” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 8


“ I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love”!!!
CHAPTER 8- Realization


Kunj is trying hard to sleep but is unable to do so …
K-“ What’s wrong with u kunj ? Why r u not able to sleep ? Again nd again when u r closing ur eyes Twinkle’s face is flashing before it ….why r u thinking about that kiss which never happened . U r so confused in ur ownself ; at one point u r happy that Babaji saved u from doing it nd at other point u r sad thinking that u didn’t kissed her ..
I think u need to consult a pshycatrist or else u very soon un will be admitted to mental asylum ..Uuuuhhhh!!! Kunj for God’s sake stop putting so much pressure on ur stupid mind ….let me first drink water ; I hope after that I can slumber peacefully …”

He picked up the jug but it was empty so he decided to drink water from kitchen . While returning back his eyes fell on Twinkle’s room …he peeped inside the room to have a glimpse of her ..

He found her sleeping calmly …A cute smile is spread on her face nd the moonlight falling on her through window is making her face shine like diamond..

Kunj’s POV….

“Just look at her …meri neend barbaad krke madam yahan sukkon se so rhi hai ( after spoiling my sleep she is sleeping so peacefully)
Twinkle I know what I was going to do was wrong ….but what can I do I’m so confused in my ownself ; I myself don’t know the reason behind my actions …I was never like this before . I don’t know why my eyes always search for u ; why I’m always attracted towards u like a bee to honey ; why I’m not able to control myself ….this feeling….this giddiness…..happiness ……
U r casting a black magic of ur charisma on me ….my heart; my body ; my soul …But now I promise , that I will keep a distance from u as I know when u will be close to me I will not be able hide my feelings nd just bcoz of my nasty actions I can’t risk to lose a frnd like u “…

He then leaves from their …
Ta-“ Kunj get ready fast …we all r going for sight seeing …”

He thinks for a while nd answers “ No di u all go ; I don’t have a mood for outing”….he wanted to go but he knows that Twinkle will also accompany them nd remembers about the promise he made to himself…
Ta-“ ok don’t come ….Dev nd Ranveer r their to come with us “
Hearing Ranveer’s name he gets into a dilemma ….” Ohh!! …I see he is also going . It’s not right to leave Twinkle along with him…if he tries to come closer to her then?..Nooooo…I can’t leave her alone …Yah I know about promise but her safety is a priority of mine …As a frnd I can’t leave her alone”
K-“ Di I’m also coming “

Everyone sits in the car nd left of park nd whole time Kunj was staring at Twinkle but as soon as his gaze meets with her he turns his face away to avoid eye contact …
Twinkle was observing all this nd thinks….” What happened to Kunj , since morning he is acting weird . God know his mood swings..

S-“ Maa plzz we want to do boating …plzzz “
R-“ Yes ; maa I also want to do “
Ta-“ ok …okk…we r going . Come everyone let’s do boating “

T-“ Ummmm….u all go I will not come, I will stay here only “
Ta-“ Why?”
T-“ Actually I’m afraid of water md doing boating is next to impossible for me”
Listening this Kunj started to laugh …

T-“ Hey! Don’t laugh ; I know I’m grown up but what to do I have water phobia”
Ta-“ Kunj don’t tease her . Ok u don’t come with us but we can’t leave u alone here , someone needs to stay with u “
Ranveer speaks “ U all go . I will stay back with her “
Twinkle nd Kunj became surprised as she didn’t wanted him to stay back ….she in despair looks at Kunj nd Kunj understood what she is trying to communicate with him through her actions..
K-“ No u go ….I will stay with her “

Ranveer smiles …nd everyone leaves for boating leaving Twinj alone ..
Kunj was trying to ignore her nd Twinkle was feeling bad seeing him doing so ‘’

T-“ Kunj …anything wrong happened ? Why r u behaving differently with me ? Is everything alright ?”
K-“ I acting differently …..Noooo….never …I’m fine , don’t worry “
T-“ Ok ….accha tell me I’m going for a ride of swing …r u coming with me “
K-“No u go , I’m here only “’

She leaves from their while Kunj watches her from distance nd remembers Ranveer’s words ..
R- “Kunj I need to talk with u “

Kunj in anger “ I don’t want to talk to u ….u cheapo …Twinkle told me what u did with her . Leave soon or else u will see the worst of me “
R-“ Plz at least give me chance to speak ; I know I did very wrong with her but now I’m changed “
K-“ U changed ….just keep ur blo*dy shit out of here “

R-“ I’m sorry for my past deeds but today u have to listen me . I know that u love Twinkle very much but u urself is not giving a chance to u to accept it ..do accept ur feelings soon before it is late. Just think over it once ….ALL THE BEST …” …nd he leaves

Fb ends….
K-“ Do I really love her ? Am I …but how …how it is possible I don’t even know how this love happens , how will I realize that I’m in love ? But I will soon find an answer for it ‘”
T-“ Come Kunj let’s go everyone came back …see they r waving to call us but u r lost in ur own world”

She moves but her right earring falls on ground …Kunj sees it nd he was about to tell her but stops him nd instead of that he picked it up nd kept it in his pocket …

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But i can’t help falling in love with u !!

Shall I stay ?
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with u !!

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling ; so it goes
Somethings r meant to be
Take my hand ;
Take my whole life ; too;


L-“ Are u all came back ….come Twinkle puttar there is a surprise for u “
T-“ What maa?”
L-“U remember Mrs Singh …whom we met in Chinki’s wedding , she gave a proposal of his son’s marriage “
T-“ Yah I remember ….but for who’s wedding?
L-“ Ohoooo!!!! My stupid Kudi of course for u …She liked u very much nd wants her son to marry u”

Hearing this Twinkle , Tanya , Ranveer was shocked while Bebe nd Usha were standing their making a sad face …

But our hero was super shocked ….tears started to form in his eyes ….he was not able to bear this news …his smiling face turned to a gloomy one ….while Tanya nd Bebe was noticing the pain in his eyes …
Ta-“ Kunj wait , I need to talk with u “
K-“ No di …not now …u can talk with me later on “…his voice was trembling bcoz of the unexpected shocked he received now …nd he leaves

Twinkle noticed him leaving from their without uttering a word …


He entered inside his room nd started to throw the things here nd their ..

“ Why ….why r u so angry hearing a marriage proposal for her ….these tears why….U should be happy for her but no u r becoming so angry on it …Why can’t u see her going away from u . Before coming here u were never concerned for any girl but now , now 24 hrs she is revolving around ur mind “ ….he stared to cry …..

His phone starts to ring but he cancelled the call in anger ….but again nd again it was ringing ….
He in frustration received the call…

K-“ R u mad …when a person is not receiving ur call it means that he is busy …but u jerk “…he was about to speak further when the caller cuts him nd speaks..
C-“ Kunj calm down , it’s me Uvi . Why r u so sounding so frustrated ….what happen tell me , r u fine”
K-“ I’m sorry bro , I didn’t see ur name on screen nd yelled at u but right now I’m not in a mood to talk with anyone ….not even with u “
U-“ Plzzz tell me what’s wrong with u …why r u behaving like this . Tell me abt ur prblm I will help u to solve it out . I can sense the pain in ur voice , it seems that u r sobbing . Tell me ur silence is killing me , u know I can’t see u in pain…Wait !!! Tell me whether the matter is related with Twinkle”

K-“ How do u know that I’m upset bcoz of her ….Uvi help me , I’m very confused …I don’t know that what I’m feeling right now ? Ranveer say that I love her …but how …how can I love her ?
How can I understand about being in love with her ?”

U-“Calm down ….now u do as what I say . Close ur eyes nd keep ur hand on ur heart nd whatever I speaks just listen it nd try to frame a image of a person in ur mind “
Kunj closes his eyes nd kept his hand on his heart…

U-“ When someone changes ur thoughts , that’s love
(Kunj recalls how he used to hate girls , but now he don’t . Twinkle is her frnd nd she made him believe that every girl is not same , some r very unique)

When that person is near u , ur heart bounces in happiness, ur hear beat increases …that’s love..
(Kunj recalls how he collides with her in their first meet nd his attraction towards her, how his heart was pumping like train when he saw her in lehanga)

That person innocence ; her simplicity makes u go crazy for her ….that’s love
(Kunj recalls Twinkle’s simplicity ; her smile ; her eyes full of innocence)

When that person is not present before ur eyes …u will feel desperate to see her ….that’s love..
(Kunj recalls how desperately he was waiting to have a look of her’s at wedding night )

When that person comes close to u , u r not able to control urself…that’s love
(Kunj recalls how he was about to kiss her in car nd how he was coming closer to her )

When u love someone childish behaviour ….that’s love…
(Kunj recalls her playing with Ruhi nd Samrat with pillow nd removing her heels nd walking barefoot)

When her pain becomes ur pain ….that’s love…
(Kunj recalls how she was crying at terrace after seeing Ranveer nd how he was feeling sad to see her like that)

When u feel scared realizing that she will go away from u forever ….that’s love…
(Kunj recalls how much pain he is feeling listening about her marriage)

When whole day thoughts of that person surrounds ur mind nd not let u sleep ….that’s love
(Kunj recalls how her face flashes in his mind as he closes his eyes )

Now kunj open ur eyes nd that me whom did u imagined….

K-“ TWINKLE……OMG !!!!! TWINKLE ……Yuvi I love her ….i love her dammit …..how silly nd stupid I was that my love was present before me nd I was not able to see it ….I can’t believe I love her ….Yuvi ur frnd is in love ….wooowwwww……

To be continued ….
Sorry guys for the abrupt ending but now my episode is becoming enough longer …..but don’t worry I will post next one soon …..
Thnks everyone for ur love nd support …..silent readers it’s a request to plzz tell me whether u liked this realisation part or not .?
Nd u also guys tell me whether u liked it or not nd song part also ? More is to come …..just wait nd see Kunj’s happiness after realisation …

PRECAP- Kunj’s happiness to know no boundaries nd a shock awaiting for him….


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