” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!”…. ( HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL..)…CHAPTER 22


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!”….

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Once ; night asked to God “why u made me so dark that every person fears with my darkness nd coz of that I’m alone ”

God replied ” No u r not alone.. Someone is always their with u to show the path to others… Ppl will love night as along with u millions…. Trillions of shinning stars will shine nd glitters the whole universe with their presence nd every one will wait for ur arrival ”

Nd now night nd stars signify eo…
Similarly I’m night full of gloomy darkness nd u ppl r my stars always making me shine bright… Without u your Sayeeda is nothing… U all complete my life… My happiness… Love u all… ??

Thanks to…
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Let’s start with the episode…


Tiwnj r sleeping peacefully beside eo on bed..
Kunj wakes up nd finds Twinkle still sleeping.. She is very close to him.. Very few distance is left between them … Kunj smiles seeing her being so close to him….

He tucks her hair back which were coming on her face nd disturbing her sleep ….

Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

(As you have stepped
on the threshold of my heart..
O my beloved,
I’ve written my life in your name..)

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

(I learned how to live life,
I learned to live my beloved.
But I didn’t learn how to live
without you, O my beloved.)

“Twinkle u don’t have an idea how much desperate I’m to come close to u… How much I love u.. What u means to me… Though I promised u to give u your time so that u accept ur feelings for me nd I know very soon u will realise it but being far away from u is a curse to me….
Yesterday night when u came so close to me ; my heart was provoking me to embrace u completely in me… To kiss u.. To love u… To come so close to u that even we can’t imagine how much we were.. My hormones were going so crazy with ur each touch but still I control myself with much difficulty…

I don’t know how much time u will take to come close to me but I promise me that I won’t let my feelings over power my emotions… I won’t make u feel uncomfortable with my presence…. I will always be by ur side as ur friend nd ur hubby…..

Soti hui kitni pyari lagti hai r jaagte waqt bilkul sherni lagti hai…. Meri sherni hai ye.. Meri jaan… Mera pyar… Jaasi bhi hai ; hai toh meri hi…..

( she looks so cute nd adorable while sleeping nd when she is awake she is like a tigress…
She is my tigress… My life… My love… Whatever it is but she belongs to me)

He moves closer to her… Nd kisses her forehead … Nd smiles…

Sachchi si hain ye taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain..

(These praises that I have said from the heart they are true..)

Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri humdum
O aasma mila zameen ko meri
Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

(now that you are there,
my world is adorned
my earth has found its sky,
we, halves put together, are complete.
O my beloved,
I’ve written my life in your name..)

K-” This is for our first day as couple.. For the happiness of new beginning.. Twinkle Kunj Sarna… Throughout my whole life I want to wake up beside u nd see ur face…..my whole life is now ur’s… My each nd every breath is ur’s…. “… His love for her was flowing in form of tears…. While Twinkle is still sleeping nd is unaware about his presence..


Twinj nd Yuhi were present their….

Y-” U both waked up so late…why?.. Ohooo I’m so stupid how can I forget that yesterday u both haven’t slept as it was ur wedding night nd u both were busy romancing with eo… “…. He giggles..

Mahi-” So what u both did last night… I know it’s quite personal talk but we r ur comrades so u can share with us.. As we r much experienced in it so we can suggest u more ideas for getting romantic..
Twinkle ; kunj in zayada pareshan to nai kiya … Waise bhi kal wo bahut utaawla tha.
(Twinkle I hope kunj haven’t made teased u nd wouldn’t made u feel uneasy as yesterday he was so excited..) “…..

Kunj speaks in one go….” Maine pareshan kiya… Hahaha mujhe toh kuch krne ka mauka nai mila sab toh Twinkle ne hi kardiya… Yaad mat dilao ke kya ; kya kiya tha siyappa Queen nain… Ek akele aadmi ke upar bhooki bili ki tarah attack kr rhi thi….

( I nd teased her… Hahaha.. I didn’t got chance to do anything… Twinkle did everything with me… Plz don’t make me remember last night nd all those acts this siyappa Queen did with me…
She was attacking like a hungry cat on a alone man… On me…)

Twinkle eye’s popped out listening this… She speaks… ” kunj what r u saying”….

He realises what he spoked few seconds back… He sees Yuhi laughing hard nd teasing Twinkle while Twinkle was blushing badly….

Y-” So kunj what u were saying…..what she did with u.. Did she tried to harass u… It means yesterday Twinkle was on her full romantic mode…..nd u both have enjoyed a lot….what’s say kunj…. “….

K-” Oyeee don’t get so happy… If we enjoyed so what’s the problem…. We both r husband nd wife.. Nd it’s a normal thing to happen between us… “…

Twinkle is not able to control her shyness. She runs from their….
She reaches her room nd remembers the way she tried to seduce kunj last night…. She is smiling cum blushing…

Kunj also reaches to room nd see’s her joyous expression…
K-” Tum itna Jo muskura rhe ho ; kya baat hai Jo chupa rhe ho…
( how is it so that you are smiling so much,
what is the emotions that you are hiding..)

Twinkle gets up nd try to move outside of room but kunj blocks her way…

T-” kunj leave I’m not talking with u…. What u were saying to Mahi bhabhi that I was attacking u like a hungry cat… Huh…. What she must thinking of me… Its just bcoz if u ‘

K-” Was I saying wrong..u tell..what were u trying to do last night with me… U were trying to woe me.. Seduce me….’

T-” No ; I was not trying to seduce u but I was proving u that I’m hot….I also have guds to do romance as u were saying they I won’t be able to do so nd see I proved it to u that I’m capable of it….. Nd what about u ; how nervous u became when I touched u… U were acting like Bheega billa… “.
…she starts to move…. But kunj holds her hands nd makes her come closer to her..

Twinkle is breathing heavily…. While kunj is constantly staring her…

K-” Now tell who is getting nervous… Who’s heart is breathing faster… Now when I’m not coming so close to u ; u r getting goosebumps…. What will happen when I will come so near to u…. When I will break all the walls coming in between of us…. When I nd u will become one body nd two souls… When in all respect we will complete our relation…. That day ur heart will beat only for me… Ur eyes will blink only for me…. Ur lips will wait for the warmth of my lips..ur body will feel presence of my touch…..my Passion…”….

Twinkle get hell nervous but their is a cute smile on her face as if she is enjoying his company…. Kunj realised her uneasiness nd leaves her hands….
Nd turns back to come out of room… While Twinkle is eyeing him lovingly…

He reaches near the door nd turns to face her…
K-” Don’t worry still their is more time left for our precious moment… “…. He smiles nd moves out of room…


PRECAP – same as last one..

Did u liked it…
Sorry if u all find it boring….
Do share ur views….


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  1. Shreya098

    Wow…it was awesome
    Such a cute epi…??
    I was smiling throughout..?

    Hpy frndshp day to u too…??

  2. Ria

    Oh God! Sayeeda, the dialogues. I literally laughed the entire time. Aww..it was amazing. I loved it. Do post soon. Loving this bit of romance accompanied with teasing and comedy.
    Loads of love??
    (Yes, I know how much you love me??)

  3. Joonakanksha

    Wow sayeeda kya likha hai yr
    Too good
    kunj ke diaogues pdh ke mjhe goosebumps aagaye the

  4. Aamu

    bohot khub…it is just amazing……………..awesome…
    takee care
    love u
    love twinj more

  5. Awesome episode Sayu…it was not at all boring…post next episode asap…

  6. Shamz

    Hey Sayoo….
    The episode was not at all boring but it was cute like u….and yah I’m not miffed wid u all…it’s just I was busy with my CU registration and was hell tired…since morning I was climbing up and down the staircase…. And walking in and out of the college for uploading my documents properly…. And I was a bit sad as everyone left the grp one by one…and u know that I’m not a talkative person still I tried my best to be active on the grp….I cud just make simple grp icon but every time I tried my best to make u all feel good…. Chalo now v had many personal talk on social site….let’s come to ur episode…. It was amazing… Fabulous…. Sweet, hot&spicy just like tomato sauce….as I love it….my family member call me sauce ki boss…lol…
    Be happy……
    Keep smiling…….
    Love you……

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sayeeda episode was just awesome….

  8. Wow sayu awesome epi loved it
    Kung pov ummah
    Twinkle blushing n kind dialogue
    All n all a perfect epi
    Post next soon

    1. Sameera

      Kunj awesome epi sayu
      Loved it to the core

  9. It wz cutest epi….sry cudnt comment on ur earlier ff….ctd sooooon

  10. Romaisha

    I will be honest here !! Like seriously this was tooo romantic amazing and funny!!! I wanted to start laughing so hard but had to keep it in since mom came in room yaarrr sayuu these words ; these dialogues .. Haiyy mar gaya yaar oofff!!! ❤❤❤❤ you made ur way n stole my heart !! (Sorry im bad at flirting??? mar Karna haa?)
    Diii you’re seriously THE BEST n yes without you my life is nothing without our tei cum TU family 🙂 …. Pleasshhh post soon I’m loving Kunj and Twimkle’s teasing eo and yuhi ki badmash!! Hehe… Aur haa #jeenajeena!! That song always makes me emotional and happy !! You made Me smile dii…post soon haa? Thik hai .. Im going now byee

    Love you….??????????

  11. Nusz Khan

    Sayeeda finally got some time to read your Fan-Fictions because everywhere I read I see

    people saying you’re the best writer of our Twinj/Sidmin stories. So honestly I just started

    reading your stories and I love them so much!!!

    Girl you need to rock it aha, Also happy friendships day.

    Anyways keep smiling/shining like always xx.

    ~Nusz/ নুসরাত

  12. foreverfanoftwinj

    This comment is deleted.

  13. RiaA MendeZz

    Omg. I love the bond and connection between twinj. It’s so cute. You portrayed kunj’s emotions perfectly.
    Loved this chapter.

  14. Bulbul23

    Zaldi zladi comment suno as I am late bahut hi badiya tha

    Happy friendship day belated

    Bye …..muahhhh

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    Was soooooo amazing

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    So sorry sayeeda….for late comment …as last day busy with packing as we r shifting in my new house…..
    And d epi was umah!….
    Awesome…amazing…mind blowing…
    Each & every thought of kunj just expressing his respect, his care, his emotion & moreover his love towards his syappa
    queen …
    Just loved it & u know what d song ( dehleez peh…..)was my one of my favourite song….

    Whenever I read ur ff…a cute smile occurred on my lips….as I
    already told u that there is some magic there in ur writing(
    which shows the perfection in each & every lines of ur both ffs with d tadka of emotions, feelings & love). which attract all ur fans towards ur ffs & specially me…
    Sayeeda u said that u r lucky to have friend like me…no..I’m the
    one who is most lucky to have friend like u…
    Keep smiling…

  19. Sayuuuuuuuu diiiiiiiiii aap ko pta hai mai abhi schl jaane ke loye ready ho rhit hi tu khola toh aap ka ff dekha basfir kya abhi aaphi ka ff padh rhi tji apne room pe chup chap berh kar kahi papa na dekh le yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr your ff superb as I told u before I feel in each and every epi ur ff give a new meaning to love wowwww yr todays.epi was jist wow and kunj dialogues when tw was sleeping yr trust.me seriously I was also crying tears were coming from my eyes also and I think this is the sign of the best writer his talks made me so emotional and that song my god and in last when ku come close to tw that time alao I was smiling cum blushing very badly plis I was scared also agar papa room mai aa hai toh yr but seriously I love ur ff very much itna ki mai kehe bhi nhi sakti bas aap samajh jaao
    Bye agar bus chut gai na toh mar jaungi aaj exam bhi toh hai s.st ka chiii abhi itna sweet amazig ff padne ke baad s.st ka exam dena padega bye bye

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    & ya I forgot to ask u how was ur hand?….pls take care of ur self …love u..

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    N yuhi wooow they r jus…????
    I can’t express it…..???
    Samaj jao emojis se……
    Ok nw commin to ur it ws FAB superbbbbbbb…..
    Muaahhhhhhh….. Hot n spicy….
    Funny n cute……
    Love n honesty…..
    Every mixed with every type of emotion…..
    Moreover I love d room wala scene …..
    M in love with ur ff n u….?❤❤❤❤❤
    It’s just like u sweet….
    Ufff ufff mardala kitna maroge yaar….
    N ya hw cn I forgot about #jeenajeena# ….
    One of my favorite superbbbbbbb….❤❤❤❤❤
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  22. wooowwww what a episode
    from the beginning till the last part it’s damn good
    yuhi teasing them and then Kunj blurt out those things woahh m imagining jasmine with that shyness soooo cute
    and then Kunj saying about their moment was soooo pure loved his every line
    continue soon
    and very happy friendship day

  23. Standing ovation, bow down, hats off, salute…..
    Nothing for u…ya….NOTHING!
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    ur episode was so so cute …n that kunj romantic dailouge I just loved it to the core….n thanks sayeeda fr doing so much fr me…but I didnt recieved any mail from tu on my email…n yah password u can tell me here .. .

    1. Sayeeda

      Dear I made an account on TU with the user name nd I’d u gave to me..
      Nd the password is social123
      Kindly login In nd change ur password

      1. Sayeeda

        Nd plz reply me soon…

      2. twinjfan (tamanna)

        as u said I logined …it displays ‘Your account is awaiting e-mail verification.’ can I ask u one thing m I irritating u…if i did im really sorry…

    2. Sayeeda

      No dear u r not at all irritating me… U r my frnd nd what I did was very less in front of our friendship…
      As I frnd it’s my duty to help u out..

      Let’s see when u will get a mail for verification.. Hope u get it soon..
      If their is any problem do tell me?

  25. Heyy am a silent reader of both of ur ffs.. and they are awesome.. actually I wanted to comment b4 only but I couldnt as I was busy.. so sorry for nt commentING in the wedding epi.. I seriously loved it.. hats off to your imagination.. it was out of the world.. I love both of ur ffs… and this epi also is too good.. do continue soon ☺

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    wow awesome??????
    twinj nok jok is soooo adorable
    it’s mind blowing
    and belated happy friendship day

  27. Jisha

    Awesome Sayu… loved it… amazing….
    Hope your hand is fine…
    A bit late this time..

  28. Plzzzzz plzzzz jaldi post krna dont take much tme hey i m ayeza anew member to comment on ur ff its just breathtaking and osum u r such a great writer but plz post next one tommorrow plzzzz_

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    Ohhhhh my god!!!!????di u r tooo gud ….what an episode di ……amazing…..funny, romantic uff ???love the way kunj teased twinkle…?love u di

    1. Bhumika12

      Sooooo sorry for late comment sorry ?? as i m having my devil exams so sorry….but love u di u r awesome….?????

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    Sayuuu meri jaan…
    Wat happen q roying itna…
    Voh bhi firse… Dekh jalne walo ko jaalne de… And don’t give a heed to them…
    They are just blo*dy mentally disable ppl who is really a black mark on the community or religion they are….
    Coz no religion teaches uh to bash any other religion… I m not a muslim bt i dnt mind taking sayuu’s support coz she is a good soul… By wrds… Expression nd everthng… I just want to say onething to ms. Con that… Hav uh ever visited a bloodbank… There are no different blood’s for hindus and muslim… They are the same… Got dammit undrstnd the thing.. We are first humans… Humanity toh sikhle ache se baadme apne nationality k jande gaadna…. Kisi or k religion ko gali deke konsa tera god tujse khush hoga… Stupid ppl… Plz growup and stop being hurdles unnecessarily….

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    Sayoooo what you think why that two buffoons irritating you always…because their jealous on your writing skill…you’re ff…so they planning that if they irritated you…you will be distracted by that your episode will be not good…so don’t that idiot,stupid, buffoons, cheapers, blo*dys etc….

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    I love you so much…mmmmmmhhhhh

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