” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!”…. CHAPTER 25( SILVER JUBILEE ????)…


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!”…..

OMG Finally I managed to complete my ff 25 episodes… I never thought that this ff will be completing it’s silver jubilee…

Though I faced much criticism but still the way u all supported me is undefined….. How much I thank u all for the love u all showered is very less…
Thanks to each nd every one of u who always acted as my support system….

Guys I know my ff will not complete it’s 50 episode’s as per my idea but for me it’s enough for me that it completed its 25 episodes…. This ff journey with my TU family is the bestest experience for me which I will cherish till my last breath…

I request all of u that today is a very happy day for me… So if u ever read my ff nd liked any of the single episode then please do comment today… Plz….

Nd plz let me know since starting till now which scene’s u loved the most…. Coz after this I will never get chance to know this from u all…. But plz do comment today….


Let’s start with the episode…

Kunj is ready to leave for the party…. His heart is pondering to have a glance of his Queen to see her for the first time wearing saree…….

While on the other side Twinkle is seen applying mascara…. a pinkish red glow blossoms on her cheeks.. Kunj’s touch brought a tint of roseate to her cheeks….
A cute smile is spread across her face while recalling the way kunj made her wear saree… She touches her shoulder to feel presence of love bite placed by kunj on that part…..

After sometime….

Kunj is not able to control his excitement to see her…. He moves all around the house….. while his siyappa Queen is enjoying his desperateness……

Suddenly Twinkle shouts… “Kunj come fast… Plz help me… Plz come”….

Kunj got tensed listening her scared voice… He runs nd reaches the room nd finds Twinkle chortling hard….
Kunj is perplexed to see her laughing…

Kunj speaks in a worried tone ..” R u fine Twinkle… Why did u screamed…. Tell me I’m getting tensed “….. He is so anxious that he is not able to appreciate Twinkle’s beauty…

Twinkle moves towards him nd pulls his chubby cheeks softly…

T-” Don’t worry my hubby I’m alright…. I know u were very desperate to see me but I was taking so long time to get ready…. So I thought to call you in different manner… See I’m smaller than u…..
Whatever it is but I really loved the way u made me wear saree…. Ur touch was making me feel warmth…… “…. She is about to speak further but realises but she just spoked to him….
A hue of red spread throughout her cheeks as they burned from embarrassment… .shade of crimson discolored appeared at her flawless complextion.

Kunj eye’s popped out hearing her words…. While she turned around to hide her shyness nd blushing from his eyes…. She is about to move but kunj holds her wrist…
He pulls her towards him nd makes her to face him…. Twinkle hands is resting on his chest while kunj hand’s r interlocked around Twinkle’s waist…

Both are looking at eo with full passion…. Kunj gives a special smile reserved just for her….which is making her heart beat a little faster..

K-” Itni bhi jaldi kya hai pehle tumhe main jee bhar ke dekh toh lun ( why r u hurrying ; first let me see u to the fullest)…..
My heart is skipping to the beat of ur innocence… A heaven fairy is standing in front of me I can’t leave a chance to adore her…. U increased the worthy of this dress by wearing it…
If anything happens between us today then don’t complain to me that I was not able to control my hormones…. How can someone manage to control his emotion when he has so beautiful wife…. I’m so lucky to have u in my life… Aren’t I’m? “…

Twinkle is feeling butterflies in her stomach flapping their wings to the beat of her heart. It’s the incontrollable heat that rushed to her face…. . It’s the feeling of a thousand kisses on her lips, but never actually happened.
She tries hard to free her wrist from his grip but he holds it more tightly….. Kunj is having a cute grin smile on his face as he sees her struggling…

T-” Kunj let’s leave… We are already late for the party… U remember what Yuvi said ; we have to reach at the venue at 9″….

K-” Ohhooo Twinkle don’t spoil this moment.. I remember what he said but I’m thinking to cancel the plan of going to party…. Let’s not go over their nd enjoy our night together with in eo embrace here only… I promise I won’t make u bore with my love talks.. What say? … “…. He looks at her shy face nd gives his one eye brow look… He smirks cutely…

T-” Hawww!! Kunj u r so naughty… U don’t have shame ; u r flirting with me without my permission “….

K-” So what do I need a approval before flirting with u…. Flirting is a right I acquired since my birth …. If I will not flirt with u then I will flirt with someone else.. Tell?….
Well u r right I should stop flirting with u… U don’t like me doing it with u moreover u don’t like my touch… U feel uncomfortable when I come close to u…
So done from today I will only flirt with Alisha…. She is already flat on my looks nd if I do so with her she isn’t going to protest.. ”

Twinkle feels hell jealous of Alisha… She holds kunj’s collar nd pulls him towards her..
T-” Mr kunj Sarna don’t dare to think about any other girl…. Only I have a right to rule ur heart… Who the hell told u that I don’t like u presence around me…. Why do u think that I don’t like ur romantic talks infact I love all this… I love ur flirty Sarna behaviour… If next time if u mind strikes with the thought of someone else I promise I won’t spare u. “..

Kunj likes her possessive side…

Kunj’s POV..
” kunj carry on…. Ur plan is working just apply few more effort very soon she will lose her feelings before her jealously….
I always heard that..
( Girls like a child in their love relationship.. The one who belongs to them they will never allow it to share with anyone else)..
See kunj ur Siyappa queen is same as other girls only the difference is that she still didn’t realised her love for me but very soon I will make that will happen “…

K-” Ohhooo… Possessive Mrs Sarna… Yes jaan only u have a right to rule my heart but u know I never got kiss from any girl… Though earlier I was least interested in girlish tactics but now the things r turned around….I know that u will never kiss me coz of ur shyness so it’s better that I get it from Alisha only as she won’t reject kissing me coz she always wanted to do so “..

T-” I will surely smack that blo*dy girl…. How dare she thinks that she will kiss u…. Nd how can u think to get kiss from her…..
Main zinda hoo mari nai hoon ( I’m not dead I’m still alive) ….. U never experienced it so today I will make u experience it…. I will kiss u ”

Hearing this kunj happiness knew no boundaries….
He thinks” Plan successful… Good job Kunj Sarna…. Thank God Alisha is not here or else Twinkle will surely killed her now…. I never thought that Twinkle will get so jealous to much extent that she will get to kiss me… Sorry Twinkle for making u upset by saying that I will kiss Alisha ; I just wanted to make u jealous… I can never think of getting close to someone else… As my whole heart is surrounded by ur love…. No one is allowed to love me only u r having that right on me “…

Twinkle starts to move closer to him…. She crosses her arm across his shoulder….
While kunj is overwhelmed to see her seductive action… As soon as she proceeds towards him ; he closes his eye’s..

Twinkle smiles seeing him…. She places a soft kiss on his right cheeks…
Feeling Twinkle’s touch for the first time makes Kunj go crazy at that moment…. Kunj opens his eye’s…..

He forwards his left cheek towards her….
Twinkle understood that he is still not contend nd wants her satiate his desire..

She then kisses him on his left cheek….she further places kisses on his forehead…. His eye’s…. His nose tip…. Nd his chin…

She frees her hand’s from his shoulder nd moves back…
T-” For now this much is enough for u…. I hope that now u won’t crave for experiencing kiss feeling…. Come let’s go “….

K-” Twinkle this is not done… No this is not fair….I asked u for a kiss… I wanted ur lips to be locked with mine.. I want lip to lip kiss nd u r betraying me… U can’t do this for the very first time u left ur hesitation behind to come close to me… U tried to gave a new way to our marriage but now u r backing off… Plz just last kiss… Plz “…..

Twinkle chuckles seeing him…. She speaks…”. Ummm…. U r requesting so much nd today u helped me with saree draping also…. So I’m ready to kiss u for one last time as a token of thanks to u….is it OK?. “..

Kunj becomes excited….” yes… OK “…

Twinkle proceeds towards kunj… While kunj heart beat is increasing with her each step towards him…

They are so close to eo that they are able to feel the heat of warmth of each other body…. Both are able to hear the soft whisper of each other’s breath….
Twinkle inched closer to him… Kunj felt her hand’s encircle around him again.
Both looked up….Twinkle’s soft brown eyes already locked on with kunj’s gaze…

Kunj runs his fingertips up her forearm, leaving a trail of goosebumps blooming to her… . Twinkle brought her hand up to cup his cheek, while kunj’s thumb is running along the curve of Twinkle’s cheekbone….

They both starred into each others eyes seductively…. and slowly leans towards each other… Kunj looked at Twinkle warm luscious lips….. His eye’s actions Twinkle to place her lips on his….

Finally their lips met …… They both are able to smell wonderful minty breath as it brushed along their lips…… Twinkle’s lips felt like heaven to Kunj with its warmth and softness. He kissed her back with so much intensity…
kiss was soft, but urgent one… . Their lips r moving in unison….

Both of them are completely drenched in each other affection….

After few minutes they parted away… Both r breathing heavily..

They both compose themselves….
Kunj didn’t know how to react…. He is having many mixed emotions…. While Twinkle is blushing badly..

Her cheeks flushed to the color of scarlet.
Her pale face turned as red as a rose.
Red leaked into her cheeks as she nervously smiled and bit her lip.
She looked away nervously, but she couldn’t hid the red glow that came over her face.

Kunj is able to make out her shyness..

In order to break the silence he speaks..
K-” Twinkle I’m waiting for u near the car ; do come fast we have to leave.. “…

He smiles nd moves out of the room…
While going out he turns back nd see Twinkle blushing nd smiling…..



PRECAP – Twinkle to get more jealous seeing Alisha getting close to Kunj at the party….. Twinkle to get drunk nd behave romantically with kunj…. Nd lot of romance..

Guy’s yr do tell me whether the romance part was upto ur expectations or not?.

Whether u all liked Twinj first kiss as a treat for my ff silver jubilee from my side..?.

More romance is in store for Twinj so stay tuned..


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  1. Ria

    It was just too good. My Gosh! The romance! I loved it. Do post soon. Already getting excited for the next episode.
    Loads of love?
    Your Ria.

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    Amzing sayu awww ??
    Congo for ur silver jubliee
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    Kunj making Twi jealous ufff awesome
    N I like the scene was kunj realising his love for twinkle was the best scene
    N rather than that all the wedding functions n everything was my fav ……
    If I’ll get time I’ll surely read all ur epi once again but kya karu time hi nai mil raha hai
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    der first kiss was super awesome……n d romance had already cross my expectations……
    ..i m just waiting for more romance…..wow…..tw’s jealousy….yeah….
    u jsut write so welll….keep shining like a sun sayu…dont care if some1 tell bad about u….as wen sun rises many peoples abused him(specially me daily morning…hehe)but it never forget to shine n rise………many congratulation sayu…
    hope it works….
    congo again…

  5. Fan

    Awesome epi sayoo!!!!!n the first kiss was like a gift for completing 25 episodes..congratulations dear on completing silver jubilee ???…ur ff always manages to bring a smile on my face..ur writings r just awesome!!..i wish even i could write like u..btw u asked my fav scene na?..so let me think..umm..actually ur ff is very amazing so each n every scene that u write is my fav ..sorry for such a cheezy answer but its the truth..keep writing many more awesome scenes..love u ❤

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    Kya diiii itna mushkil kaam de diya matlab all r my favourite episodes
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    Ur not Amazing
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    Sayooooooo Api ? ? ? I Was blushing hard during Twinj ‘s romance …My smile was not ready to leave my face ?? I know something silly. ..Well my dadi was sitting next to me and we were watching a cricket match and she was like ZUHA TUMHEN HO KYA GAYA HAI KOUN BAWALON KI TARHA ANDAR HI ANDAR HANSTA HAI 😉 LOL
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    Silver jubilee
    Keep writing like this my dear lovely sissy
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    This current epi is my 2nd favourite. The jealousy showed by twinkle made it special topping it off with their first kiss. But u know what made it perfect? When kunj murmured “I love you” perfect finishing touch… I’m eagerly waiting on the next epi. Love u loads.

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  33. Kitni baar samjaun band karo apna ye crap writing Jo bilkul tumhari tarah hai faltu or bakwas. Stupid writer likhne aata nahi phir bhi aa jate hai likhne ke liye. Band karo. Apne saath saath dushre ka bhi time waste karne mei kitni maaza aata. Last warning de rahi hu stop writing your craps idiot people.

    1. Sayeeda

      Arree tu phir agayi kitni betaab hai tu mujhe bash krne ke liye….
      Sacchi tere pass koi kaam nai hai bechari…. Humesha chali hai bina invitation liye….

      Kitna focus dun main tujhe Yrrr…. Itni limelight toh kisi filmstar ko bhi nai chahiye rhti hai ????…

      Just keep ur blo*dy mouth shut….. I don’t give a damm f**k to ur creepy thoughts….

      Tujhe lagta hai main worst writer hoo toh chal tujhe main khush kr Deti hoo.. Chal maanli Teri baat ab toh khush hoja….

      Main faltu r bakwas zara ek baar khud ko toh dekh le tu khud kya hai kuch kaam toh hai nai sirf yahi sochti rhti hai ke kaise mujhe bash kre… Nd u makes me feel that my writing effect u….

      Bahut sharafat se tujhe smjhya tha pehle ab main tere standard pe girke tujhe smjhati hoo……
      Idiot ; crap main na tu hai… Smjhi…

      R Waise bhi mujhe malom tha ke tu zaror comment kregi aaj r dekh main sahi hogayi tu na humesha mujhe sahi proof krdeti hai….

      1. SidMin

        Sayeeda di I am with you 🙂

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Alle..meri pyaari lover..name toh lover rakh liya..but thoda Karna seekh bhi lo..aur agar pyaari baantne nahi aata..toh main hoon na…
      Tits are important for people like you…kaam dhanda nahi mil raha toh kisi employment camp main jao….Ye ulta seedha bolne se kya hoga??..bolo..
      And yes Employment camps bhi tum jaisi KO kaam na de paaye na..to samajh jaana..ki is dharti par tum useless ho….bura nahi manna..but sukha patta tak manure ki tarah kaam aa jaata hai…but tum..tumhare case KO toh psychiatrist bhi handle karte karte pagal ho jaayega..

      Don’t worry..I will not abuse you…because main tumhe is kayak nahi samajhti ki tumhare liye apni language kharaab karu..okay..

      And agli baar meri sayoo KO much bhi ulta seedha..bola..are not sirf bola..agar socha bhi..toh I shapat……
      MAAR. DALUNGI……??????

      and remember.. My name is Shreyani Raj..dost kehte hai..vo sherni jiska raj chalta hai…and main promises nahi todti..saara depression chod kar likha hai tumhare liye.. Kyunki.. Meri Sayoo mere liye bohot important hai…Do you get that!…and yes tumhari bhalaayi ke liye keh rahi hoon..Tu chod do..

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Its layak not kayak…

  34. Shatakshi

    Hume aapse pyaar kitna
    Yeh him nahi jaante
    Magar jee nahi sakte
    Aapke bina
    Sacchi Sayu
    It was like Mindblowing Amazing n what not
    I know mai aaj bhi late hu but as soon as opened TU…I always check the ffs n on seeing ur Silver Jubilee I was like Sayu aaj bhi koi dhamakedar episode dene he wali h
    Really it was shooo cute
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  35. Twinjfan.tamanna

    congrats fr ur silver jublee..ur an amazing writer…srry fr nt cmmnting in ur previous episode ….todays episode was so hot yaar…loved it…n love u..

  36. Plz post 26 episode plz sayeeda

  37. Jiya_Ani

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    Ab ek scene kaise bataun?..main toh poore ff ki deewani hoon..chalo let me think….
    Vo..Kunj Jumping on bed !!…haha..so cute..
    That letter…
    Twinkle’s mehendi on Kunj’s shirt…
    And..When Kunj was about to kiss our sleeping beauty..
    And yes Kunj making her wear saree..
    and..yehi epi toh mera favorite.. Ise word pad main save kar liya hai..baar baar padhungi..
    U nailed it…zyaada long comment nahi de sakti… Mann nahi hai..
    U know naa…
    Chalo…main emotional nahi karti….Love you. Post asap…
    And meri chinta mat Karna…okayyy…

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