” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 5 Continued


I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !
Chapter 5 !!

Before starting with the episode let me express my happiness seeing the support nd love of u ppl …The way u guys stood beside me ; the way u all showered ur love is beyond my imagination.
Ur all lovely comments made my day …u all don’t know what a impact ur comments create on me!
That day I was very rude ; I don’t know what made me to write all that but I want to apologize whole heartedly from u all…I’M SORRYYYY!!!!….
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Love u all….nd ik u all love me the same I do ….
Let’s start with the episode ….

The episode start with Twinkle crying nd kunj consoling her ….
k-” U nd Ranveer were in relationship in past ; what happened between u two that u both broked up ?” ..
T-” No ; Kunj we were never in any relationship . We never acknowledged eo as bf or gf . But I used to feel for him …there was certain attraction I find towards him nd he also knows this . I don’t know whether it was love or just infatuation but whatever it was ; that feeling I never felt before . It was the first time I was going through such so called feeling . I being such a girl strict in my attitude ; never allowed someone to play with my feelings as no one has permission to do so but how ; how I made myself into that phase ; I also don’t know”
K-” Tell me clearly ..don’t beat around the bush …I cannot understand what u r trying to say . At one u r saying that u liked him nd at other moment u r saying that u both were not in a relation”…

T-” OK ….so listen …
1 yr back Ranveer came to Amritsar for his official work ….nd for that he needed a home like place to live as he has to stay their for 1 month nd he don’t want to stay in hotel.
He being Chinki’s cousin maa told him stay at our home . As the time was passing by he became friendly with me …we both used to hangout …we used to chit chat for long hours …he used to care for me a lot …
Slowly ; slowly I started to like his company nd when I got attracted towards him I don’t even noticed that ….One day I told about my feelings to Chinki …
Chinki warned me to stay away from him as he is a big flirtier ; he don’t respect girls feeling infact he use to think them as a tissue paper … But I didn’t paid any heed towards her warning ..

One day she came to Amritsar nd took me to his room nd told me ” Stand here quietly ; I will make u see the real side of him ” ..She asked him that whether he loves me or not ? …He replied ” Chinki r u serious ; u think that I like that behenji Twinkle …oh! plzzz she is just a time pass for me ..U know na I need some entertainment where ever I go …But I know that she likes me ; it’s good na whenever I will come here I can get a good company from here ..” …
Hearing this I was not able to control myself nd I slapped him nd asked him to get out from my house. ….nd now I hate this word LOVE…”

K-” Oh ! so now I see …he is such a cheap guy . How can he play with a emotions of girl …” …his face was red in anger nd his fist was close to control his emotions.
-” Do u still love him?”….asked kunj abruptly…
T-“No kunj I hate him …..I hate him to the core ….but whenever he comes in front me all the horrifying thoughts ; sleepless nights ; pain I went through…..runs in my mind… nd just for that I’m not able to control myself ….” she again started to cry hard…

Kunj kneeled down nd cups her face ..
k-” Twinkle u r strong girl…. a real fighter …how can u break down so easily ; nd if u do so u will make him feel that still his presence matters u . How can u allow someone to play with ur emotions …
I met a girl who was ready to accept any challenge ; she used to brings smile on others faces ; Leela aunty calls her as her Sherni ….but this girl sitting in front of me is not the same one… she is acting as a loser ….”…
T-” Who said that I’m loser …No I’m not …”..she wiped her tears…
K-” That’s like a good girl ….Thanks Babaji she stopped crying or else her complete make up would wiped off nd everyone will see the real horrifying face behind a fake lovely face…” …he giggles.
T-” Hhaawwwww….kunj u think I’m bad looking girl …let me tell u this my natural beauty not a make up one…” …she shows her fake anger..
K-” Real beauty nd that to witch face one….. hhhhhaahhaaa”””.
Seeing him Twinkle didn’t spoked anything ….nd stares him ..
K-” Twinkle what happened ? Where r u lost ? Will u not say anything to me as I’m making ur fun ..” ..
But instead of being angry she started to laugh….
While laughing she spokes …” Ik kunj u r saying this to cheer my mood up …U also know na that I’m very pretty …u know na?””

He is lost in her beauty …nd unknowingly speaks ..” U r damm beautiful nd cute” ..
Twinkle listening this ; stopped laughing nd smiles nd says-” Mr Kunj Sarna praising a girl …How come ? I heard that he don’t likes girl …but now he is acting different ” ..
K-” Yes if a girl ; how can I not compliment her . Is their any crime praising u …” ….having a questioning look on his face ….
T-” No not at all …u can do …I permit u …as I love to hear good words for me “..

They both started to laugh ….
T – ” Friends “….,..she forwardz her hand towards him …
Seeing this kunj was shocked ; boggled but deep inside his heart was pumping out of happiness…
Immediately he forwarded his hand ..
K-” yes yes ….frndzz..”
T-” Ohoooo…..I used to think that u r only interested in boyzz but u proved me wrong ..” …she started to tease him ..
K-” U think I’m gay….oh …hello girls die on my hot body nd charming looks nd u r saying like this . U don’t know my fan following …”
T -” OK ! OK u r interested in girl’s “..
K-” When I said I like this….”..
Twinkle beings to laugh more nd more ..seeing her Kunj was too happy …
K-‘ Always smile like this …serious looks don’t suit’s u …”
T-” Yes ….Jo hukum mere akka ( whatever u say sir )..akhir friendship ki hai nibhani toh padegi “….
They both smiles nd moves down …

Ta-” Bebe ; I’m happy to see kunj getting close to twinkle ..just bcoz of her kunj started to enjoy his life…. after a long time he is smiling whole heartedly or else every time he is busy in his office life ” ..

B-” Yes Puttar ….I’m also very happy . I just want both of them to like eo ..Babaji help us to make Twinkle as our DIL …”..

Next scene ….Evening…. Mehendi ceremony…

Ta-“Twinkle come nd sit nd apply mehendi on ur hands…”
Kunj was passing by nd hearing Twinkle’s name he stopped..
T-” No di …I will not apply it…u know na I don’t like putting mehndi on my hands..”
Ta-” Why so dear… this is not done …it’s ur best frnd marriage nd u won’t apply mehndi . It’s not done…”
C-” Twinkle if u not gonna apply it then I will also not apply it . Everyone will say that I will the first bride ever getting married without applying Heena ….the symbol of love “”…she makes a sad face..
T-” Stop ur emotional blackmail …I’m coming wait ….make me do as per ur wish as now I can’t say no to u “…
She sits for applying it …

Kunj’s POV….
” Nakhra hhaaannnn.. ( attitude )…
U have compete right to show it as u r very special… nd when u r special ur attitude looks cute to other one ..Just like u r for me …What a girl she is ? A girl that hates mehndi …unbelievable… But no matter she looks amazing without it also…”””

Heena is applied on Twinkle’s hand covering her front part of hand nd back one..
Kunj is entering in lawn when he collides with Twinkle ..
K-” Aaaaaaa!!!! can’t u see nd walk ..”…he didn’t saw her face …
T-” I’m sorry …”..She looks nd sees Kunj’s face…
Both together …” You ….not again…”..
K-” U girls always find a way to stuck with boy “….saying this he laughs…
Both of them remembers their first meet nd recalled their fight nd both chuckles..
T-” OMG…kunj mehndi marks r applied on ur shirts ….being a white one it is clearly visible …it’s due to me …I’m so sorry I stained ur shirt…
K-” it’s OK …I will go nd change…””

After sometime he came out changing his clothes…He found Twinkle struggling to drink water in kitchen….
T-” That’s why I hate putting mehndi …just bcoz of it I feel handicapped …can’t even do a small task . Now how will I drink water …I’m feeling thirsty nd no one is here to help me out ..”
K-” Don’t worry dear ….when kunj is here ..I will help u “…
T-” Kunj u ; u will help me “..
K-” Why ? I can’t help u “..
T-” No ….I mean yes …”

Kunj took the glass of water nd made her to drink it ….while she is drinking water ; Kunj was just lost in her ….he was smiling …
T-” Thank u for ur help…”..
Twinkle goes while Kunj saw the lipstick mark of her lips on the glass edge..
He took his nd placed his lips on her lipstick mark nd he drank the water…

While this whole scene is witnessed by Ranveer …..
R-” Something is fishy….. something is coking between these two ..I need to find it out..”

To be continued…..
PRECAP- Kunj looking at the mehndi marks on his shirt nd thinking something….. Twinkle nd Ranveer confrontation…. Kunj’s convo with UV….marriage day…

Guys I will try to post next soon …but I can’t assure u when I will be ….
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Love u All…..

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      Thank u soooo much Sam….

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    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much RiaA ….for ur lovely comment…. ur comment always makes my day very special…
      I’m happy that u understood my point dear…
      Love u for ur support …..I don’t know till how much episode I will be able to carry my story but I will try my best to entertain u all..

  3. That was just too good.. The way u express twinkle’s feeling that was just too good.. Loved it..

    1. Sayeeda

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