” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 9


“I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love “!!!

Recap-Uvi helps Kunj realize his feelings for Twinkle …

Continued ….

K-“Uvi I can’t believe ….I can’t believe that I’m in love nd that too with Jhalli Siyaappa Queen Twinkle Taneja ….Yrrr this felings is so different I myself don’t know how much happy I’m ; my heart just want to dance fully without any restrictions nd shout at top of the world that how much I love her ;how much crazy her beauty drives me ; my mind wants to grab all the shinning pearls of universe nd make them lay before my queen . I’m feel as if the whole happiness of heaven is pour down in my life . How colourful ; blissful this moment is for me that none of the words of literature can make an impression fall on it “….

While speaking this tears were gushing from his eyes ….tears of happiness ….tears of realizing best feeling ….tears of colouring himself in love….tears of bracing himself of his next phase of life ….

U-“ kunj control dude …control , ur excitement ; I know u r very elated at this moment but still u need to look at the ppl around u . I can’t let myself to agree that the person on the other side of the phone is my old buddy Kunj …..U r changed ; she made u changed …finally ur present is marked in the love dictionary . I told u na that one day u will have to accept it as none of us have a power to overlook it nd this love hits u like a ton of bricks . It knocks the air out of lungs nd it is the best feelings in the world ….it conquers all the hearts nd so it did urs . U heard na that the heart wants what it wants nd see ur heart was waiting for her nd just bcoz of that ur heart didn’t allow u to go closer to any other girl..”

K-“ Yes u were right every time ; I was the sluggish one who didn’t made me to accept it …I’m such a moron but thanks to u …how much I thank u for this is less …I must have done some good deeds in my last birth due to which Babaji has blessed me with a frnd like u ….
I don’t care that what ppl will think of me as for now I want to live this moment to the fullest …This feeling ; elation ; nerves ; butterflies ; nd the euphoria together …itni saari cheeze ek saath …wwooowww….I wish I could have a pause button on life so I could be with it forever ; frozen in my perfect moment . “

U-“ Kunj u make ur self drenched in this moment ; I will contact with u later …..byeee I love my friend nd u keep loving ur Siyyappa queen “

He cancels the call while on other side our hero picks out his white shirt having Twinkle’s mehendi mark.

He smells it ; kisses it nd make it move closer to his heart nd then recalls smiling face of Twinkle ….he starts to twirl around nd dance holding that shirt nd earring …

Ho Aajkla Tanha main kahan ho; Saath chalta koi
Uski hume aadat hone ki aadat hogayi
Wo jo mila hai jabse uski saubhat hogayi
Ek zara massom se dil ki aafat hogayi
Sunle zara; sunle zara
Dil ne kaha itna bas mujhe pata hai
I’m in love ; I’m in love
Tuhi bata jaane kya mujhe hua hai

(He moves to Tanya’s nd Bebe’s room nd hugs them tightly nd gives peck on their cheeks nd thanks them for pressuring him to come at Chinki’s wedding while both of them were confused seeing his state)

Ose boondhon mein tu hai ; aankhein moondu mein tu hai
Dishayyon das tu hai ; Tu hai hai bas tu hai
Dil ka shehar tu hai ; acchi khabar tu hai
Fursat ki hassi tu hai ; jo bhi thi kami tu hai
Tu hai mera ; tu hai mera ; tu hai mera
Kuch main jaanu na ‘ itna bas mujhe pata hai
I’m in love ; I’m in love ….

(He started to play with Ruhi nd Samrat in rain nd splashes water on them nd loiters in the mud along with them nd after sometime he moves back to his room to dry himself ….He comes out from bathroom covering his waist from towel nd completely bare chested nd stands infront of mirror nd took the comb in his hand nd started to sing nd dance )

Baadal pe chalta hoon main; girta sambhalta hoon main
Khwaishein karta hoon main ; khone se darta hoon main
Jaaga na soya hoon main ; musafir khoya hoon main
Kuch sarfira hoon main ; bhuddu zara sa hoon main
Dil kya kre ; dil kya kre
Tere bina ; itna bas mujhe pata hai
I am in love ; I am in love
Tu hi baata jaane kya mujhe hua hai

( He sees her pic in his mobile nd kisses it)


B-“ Tanya puttar didn’t u find Kunj behaving weird today ?”
Ta-“ Ji Bebe I was also thinking the same ; earlier he was heartbroken hearing about Twinkle’s marriage nd after sometime he became; so happy that he thanked us nd not only this he made himself play in rain …how come ? U remember Bebe once we purposely made him to enjoy rain nd after that he was so angry with us that he did not talk with us for whole one week but what happened today …”
B-“ I think that Twinkle’s marriage has lead him to a heavy shock might be his mind is effected badly bcoz of this …Hawwwww Babaji humara Kunj pagal hogaya hai ; use sadma lag gaya hai …ab kya hoga ….hum Usha r Manohar ko kya jawaab denge?

(Our Kunj has become mad ; he has received a big shock ; now what we will say to Manohar nd Usha?_”

Ta-“ Ohhooo Bebe u r thinking very much ….beyond ur imagination …I think lovearia has affected him”

B-“ Hayyyy!!!! What is loveria ? Ye kaun si bimmari hai( what kind of disease it is )”

Ta-“ Arrreee mu cute Bebe it’s not a disease but the effect or in fact realisation of his love for Twinkle “

B-“ Sacchii….i just hope that this is the only reason ….finally we did ….our plan is sucessful …”

Ta-“ Yes Bebe I also pray the same but let’s wait nd see further moves of Kunj ; then only we can reach to conclusion “


K-“ Twinkle I’m coming ….I’m coming to tell u how much I love u ….I can’t hide my feelings anymore . I have to tell u before it is too late as I can’t afford losing u just bcoz of my sacredness …

He was proceeding to her room when Ranveer calls him from back …

R-“ Hey !! Kunj ur face is glowing so much …ur smile is saying millions of things …I think u made ur self to accept the reality..”

Kunj tries to hide his feelings ..” What a reality haann…. I don’t understand what r u trying to figure out “

R-“ Don’t try to act innocent …I can see the love for Twinkle in ur eyes nd when a person speaks lie he never makes eye contact with the other person as like now u r doing “

K-“ Ranveer r u a mind reader? Well yes u r right I realised that how much I love her nd thanks to u as somewhere u r the one who played a cupid in my life . U made me understand that I’m confused in my own self … I’m happy to see new Ranveer infront of me …u r changed … Can we be frnds as everyone deserves a second chance “

Kunj hugs him ….while Ranveer too responded it ..

R-“ I would love to do friendship with u ….I’m sorry for my past mistakes but now I repent for it … I hope that u will always keep her happy nd will not let pain ever comes near her as she has suffered a lot bcoz of me…promise me u will…”

K-“ I promise I will …now she is my life nd all the miseries has to first encounter me …now I’m her shield “

R-“ Good …now go nd propose her… she is with Chinki in her room after all she is meeting her bestir after her marriage …u know na girl’s talk ….go nd ALL THE BEST “

K-“Yes girl’s talk hhhaahhhaa …. But thanks for ur wishes “

Kunj goes while Ranveer was having tears in his eyes but still smiling nd prays ..” Plzz keep both of them happy together”


Kunj reaches her room nd was about to enter her room but the convo going between them made him to stop near the window …

C-“ Twinkle u tell me ; r u ready for proposal that Mrs Singh bought for u ?
Will u marry her son?”

T-“ I confused ….u know na how much pain I have suffered in my past nd just for that I don’t believe in love “
C-“ So u will not marry …u will tell Leela aunty to reject the proposal”
T-“ No I won’t . I know Ma and Papa always wanted me to see as bride nd I trust them more than any one else ; whatever they will decide for me will be best for me and if they want me to get married then I will accept the proposal ….for me their happiness comes first nd of they r happy it means I’m happy “
C-“ Think once r u confident of ur desicion”
T-“ I’m not confident on my decision but I have confidence in my Babaji ..If he has written this thing to happen in my destiny I will accept it …I’m ready for the marriage “

Hearing this Kunj was shocked ; as if 440 volts electric shock is given to him ….his feet’s were trembling nd tears were flowing from his eyes ….Twinkle’s words were piercing his heart badly …he leaves from their ….


PRECAP- Kunj’s breakdown …..

HELLO !!!! I’m before time haannn…I told u ppl that I’m busy nd will not be able to post soon but I got time so I thought of posting it ….

Thank u sooo much guys for ur support towards my ff till date …
Next episode will be my 10 one nd before that there is a surprise for my readers …as this journey till date was most memorable moment of my life nd ur love made me to believe in me , so just a token of love from my side will be posted for my lovely readers very soon ….I request u all do read it also nd tell me whether u liked it or not ?


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