” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !””…….CHAPTER 24


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!”…..

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Episode starts with Twinkle’s tensed face…
T-” Ohhh.. Babaji now u tell me what should I do… Kunj wants me to wear sarre but I don’t know how to wear it…. For the very first time he expressed his love to me nd in return he wants me to fulfil his small wish… But I don’t have any idea how to tie it…
Twinkle u r siyaappa Queen of ur Sadu Sarna u can’t lose so easily…. Just recall kunj’s word in letter ultimately u will able to overcome all ur obstacles.. Nothing can stop me to do something for my Kunj… “…


Door bell rings…
Twinkle opens the door nd finds kunj standing at the entrance…

Twinkle smiles seeing him…. Her delirium… Her euphoria is over pouring through her smile…..
While kunj stares her rapturously…..

Sometimes word’s r less to communicate feelings u carry for the person… Its ur eye’s which speaks at that time…
These frequent eye contact is a hallmark of loving relationships. The eye lock of Twinj clearly shows that they both feel relaxed and open with eo person.”

The complex magic of love can’t be boiled down to a wink, a nod and a grin but it is easy to see that the eyes have a lot to do with physical attraction, seduction and romantic love…… Nd currently this is what seems between them…

Twinkle’s thought… ” kunj why do u love me so much… Why u always make me feel so special”…

Kunj thoughts..” For me u r the one for whom I came in this world….

Twinkle gives him a crumbling hug….. Kunj is surprised cum happy to feel warmth of Twinkle touch….. He also embraces her tightly in the clutches of his love…

It was a perfect hug…. Both of them seems to be melting into each othe…. Both of them closes their eye’s… the noise in the room stops only eo heartbeats are audible to each other ,…. Twinkle is caressing kunj’s back while kunj is enjoying her actions….

Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

(How to tell, how to tell
I want to live in you till the morning
In this drinking weather, I want to drink
This wet laughter of wet lips)

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai

(Let me tell you one this if you permit me
I got used to your love
Let me tell you one this if you permit me
I got used to..
Your love, your love
Your love, your love)

They are feeling safe and comfortable like in a perfect dream…Their are no worries no fears, just a calm feeling….. No matter how tight or loose the hug it is does not matter to them as their is the feeling of love unrealised love from Twinkle side nd feeling of contention from Kunj’s side are churned in it..
Though it is a tight, but comfortable and mutual embrace

Suddenly kunj mobile rings….
Both of them realised the position in which they both were… They breaks the hug nd compose themselves.. ……
Kunj received the call…

K-” Hello Yuvi… “..
Y-” Kunj get ready fast….. Till 9 u both have to present at the venue… As without u ppl we can’t proceed ahead with the party “..

K-” OK…. We will reach their at right time.. Bye “…

He cancels the call nd looks at Twinkle… Their was a utmost awkward silence between them…..
T-” Kunj I’m going to get ready or else we will be late… U also get ready soon… Ur clothes r ironed nd kept in the room… “..

She leaves from their.. Kunj pats on his head….. He scratches his forehead

K-” Hayy re mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai apni jhalli siyappa Queen ke pyar main… Babaji sambhal lo mujhe kahi main iske pyar main baki sab cheeze bhool jaun…

( Uff… My heart is so mad…. Maniac for my
crazy siyappa Queen…. Babaji take me steady or else I will forget everything else in her love..)…

Kunj comes out of washroom…he is only wearing jeans nd is bare chested…… He searches for his shirt to wear it…

K-” Oh shit I’m such a stupid ass… I forgot the shirt in the room where Twinkle is getting ready…. Ummm what should I do..? “..
He reaches the room nd finds the door unbolted
K-” I think Twinkle already got dressed up that’s why the door is not locked… “..

He enters the room…. Nd finds Twinkle standing at front of mirror struggling to drape her saree…

K-” Twinkle what happened…. U took so long time still u r not ready “…

Twinkle turns nd looks at him…. She finds him bare chested… She closes her eye’s…

T-” Kunj why r u not wearing ur shirt… Nd why u came here without knocking at the door… “….

K-” So what if I’m not wearing shirt… I have right to show my hot abs…. Nd why would I knock and come.. Did I need to take permission for entering in my room…. Actually I came here to take my shirt only nd when I found the door unlocked I thought that u r not in the room… But why r u taking so much time to get ready….
Open ur eye’s u have full right to see me like this…
Tumbhi kya yaad rakhogi ke kunj Sarna tumhe uske hot abs dekhne ki permission dedi.. Bahut kushkismat ho tum…
( U will never forget that Kunj Sarna gave u permission to stare at his hot abs.. U r very lucky…)…

Twinkle opens her eye’s….
T-” Kunj I’m already very frustrated please don’t make me more angry…. “.. Tears fall from her eyes…..

Kunj notices it nd rushes to her… He cups her face…
K-” Why r u crying…. What happened r u fine… Don’t cry please it hurts in my heart when u cry “….

Twinkle looks at him with love…” Kunj I’m very bad wife…. U do so much for me ; u always fulfil my wish but look at me what I’m doing… U asked me to wear saare but I’m not able to do so small task…. Never in my life I learned to wear it…. I’m trying to drape it but see its not happening… “…

Kunj laughs nd makes puppy face…” Aww… Siyaapa Queen u r tensed coz of it… Why u fear when kunj is here.. If u don’t mind can I help you in wearing it.. I know to enwrap it.. ”

T-” U know….how… U r boy from where did u learned it..? “.. She ask suspiciously..

Kunj thinks to tease her…” Actually once I helped my girlfriend Alisha to wear it..”.. He smirks mockingly…

Twinkle eye’s popped out…. She starts to beat him on his chest… ” U already had a gf nd u didn’t told me.. I won’t spare u now…”..

K-” Areee… Twinkle stop plz don’t beat me… I’m just joking… Alisha is just my colleague not my gf….. Yuvi taught me how to cloak saree…. ”
She stops beating him nd taunted him while having a geek smile on her face….
T-” Yuvi taught me….. Sometimes I doubt that whether u nd Yuvi r gay or not…. Or else why he will teach this to u… “… She laughs hard…

K-” Oh plz I nd gay no…. About Yuvi I can’t tell whether he is or not… For now u tell u want take my help or else I’m going.. ”

Twinkle hesitates at first but she agreed as she don’t have any other solution for her problem….
K-” Twinkle if u r not comfortable then it’s OK…. I know for u being in that state in front of me won’t make u feel good… Don’t worry I will call Mahi Bhabhi to help u “…

Twinkle loves his care… Innocence nd understanding towards her…
T-” Kunj u r my husband… I trust u more than myself… I know very well when I’m with I feel secured… U will never do anything against my will…. I trust my hubby… U have complete right”…

Kunj smiles seeing her respect for him…

Kunj moves closer to her …. He makes her face mirror.. He holds her by her waist nd makes her back touch his bare chested body… Twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach…

He starts to moves his fingers sensually on her stomach…. Twinkle closes her eyes. My. While kunj sees her reflection in mirror nd smiles….

He then removes her saare as she wore it wrong… Now she is standing wearing blouse which is having the length till her bust… nd petticoat…… He makes her face towards him….

Ehsaas tere aur mere toh
Ik dooje se judd rahe
Ik teri talab mujhe aisi lagi
Mere hosh bhi udne lage

(Emotions of yours and mine
Are connecting to each other
I began to yearn for you in this way
That my consciousness began to fly)

Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein
Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai
(I get rest coming into your arms
It is comfortable like paradise)….

Still Twinkle’s eye’s were closed….. Kunj pushes her closer to him…. Now her hands r resting on his chest….. He speaks to her…
K-” Open ur eye’s…. Relax it’s me only… “..

She opens her eye’s nd looks at Kunj…. Both of them r staring deeply in eo others eye’s…. Twinkle heart beat increases due to cold touch of his body….

After few seconds kunj starts to drape the saree around her waist….
He kneels down nd starts to tucking sarre plain/upper end into the petticoat, at a position which is a little bit to the right of the navel….his fingers r playing on her navel sending a seductive shivering sensation to Twinkle’s body….

He neatly tuck the pleats into the petticoat, at the waist, slightly to the left of the navel, in such a manner that it is open to her left.

He stood up nd hold her shoulders sensuously nd draped the remaining fabric around more left to right….

He then proceeds to fasten it at the shoulder to the blouse with a small safety pin….. In order to make the pin clutched tightly his uses his lips….

His lips touches her shoulder… He plants kiss over their…… Twinkle feels exalted with his touch on her body for the first time… It’s the first time when kunj kissed her….

He moves towards her ears nd murmurs…
” Twinkle u r ready now….. I hope u liked the manner in which I made u to wear it.. “…

He smiles nd leaves the room..

PRECAP – Twinkle to kiss kunj….. She get jealous of Alisha’s presence…. Nd lot of romance in store for Twinj….

Finally my ff will complete 25 episodes in next one so I thought to give Twinj romance as a treat to u all..

If their is any mistake then I’m sorry as I wrote the episode in hurry nd didn’t done proof reading of it..

Guys tell me whether u liked sarre romance or not?….


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