I can always see the maturity is your words & your descriptions so it keeps me always wanting to read more and more. You know, you, ria, sweetie & shatakshi r my best fanfiction writers because I can always depend on your writing to turn around my day if it was going in a crazy direction. So I appreciate you and I’ll support you even if we experience a burning hot day in a winter season. Love u lots.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks u sooo much ( I know I should not say as we r frnds but sometimes it’s OK to say just to express our love ) …ur comments r having a very secured place in my heart ….the way u always make me smile cannot be expressed in one line ….
      I’m so happy that u like my ff so much nd love u for always being their to support me ….
      Love uuuu…..a lot

  11. Heheh thnks 4 mention me bt dont miss my comments as i m vry lazy to ryt comments bt now i make sure dat u dnt miss my comnets plzzz post d nxt part

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Cutie pie ..
      For me this is enough that u read my ff nd like it ….about commenting so whenever u r free u can ….I will always add one comment of urs from my side ..
      I will post next one soon ….love u ..

  12. Risa

    meri itni praise dekkar toh mai finish hi ho gayi :O yaar sayeeda tum sabse sweet ho…….meri pyaari dost……but buddy i seriously didnt expect my name to be there…..meri toh aankhe kuli ki kuli reh gayi!!!!! Thank u so much for this….aakhon se aansu aa gaye…..btw mein apna ff bandh karoon ya na karoon par tumhara ff hamesha on rehna chahiye. Tum kitni acchi ho ;,o plz aise hi kush raho. Love u!!! 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Risa how dare u think that in my thanking ceremony ur name will not be their ….aisa ho skta hai ke main apni buddy ko bhul jaun …never …
      About ur praise so u deserve to be praised more than i did u as u r amazing ff writer with an amazing ff nd above all u r a very good human being ….pure by heart …
      Love uuuuuu ….soooooo much

  13. SidMin

    Thank you so much Sayeeda
    I too love your ff just as you wait for mine I wait for yours

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Sidmin ….I’m happy to get a good frnd like u ..
      Love uu….

  14. Shanaya Gulati

    Love u toooo mah darlinggg???

    Kya kru tu likhti hi itna acha h ki pdhe bina mann hi ni lgta..
    Har pal bs intzar hi rhta h
    Tere ff post ka??

    Uh jst keep writting dnt stop ir..

    N we’ll be approaching uh

  15. Sayeeda yaar…….I’m really sorry for not commenting . but kya karu yaar mujhai time hi ni milra (you know na ramzan) but haan mai hamesha tumhara ff padhti hu par comment ni karti sorry for that aur haan apna ff kabhi khatm mat karna coz I love it soo much…..& yeah thanks for mentioning my name god bless you Love you. …..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Naira ….I completely understand that this time everyone r busy with the festive season ..
      But I’m very happy that u always read my ff nd love it …
      No need to say sorry …u just keep me loving like this only

  16. Apoorwa

    from your fiona-
    i had read your first few episodes but then i visit to my mom’s house then my bua visited with my cousins and you know whole day we all four( 2 my cousins and one my sibling) enjoyed playing cricket and computer games and you know my big bro(cousin) doesn’t allow me to use internet then my 2 more cousins also visited then we all 6 played cricket and at night we all play games one take lappy one take computer another watch tv and u know my bua’s daughter ask me to tell horror stories then i have to tell as they live in delhi and visits once or twice a year . after that at sunday my house was emptied i used to read ff till 3:00 am. and u know gap of one week
    then i was waiting for my father holiday which is on thursday and sunday as he has net setter and he never allow me to use his smartphone.then my holidays work was also pending and still pending.
    finially i saw your summary i wrote my reason actually big reason.
    now about you all epi
    they’re wonderful
    they’re awesome
    they’re superb
    they’re tremendous
    they are worthy of praising by shakes sphere
    i loved them all
    do continue

    1. Sayeeda

      U don’t know how much happy ur comment made me felt today Apoorwa ..our Fiona …
      U didn’t spoked too much infact I’m happy that u took time to express urself to me …
      Ur words were always special for me nd it is nd will be forever ….
      Love u soooo much my dear frnd…

  17. Hey sayeeda I am rlly sry dat i cmmntd in only 5 of ur ff’s epi but i wil try ma bst to cmmnt in all of the episodes from now onwards and plzz dont thank me 4 cmmnting in ur ff becz reading is my passion and i am a lazy prsn who dosent lyk 2 cmmnt ? but when i read ur ff and { many other TU writers ff } d inner soul of mine pressurise me 2 cmmnt and support u guyzz
    And u guyzz just keep on entertaing us wid ur lovable and enjoyable fan fiction stories and we will surely keep our love showering over u guyzz ??
    And plz can I call u di cuz i really think dat u r elder dan me
    Luv u ??
    And plzz do post d nxt epi as soon as possible becoz when i just read half of the title i was lyk d epi is here but when i read full I got 2 know dat it was a token of gratitude

    1. Sayeeda

      CallmeNazu ….thanks for ur comment ….I mentioned it that I always add one comment from ur side ….
      About calling me di so yes I’m elder than u as I’m 20 but plzzz don’t call me di as I love u ppl calling me by my name …
      Yes I will try to post next one soon…

  18. Sayeeda yaar…..I’m really sorry for not commenting but kya karu yaar mujhai time hi ni milra(u know na ramzan)par haan mai hamesha tumhara ff padhti hu par comment ni karti sorry for that…..aur haan thanks for mentioning my name & yeah apna ff kabhi mat khatm karna kyu ki I love it from the core of my heart love you dear…..muuaahhh…keep updating.

  19. Sorry same comment 2 times upload hogaya…..par koi baat nai dear tumhe jitna appreciate kiya jaye kam hai but plzz nxt epi jaldhi update karo im waiting…..

  20. Shamz

    Hey Sayeeda I’m soooooooooooo sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for late comment…. Actually I went for a shopping and just now I’d come…..what to say yaaar abt u……u always make me blush….and belated thank you actually I always wanted to say that because u’r the first genuine person who told me that I’m looking gorgeous before u no one had used this word for me…yah ppl used to say that I’m cute or sumthing like that…..and about today’s gesture I’m obliged that u called me sis and my nickname is shammo and u also call me shamzoooo which are related to each other…..I don’t but there is some connection bw u and me….though we’ve never seen each other but still there is some bond…..nd I always want u to be my friend and chat smthing personal but till now we haven’t done…but in future I’ll love to talk to u smthing personal…….You’re the first person who make me blush thru ur reply in ur ff…. Love u to the core….Seriously , I eagerly wait for ur comment in my ff also for others as well….. Actually I love to read comment…… I think it’s too long hope u don’t get bored with my talk….as I always bore ppl wen I speak….becoz I don’t have much to speak….I always keep mum and smwhere I’m very boring person…..I really don’t know how to talk… In phone maximum I can speak for 5mins…..I love u too Sayeeda…. I hope u won’t mind if I don’t write DI becoz personally I think Di brings a wall be person and they can’t speak dere heart out…..

    1. Sayeeda

      No need for sorry Shamzoo ….nd about me getting bore with ur talks …hhaaahha never …U know I felt so happy that I mean so much for u ….
      I do feel some emotional connection with u nd yes I would really love to share a good bond with u as I can’t afford to miss a cute frnd ; sis like u …Love u too infinity…nd thanks for not calling me Di as I do feel same that this word creates a wall between our relation..

  21. Ruchi

    Hey Sayeeda
    How r u dear?
    I should thnk u dear …
    bcoz of u we can read such awsum story …
    After reading ur epi’s i can’t resist myself from commenting…
    I m so happy that u remember that i also use to write a ff although it was not that much good …
    You r such a swtheart dear u always motivate all the ff writers wid ur beautiful comments… 🙂
    Nd i dnt thnk that now i will write any ff…
    U r in school or college?

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey ! Ruchi I’m fine dear nd after seeing so good comments I’m flying in the air ….
      How can someone forgot ur ff so easily as ur ff was one among my fav list ….I always wait curiously for it ..though u told that u won’t come up with new one but still fingers crossed ; having hope to see u back with a ff again..
      About ur ques …so I’m in college BCOM 3 yr doing Chartered Accountancy course simultaneously.
      Love u soooooo much

      1. Ruchi

        Thnk u so much Sayeeda…
        M so thankfull to TU nd Tei bcoz Tu nd Tei i met u all…
        It is so good to befriend with so wonderful frnds like you…
        Nd yes if i get time i will surely try to write a ff…
        wese m eagerly waiting for Nxt part of ur ff…post soon …
        nd All the best for ur course …
        May u touch the heights of success…

  22. Aaawwwwieee sayeedaa…..
    U call me Ur bestie n thnx is jzt not suited in btwn best buddies….
    Ur r just lyk chocopie in my lyf who makes it more delicious n sweater…… So he wud I not support…..m olwaysss dere for uhhhhhh anytym…… Looveeeeee uuuuhhh so so so much….hope u cud undrstnd DAT I luv u more dn my will b Mr.right :p

    1. Sayeeda

      Ohhhoo my Unno is so cute …she loves me more than her will be Mr .right ….kya hoga bechare ka ..hhaaa..
      Love u soooooo much ..tumhe toh main reply Watsapp pe dungi

  23. Apoorwa

    shayad i have spoken too much today
    anyways my very precious friend i love your ff 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,………..infinity)

  24. Kruti

    Hey sayeeda I’m glad that my comments motivate u and u eagerly wait for them and tdy I’m seriously very late…sry yar since afternoon I’m not keeping well
    I will always comment to make u happy and motivate u to write more better every time
    Loads of luv~kruti

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Kruti ….u don’t know how much ur comments matters for me …
      Don’t say sorry but just get well soon ….well haan nice dp ..
      Love u tooooo dear

  25. thanks for what Di?I am commenting because you are an amazing writer.love you and ff from core.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Lover…
      Love u too dear ….love u for ur lovely words

  26. Welcm sayeeda nd thnx for giving us such a lovely fanfiction to read daily as evryone knws sidhant left the shw so we readr imagine kunj as sidhant in ur fanfiction i love TEI ND SIDHANT i m crazy about him as he left the shw i m vry hurt but hop so see him soon on jhalak nd yeah ur fanfiction is realy nice i like it plz post it evry day nd all the best for ur futre writing nd thanx for guing us this ff

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Sidmin Lover…. I’m glad that u r able to imagine Sid as I myself is very sad after Sid’s exit from tei nd whenever I read ff’s I feel so happy to imagine him …
      Thanks once again for ur lovely words nd for ur good wishes….

  27. Affaa

    Sayoooo what to say yaar…really yaar I’m bless to have friend like you…The day you first commented on my ff…that day was most beautiful day for me…and read your comment 100 times on that day….that day I never thought you’ll me friend….and please don’t thank us instead we have thank for such a beautiful ff….For being such a amazing friend…For or being a good sis…A reader most of all being a great writer…who missed this awesome ff they’re really unlucky to miss such amazing ff…..
    Haa commenting queen…Thank you kiii baachii…by thanking making our relation week very bad…
    If I meet you once nha…I don’t what I’ll do…..

    Love you like a hell…not hell like heaven hahahaha….
    A tight hug mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh….For you…

    1. Sayeeda

      Affo do see my reply as it is not posted in here it is posted at the last …pata nai baar baar aisa kyu ho rha hai

  28. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    hey sayeeda what thankyou haan?? what thankyou. ..you dnt no the rule of friendship. …nahi malum to sunlo…friendship me no sorry no thankyou. ..but I guess u dont think me as a frnd na…or tera naa ye doubt be clear karlu that mai tere liye nai tere amazing writings pe cmmnt karti hun…srry just kidding. …ye tera talent hai jo itni acchi writing likhthi hai.. srry kahin baar maine cmmnt nahi kiya shayed…nahi kiya tho srry…jaldi post karna tera ff ..

    1. Sayeeda

      Accha ab se no thank u ….no sorry ..Twinjfan ( Tamanna) ….promise ..
      But don’t become angry u were always my frnd nd will be forever ….
      Don’t say sorry as I know whether u comment or not u r always their to support me nd for me u r very special person ….
      Love u soooo much nd I will try to post next one soon

  29. Sayeeda

    Awwww….my cutooo Sattu main nai chahati ke tum kabhi bhi sudhro coz I love the way u r ….
    About date nd time ; how can I forget it as TU nd u ppl r the best thing ever happened to me …
    Yes I remember that I shared it with u as that day I was very upset being away from TU but u made me felt special through ur words nd issme koi shak hai kya ke tum born hi beautiful ho ..seriously u r soooooo cute ….cuteness undefined…
    Nd Big Big congoooo that u got admission …I’m so happy for u may j achieve height of success ..

  30. Sayeeda

    Awww……Zikra dear u r soooooo cute…
    sacchi…Inna pyara comment ..
    Dear u don’t make u feel special it’s u who always make me feel blessed to have a sis like u …
    Nd commentators r the soul of TU as without them no ff writer can motivate them to write a ff ….it’s the comment who push us to write more nd more …
    Love uuu soooooo much…

  31. are yr sayeeda yr its nt at all ur fault look i m d 1 who always cmnt late so dn it obvio how ll my cmnts reach u n dn how ll u cmnt no probs i m happy dt atleast u no me n yah i luv ur ff

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Baby …how much I thank u is less ….U always comment no matter early or late but u r always their to act as my support system …
      Once again thanks for loving my ff….love u

  32. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayeeda see today I also m late.but after reading this I was so happy, I was blushing like hell.
    Actually I m thankful to u 4 giving us such good episodes and being such good writer and lovely person.
    Thank u …Actually my frnds 2 call me lateness ki rani bcoz I m always so busy and messed up.but I m happy to know that I m able to convey my feelings 2 u.
    Sayeeda luv u so much…thank u 4 making me feel special.
    U r one of the best writers here on tu.
    Luv u and ur writing
    I will always be supporting whenever I can.
    Keep writing and smiling

    1. Sayeeda

      U know Aru ur lateness make me believe that how much busy u r ; u will always find time to read my ff ….this gesture of urs makes me feel extra special ….
      Ur comments r very precious for me as they always motivate me to write nd make me to live my life happily..
      Thanks for ur so lovely words ….love u toooo dear….love u

  33. Sayeeda

    Thank u soooooo much ….inni cute lines mere liye I can’t believe…
    I will be posting my ff very soon…
    Love u ….

  34. Sayeeda

    Commenting queen …..seriously….hhahahaa what a name but love u for calling me with this name as I love it r ho bhi kyu na tmne Jo diya hai …
    The day I commented for the first time was the most memorable day of my life as just bcoz of it I got a most ; most ; most precious frnd nd a gem like u …
    Love u toooooo nd close ur eyes nd feel that I’m hugging u back ….mmmuuuaahhh

  35. Hiee Sayeeda…. first tym i read diz vo bhi summary…. but don’t worry i will read ur previous episodes now…. hayee tere comments hi itne ache hote h ff kitna acha hoga…. nd thankz for d summary…. mere liye bohut zruri thi…. love u darlo….

    1. Sayeeda

      Are meri Shona Mona tumne padh liya ….Thank u sooo much ..
      I’m very happy that u read it ….love u tooooo

  36. Mitali

    Sorry for the late comment. But my eyes are wet. I’m glad you still remember me. I love u di. U know in glad to have u as my friend. I miss the people on TU. Di u r so sweet. But I’m sad because u said thanks. Friends don’t say thanks to each other. Di I really love you n yes u make me blush a lot with the words OS Queen. Now my mouth is zipped. I’m speechless I have no more words to speak. Your comment made my mouth almost zipped. Love u ? ? ???

    1. Sayeeda

      Mitali yrr I’m so thankful that u read it ….I’m so happy ….
      And how did u thought that I forgot u ….I can never ever forget u as u r very special one for me …
      Love u sooooooooo much …..muaaahhhh….love u to moon nd back …

  37. Thank you……..Sayeeda
    Luv ur ff ..post ASAP Nxt epi

    1. Sayeeda

      Welcome Zaku ….I will try to post next one soon …

  38. Heyy sayeeda sorry yaar now im getting a chance to actually read the ffs tht i missed wen i saw this im just really happy tht u were encourages back again n tht ill always support u no matter wat ..

  39. Sayeeda

    Thanks Romaisah for reading it …Keep supporting like u always do …

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