” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 4


“I Can’t Stop Loving u – Twinj Love!”
Hello! Everyone I’m back with next episode. I’m so sorry guys as I in last episode I told u all that I will not be continuing with my ff coz of lack of comments but u all made me realise my folly ….I will be continuing to bore all of u with my ff….lolllzz….as we all have to go long journey ahead ….
Let’s begin with the episode…..
Twinkle moves out while kunj proceeds to meet his family ….
Kunj reaches the room..

He kept his hands on Tanya’s eye …..Seeing him Bebe nd Usha became delighted but kunj through his actions requested them to keep quiet…while they both were giggling…

Ta-“Who’s this …….”
(Guyzz I will be using Ta for Tanya nd T for Twinkle)

Ta-“ Wait, wait lemme guess ….it’s u my small bro ….my Kunj ….my Bunny…now take off ur hands from my eyes as I guessed u “

k-“Di ! This is not fair hannn….every time u recognise me so easily …how do u?”

Ta –“ kunj dear don’t forget I’m ur sis ….I can guess u very easily , I can feel ur presence around me . Don’t forget that a sis is blessed with a place next to mother..”….she is having tears in her eyes

K-“What’s this yrr ,instead of hugging me u r crying….this not good di! U r a mother of 2 children nd still u r crying like a toddler ….haaannn….have some shame on u . OK ! u r not gonna stop these tears ,it seems that u r not happy seeing me back ….not a problem I’m going ….byeee”..saying this he turned.

Ta-“ Phoolon ka , tarron ka , sabka kehna hai ..( all flower’s nd stars say)..

Listening to this a bright smile appears on his face nd he continued the line further …

K-“ Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai …( my sis is best among the thousands)..he also became teary eyed …
Nd finally they hugged eo…..

Ta-“ Missed u sooo much Kunj….missed u each nd every moment”

K-“I missed u too di. Living far away from u nd my family is like a curse to me ….it kills me …”

Seeing their affection Bebe nd Usha became emotional …

B-“ Ok now u both of u , its enough of ur emotional drama ….nd Kunj it seems that u only missed u sis not ur ma and Bebe”….she makes pout face …

K-“ Awww…..my darling I missed u both ….”

Finally they all shared the hug…

Manohar-“ Woowwww!!!! Akele akele ( alone , alone)…u all forget me to include me in my family moment”…

K-“ Papa u also come nd join us ….”……….

Nd they all shared a cute family moment nd took a selfie

K-“ Accha just tell me where r my champs “

Ta –“ Kunj u also na is this a ques to ask u also know the answer …just think u will get it”

Kunj thinks nd replied “ Oh yes I’m so stupid , obvio they must with ur frnd cum sis Twinkle…right na?”
Ta-“ Yes “

Kunj’s POV…
“ Who’s this girl , I had never met her but since my family is shifted to Amritsar I had heard her name millions of time . All of them used to praise her so much …sometimes they tease me to take classes from her to enjoy the life as they think I’m bored person. Not this only my niece nd nephew do not miss me coz of her companionship…let me also meet nd check …akhir kis khait ki moohli hai wo ( as to which radish is she !)”

Ta-“ Hey ! Where r u lost hmmmm……ohhh….u must be thinking of Twinkle ; what to do she is a kind of person to think upon but Mr. Kunj Sarna – the one who dislikes girl is dreaming about a girl ….amazing what a drastic change …u r behaving like this now what will happen when u will meet her?”

K-“No….not at all I’m not thinking about her nd why would I thimk about her ? Tell , tell …I’m just thinking about my office project “

Ta-“ No kunj ….not again ….atleast give some space to u from ur office stuff nd enjoy ….seriously u r a complete workaholic guy….”

B- “ Leave all this ….Kunj u freshen up soon as I will take u to meet Taneja family…”
K-“ ok Bebe !”
He leaves…



Samrat(S)- “ Twinkie u r very bad girl ….i will not talk with u . U made u lose purposely to make Ruhi win ….”

T-“ Oh! My baby it’s ok na …sometimes girl should also win ….u know everything is fair in love nd war…I will make u win next time promise”..

S-“No u r bad ….very bad . Just bcoz u r girl u r supporting her …..dont worry let my Kunj mamu comes one then u will see who will lose , I nd he will pair up together nd defeat both of u nd then u will cry”…..he show’s his tongue to her..

T-“ Who will come? Ur Kunj mamu….hhahhhhaaa….let me see how he will defeat me ….he won’t be able to do so . U know na I’m so smart in fact I’m so intelligent…”

Now this is a limit for Samrat’s patience level nd he started to ran behind Twinkle nd Ruhi to catch them up nd beat them ….due to their cat nd mouse game the whole room was messed up nd pillow feathers were spread across the room nd over their head too….
Suddenly Bebe ; Tanya nd Kunj entered the room nd were awestruck to see the condition of room …

B-“ Twinkle puttar what’s happeing over here ….what u ppl r doing ?”
Twinkle turned back nd faced them

T-“ Bebe nothing actually Samrat lost the game nd he was not able to accept his defeat was running behind us ,to beat us…”….she was not making any eye contact with both of them as she was embarrassed bcoz of her childish behaviour…

While whole of this scene Kunj was standing behind them at the entrance nd was witnessing the scene nd smiling …

Kunj’s POV
“Oh ! so here comes the most famous Twinkle Taneja….the same one with whom I collided with ….When I first met her I should have understood that she can be none other than her…
But whatever it is she is looking so cute with the feathers across her face nd hairs ….her eyes is full of innocence …her guilty feeling making her to bow her head is so adorable…..Hey! wait Kunj what r u thinking ? R u out of ur mind ? Ur thinking about a girl nd that to a girl like this Siyyappa queen .Babaji , what’s wrong with me ….I think Mumbai’s air is not suiting me ‘ it is effecting my mind so deeply ….”

Suddenly Samrat eyes falls on Kunj nd he ran nd hugged him
S-“Kunj maamu u r back ; I’m so happy to see u woowww…..”
Ruhi also ran nd hugged him while Twinkle is watching all this having boggled expressions on her face

Twinkle thinks –“ So he is Kunj Sarna …..but I heard that he is very quiet in his nature but the person I encountered sometime back is completely opposite…”…she recalls her first meet with him”

B-“Kunj puttar come ….meet she is Twinkle”

Kunj smiles seeing her but she was making weird faces ..

T-“ Hello ! Ahaannnn! U r Usha’s aunty son nd Tanya’s di bunny?…”

K-“ What do u mean u r ? I am his son nd bunny too. See u told me na that u were busy at that moment nd u will see me later on …..u were so desperate to meet me that I only came to fulfil ur wish”

T-“ I nd desperate to see u ….huuuhhhh…in ur dreams….ppl r desperate to see me not I , don’t carry any misconception about u “

Kunj is constantly gazing her nd smiled seeing her attitude..

Ta-“U both know eo from before only ?”
k-“ Di ! it’s a long story will tell sometime later”….
Ruhi-“ Mammu u don’t know about good manners haannn? When we meet with someone for the first time we shake hands with them”……..saying this she lifted his hands towards Twinkle…

At first instant she hesitated but later she also approached her hands for handshake nd finally their hands met …
Kunj felt something different in her touch ….he felt good …..
Leela enters the room nd Bebe introduces him with her….

B-“ Ok ! we will see u all in morning , byeee…..gud night..”
Twinkle nd Kunj looked towards eo awkwardly ….

K-“ See u in the morning …..Siyyappa queen …gud night..”

Twinkle eyes were popped out to hear her new name before she could say something he went away..

To be continued………..

Precap- Kunj sees Twinkle dancing infront of mirror, sangeet ceremony, nd new entry wid a new twist…….

Thank u everyone for their support…..I hope u all saw my replies on ur comments as yesterday I was busy with my college project so I replied late ….
Guyss now we will witness some romantic moments …..realization phase nd acceptance phase …so stay tuned..

Credit to: Sayeeda

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  1. Kruti

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    1. Thank u thank u soooo much Kruti ….I’m happy that u r liking it….love u for ur support dear..

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    1. Thank u soooooo much ……RiaA …I’m very happy that u r loving my ff …stay tuned as now romance will blossom….keep supporting dear..

  3. Shatakshi

    U know I was so engrossed in reading that I didn’t got to know that when did it end…
    That was just perfect
    U r princesses of perfection ki perfect writer cum di…hehe
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    1. Areeee….my Shatakshi I’m so blessed that such a great writer is enjoying my writings nd complimenting me …
      I’m glad that u remembered the tittle which a I gave u -” Princesses of perfection..”…love u to moon nd back..

  4. Rashiverma2199

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    1. Thank u soooo much Rashi ….ur words always acts as a great support to me nd encourage me to write more….nd yes dear I will surely post the next one today so that u can get to read it tomorrow in morning..love u

  5. Awesome epi dear…..loved it.

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      ….u r always their to encourage me nd support me through ur awesome words… I’m happy that u find it chaanga ….love u dear

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  8. Ahannnn didu it’s becoming more n more interesting day by day yaar
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      Ummmm…..about ur guess …..check out the next one tomorrow ….love u …muahh.

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